Nantucket:A City that Is Mostly Reach in Astonishing Beaches, Natural Beauties and View

Nantucket:A City that Is Mostly Reach in Astonishing Beaches, Natural Beauties and View

Nantucket is a heaven-like island located in Massachusetts, in the USA. Nantucket is a summer colony and a very popular tourist destination. As the number of the tourists increases in summer in Nantucket, the population in Nantucket increases, too. Due to the amazing and astonishing sightseeing, Nantucket is always full of visitors from each part of the world.

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Nantucket:A City that Is Mostly Reach in Astonishing Beaches, Natural Beauties and View

1. Great Point Light

Start your tour in Nantucket with one of its highly rated sightseeing - Great Point Light. This sightseeing is a must to visit while you are in Nantucket. The spot is ideal for those, who are seeking an adventure and will leave them with the greatest expectations. The visitors are allowed to rent a jeep and drove to the beach to see the lighthouse. Your visit in this spot will be even more pleasant, if you choose a day that will be accompanied with nice weather for your visit.

2. Whaling Museum

Photo by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

Now let’s move to one of the cultural heritages of Nantucket, which is Whaling Museum. Of course, it is good to get introduced not only with the sightseeing of your target country, but also its culture and history. This sightseeing is an amazing piece of culture of Nantucket. Here you will enjoy the presentation and the exhibition of the whaling industry. The museum is very pretty and it will make an informative journey through the cultural importance of Nantucket. The architecture of the building is nice, too and there is also amazing view that you can enjoy from the top of it.

3. Egan Maritime's Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum

Another sightseeing in Nantucket that is famous for its cultural and historical value is Egan Maritime's Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum. Do not even try to miss this amazing spot and the chance to enjoy it. Enter the museum and take a walk there. You will be introduced to your guide tour who will accompany you inside and will tell you the whole history about the Nantucket seashore and you will get an idea when and how it was expanded. This is a fantastic site to visit while you are in Nantucket.

4. Madaket Beach

Photo by Arthur Greenberg/

If you appreciate the nature with its whole beauty and wonders, hurry to be on Madaket Beach in Nantucket. You will get highly surprised by the view that will open toward you when you get there. This beach is a real piece of wonder from nature, since it is amazingly beautiful and attractive. This is a cool place with quiet and calm atmosphere and you can just take a walk through the paths and enjoy the awesome scenery. This sightseeing is surely is one of the most impressive ones in Nantucket.

5. Sankaty Head Lighthouse (Siasconset)

While you are on a tour in Nantucket, make sure to stop at Sankaty Head Lighthouse (Siasconset). This is sightseeing in Nantucket that will provide you with nice view and scenery. Here you can watch the lighthouse, also take some photos using the natural beauty of the area. The latter is very picturesque and is a good idea to have a stop while you will continue your way to the other sightseeing of Nantucket. Not only the area is beautiful, but also the lighthouse is very astonishing. You can even take a chance to climb it, if you are not short of time.

6. Surfside Beach

Photo by susansimon

One more sightseeing that provides an astonishing piece of nature in Nantucket is Surfside Beach. The beach is one of the most favorite places not only for the tourists, but also for the locals. So, it never lacks of visitors and is always crowded with people. The showers, restrooms and the changing rooms that are available on the beach make it more convenient and pleasant to spend your time. It also provides an area for the parking. Now, we can see why this area is almost full of people. Because it creates all the conveniences for your ideal rest in Nantucket.

7. Cisco Brewers

Cisco Brewers is a great spot for spending your afternoon after a busy morning that you had with sightseeing activities. Here you will get fine food and tasty beer and will enjoy the atmosphere of the Nantucket city. Visit this sightseeing with a friend or family and taste the dishes that are offered on the menu. Enjoy the beer, wine or a cocktail and have a great time chatting with your companions. Here you can also get some unique hats that are also a good gift for your relatives that you will take from Nantucket.

8. Nantucket Atheneum

Photo by

Nantucket Atheneum is sightseeing in Nantucket that is a piece from the Old Nantucket. This is an ancient institution, which now serves as the library of Nantucket. Here you can spend your time on exploring the old history of Nantucket by reading the books that are offered inside. They will give you relevant information on Nantucket and its history. The area is provided with tables and is very quiet. The sightseeing is also a great place for cutting off the hurly-burly of Nantucket and for spending a restful time.

9. Old Mill

Old Mill is a beautiful sightseeing in Nantucket. It is a nice mill that is open to the public for some periods during the year. If you want to see it, you can arrive here at any part of the year, but if you are willing to enjoy I inside, too, you need to get aware whether it is open or not, in advance. The visitors to Nantucket always try to visit this sightseeing, since it is a really must when you are in Nantucket. Here you can also rent bicycles and enjoy the area by biking around.

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As we see, Nantucket is a city that is mostly reach in astonishing beaches, natural beauties and view. Nantucket is an ideal travel destination for family vacations. The visitors to Nantucket are impressed by the variety of sightseeing it offers and Nantucket is the city that will certainly call you back for your next vacation.