Des Moines:The Diverse Capital City of Iowa

Des Moines:The Diverse Capital City of Iowa

The fascinating capital city of Iowa is the next destination for everyone. Des Moines should be on every travelers bucket list. Located on the Des Moines river bank the city of Des Moines is often nicknamed as "Hartford of the West". The city's name is originally french and it is said that the French named the river after the Monks which later became the name of the city, Des Moines. But why would Des Moines be next up on your bucket list? The answer to your question is down below. Here are some of the most interesting parts of Iowa's most populated city.

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Des Moines:The Diverse Capital City of Iowa

1. Blank Park Zoo

Photo by Carl Wycoff

Let's begin the trip the right way. The Blank Park Zoo is located near downtown Des Moines and it is known to spread across twenty five acres. As acknowledging the size of the zoo visitors can expect to wonder on a big territory during their visit. The zoo is divided up into areas and all travelers can see animals from all over the world. They have got from elephants from Africa to lions and a variety of foxes and of course many more. The Blank Park Zoo has a sea life Aquarium where people can take a look at the under water animals and their lives. The zoo even features an Australian Adventure part where visitors can enjoy the company of kangaroos and koalas.

2. Iowa State Capitol

The Iowa State Building is located in the capital city of Iowa. The building is the seat of the Iowa General Assembly and houses the Iowa Senate, Iowa House of Representatives, the office of the Governor, Secretary of Sate and many more. The unique Iowa state building is worth a visit for it's architecture, especially taking a close look at the dome. Visitors can take tours in the Capitol Building while exploring rooms and learn about the history of the building. People can take a look into how the state is governed from the building and they can take a look at the beautiful arts inside the building.

3. Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Photo by Phil Roeder

A very fascinating and incredible sight of the city of Des Moines is the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. The almost five acre park is featured with the art of the worlds's most known artists. People interested in seeing extraordinary statues and other art can schedule a guided tour or they can just walk along the sidewalks and be amazed by the creativity of these artists. Picnic is also allowed in the park and with the statues surrounding the picnic it gives an incredible feeling to go with the meal which visitors take there.

4. Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden  

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Located on the east bank of the river Des Moines, downtown Des Moines, the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden awaits everyone. The Botanical Garden is aiming to explore a wide variety of plants then explain and teach people about the world of plants in an interactive and interesting way. They have temperate as well as tropical gardens for their visitors. The Botanical Garden hosts events to entertain their visitors and they have exhibits as well. People can also learn about gardening and watch beautiful flowers bloom.

5. Des Moines Art Center

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On Grand Avenue lies an artistic place for creative souls and for all those who like to admire creativity. Des Moines Art Center has a variety of art to display for it's audience. In the museum people can see sculptures, paintings, modern art and even mixed media. They have temporary exhibitions as well as permanent exhibitions. Visitors eager to visit the Des Moines Art Center can schedule a tour to get to see the best parts of the museum. People can also participate in workshops or request a class to do some art.

6. State Historical Museum of Iowa

Photo by Lee Wright

Learn about the history of Iowa at the perfect place in Des Moines. The museum has over a thousand items in it's possession all related to Iowa's history. Throughout the year the museum has multiple events and programs to educate people about their unique collection at the State Historical Museum of Iowa. Visitors can take tours in the museum to discover the rich history of the state. People can learn about the annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, the natural resources of the state, life in the old days of people who settled Iowa and many more.

7. Salisbury House

A beautiful and grand mansion built in and old style is located in the state capital. The mansion was built in a Tudor and Gothic style between the years of 1923 and 1928. Today the mansion serves as a cultural attraction which attracts people from all over the place. In the mansion people can admire 1920s furniture and have a flashback to the 1920s. The stone mansion hosts multiple events, such as concerts in it's concert hall, an art museum for everyone who values art and an old library for those who like books and like to see some interesting older editions. Outside people can experience the mansion's beautiful botanic garden.

8. Water Works Park

Located almost downtown Des Moines the Water Works Parks is for sure an adventure. The park is enormous having a size of one thousand and five hundred acres total. The park is one of the largest parks in the whole United States. The park borders the neighboring river, called the Raccoon river. This daytime outdoor place offers a lot for visitors where everyone can have a great time spent outside. Activities include jogging or running on the trails, biking along the river or even fishing is possible here. The park features numerous sport fields as well as places to grill.

9. Walnut Woods State Park

The suburban state park called Walnut Woods State Park lies in Des Moines offering many outside activities for all ages. The park features a bottomland hardwood forest and the largest natural stand of black walnut trees. The park takes up a two hundred and sixty acre area on the river bank of the Raccoon River. People who visit Walnut Woods State Park will have the chance to see or rent lodges. Access to picnic areas are also accessible so is fishing or even boating on the river. Many birds can be seen on the territory of the park as well as other animals.

10. Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

Photo by PaulAdamsPhotography

Ever had the desire to visit Asia? Well Des Moines has the place to feel like you just visited Asia. This garden park has a very unique and authentic feature of the Asian culture which makes the park even more attractive. The park has an Asian pavilion which is located by the water to make it more authentic and real. The park also has stone pagodas and a pond where visitors can stroll along. If this was not enough just yet, people wanting to see something more can find multiple waterfalls and more fancy features of the park.

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By the name of the city, Des Moines does not sound like a vacation spot but you would be surprised how much this place can be just perfect for any trip. Having the opportunity to do many things and learn about the place while having fun is just what a great vacation needs. Des Moines is filled with cultural, historic and natural spots to wonder and you will have the chance to taste delicious food, even something that you probably never had. Des Moines is an exciting holiday destination for everyone looking for adventure in a place where they can find just about anything!