Denver : An American City with an Artsy Vibe Dating to the Old West Era

Denver : An American City with an Artsy Vibe Dating to the Old West Era

Once a major old west era which is evident in the presence of its 19th-century buildings. Denver is also famous for being the city of the iconic Titanic survivor, Molly Brown. The rocky mountains are a great stop for many tourists coming for sightseeing activities in Denver. Aside from that, this metropolis has developed greatly over the years visible in its art museums and a great variety of upscale restaurants. Highlighted below are top ten places to visit in Denver.

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Denver : An American City with an Artsy Vibe Dating to the Old West Era

1. Mount Evans

Getting to Mount Evans is an easy 28-mile drive uphill which gently climbs up to 14,000 feet. Visitors are required to produce their national park passes in order to get access to the mountain. Despite vehicles being used to get to the mountain area, you'll still have to walk up the summit. There are some beautiful mountain goats and other wildlife that you will spot along the way e as well as the amazing surrounding. Once at the top, the views are spectacular. There are great souvenirs you can pick from your trip from the gift shop that captures the wildlife and the surrounding environment at the summit.

2. Denver Botanic Gardens

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Denver botanic gardens hold a wide range of diverse plant and flower collections from around the world. The gardens span over 24 acres giving a large variety of things to see. The gardens help explain the western identity together with the geography and high altitude climate relation. The Japanese garden is one of the amazing highlights. The various plant colors give the gardens a great vibrancy. The quiet atmosphere also gives great tranquility. There are also water spaces which add to the beauty of the place. Aside from providing a great backdrop for photos, it is a great escape from the noisy city life. The venue is also famous as a party or event venue by the people of Denver.

3. Coors Field

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Coors Field is a famous ballpark and stadium found in Denver. The stadium is famous for all baseball games that take place within Denver and is the ideal place to come cheer on with the locals. The old fashion feel is still present as it was built in 1962 and still maintains the original elements despite refurbishment. A normal game ticket would cost around $4 and it is best to book early for a game so that you choose a shady area for sitting. For people who are looking for refreshments such as a cold beer, the price is $5. Since the stadium is easily accessible via public transport, there is no excuse to miss out on touring the place.

4. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a three-level museum space located in the rocky mountain region. The museum is well stocked with data on informal science education. The venue has been well laid out separating the various section on different levels. From the third floor area, tourists can find the evolution of life from the big bang theory, info about dinosaurs to mammals till the modern era. The second floor has more details about birds and animals most of which are exotic. The first floor comprises of minerals and gems together with a variety of insects. Another interesting section is the Egyptian mummies section that is worth a stop. Aside from the collections, the museum has an Imax center that showcases informative films. The ticket entry will feel utilized as there is so much to do to pass time.

5. Downtown Aquarium

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Downtown Aquarium is the perfect stop to get close to some underwater friends. At the aquarium, sightseeing guests have the ability to dine as they watch fish swim by. Aside from that, there are tunnels you can pass through and get a wall and ceiling coverage of the sea life which is very interesting. One of the most interesting to tourists is the hammerhead shark where the only thing separating you and this beast is a glass. Aside from watching sea life, one can interact with small rays and even feed them. The aquarium has also set a mermaid show that is very interesting.

6. Denver Art Museum

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Denver Art Museum is the perfect place to get up close and candid with art around the city. It also the only known venue with a major collection of Asian art around the rocky mountains region. As for the architecture, both the interior and exterior stand out in design. As you get inside, you will find an amazing collection of diverse art that are laid out on different floors. One of the most fascinating exhibits being the landscape photography showcase. There is also an interactive studio dedicated to kids.

7. Union Station

Union Station was once thriving as the transit hub of downtown Denver. This three-floor railway station is an old gem to the locals that still remains to be a railroad nostalgia to the enthusiasts. The place is now a foodie's paradise as it is surrounded by many vending areas at the farmers market. Aside from that, it is strategically located to the major sightseeing marvels such as the Coors field. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the building. It is a great place to embrace history and indulge in some light shopping.

8. Denver Zoo

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Denver Zoo is a great place to explore animals, nature and enjoy connecting with people from all walks of life. It is a home for over 4,000 animals comprising of 600 different species. This makes it the largest in Denver. The place is frequented by masses of tourists serving over 2 million people per year. Some of the highlights are the rainforest snakes which are interesting. Since the oo is a non-profit establishment, most of the proceeds go towards maintenance of the zoo and upkeep of the animals.

9. Molly Brown House Museum

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Molly Brown House Museum is set up in a nice Victorian house that was once the home of Molly Brown. The inside is beautiful maintaining the original elements of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Since it has been a tourist gem, the Denver group have taken the initiative to ensure it has been well preserved making modifications where necessary. The docents at the house do a good job taking tourists around and explaining the life of Molly Brown. Since the house is authentic, it can be very annoying visiting during the summer months as there is no air conditioning. Just at the house is a small gift shop with souvenirs from the Titanic.

10. Colorado State Capitol

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Colorado State Capitol is the highlight of Denver’s skyline soaring at 5,280 feet above sea level situated at the heart of downtown Denver. The striking feature, however, is the gold domes that shine once reflecting with some sun rays. Since tours are free, most visitors use this opportunity to explore the insides of this remarkable establishment. There is also a nice leafy garden that surrounds the capitol with extra interesting elements of Chinese zodiac figures. The best time for a visit is midday when the tours are guided and free.


Denver has come a long way as an urban center competing with its counterparts. The activities around Denver either embrace an urban progressive feel or give some nostalgic elements. There are plenty of family activities that cater to both the young and the old making it ideal for different age groups. As a travel destination, Devers will meet all your sightseeing expectations.