New Bern:A Fantastic Travel Destination Full of Amazing Attractions and Impressive Sightseeing

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New Bern:A Fantastic Travel Destination Full of Amazing Attractions and Impressive Sightseeing

New Bern is a city located in North Carolina, in the US. New Bern has a typical humid climate with hot summers and mild winters. New Bern is inhabited by over 30,000 people. It is a city with dozens of amazing and attractive sightseeing, nine of which are introduced right below.

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New Bern:A Fantastic Travel Destination Full of Amazing Attractions and Impressive Sightseeing

1. North Carolina History Center - Tryon Palace

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North Carolina History Center - Tryon Palace is an absolute must see attraction in New Bern. This sightseeing introduces the historic architecture of New Bern and is a valuable heritage for New Bern city. The museum is always full of visitors, but it is never noisy and crowded, because the visitors to this spot are really interested in the history and behave properly not to make a noise. Plus, the staff is very helpful and friendly. Visiting this sightseeing you will get a great expectation from New Bern.

2. New Bern Fireman's Museum

New Bern Fireman's Museum is a hidden treasure for New Bern. It introduces exhibition that is informative and interesting to the visitors. Here you will get a guide who will make your tour more engaging and knowledgeable. Listening to your guide attentively you will get an informative experience from your visit to this sightseeing and will enjoy your time greatly. The whole tour may take about one hour. After this you can enter the gift shop inside and get some presents from New Bern to your relatives.

3. Carolina Creations Fine Art & Contemporary Gallery

Carolina Creations Fine Art & Contemporary Gallery is a nice spot in New Bern. This provides with pleasant experiences to the visitors of New Bern. The gallery is colorful and is a great place for getting unusual items and gifts. Mostly these items are made by the locals and they are real pieces of art. All the items in general are unique in their design and type. Here you can find items made of glass, wood, also you can see jewels and so on. The gallery is one of the best shops in New Bern where the visitors can not only find colorful and nice items, but they can also enter the shop just for browsing.

4. Bear City Fudge Company

There is another interesting and attractive sightseeing in New Bern, which is Bear City Fudge Company. This is a special sightseeing in New Bern, since this will be a ‘sweet’ experience for its visitors. You have to try this place while you are in New Bern. Make sure to try all the kinds of sweets that they offer not to miss any of them. The sweet that you can get from here includes fudge, ice cream and candy, as well as jelly, peanut, and so on. Everything is delicious here and even if you decide to choose only few products, you will end up with leaving the company with a full bag.

5. New Bern Historical Society Civil War Battlefield Park

New Bern Historical Society Civil War Battlefield Park is sightseeing in New Bern that has a huge importance for the city. Here you will have a great tour. The latter may be accompanied by a guide who will make your visit even more informative and you will learn some facts about this spot. You will get to know everything about the buildings and the sites that the park includes. This sightseeing is also ideal for having a picnic and this is one of the best places for having a great time in New Bern.

6. New Bern Farmers Market

New Bern Farmers Market is a spot in New Bern that you should undoubtedly visit on your tour to New Bern. This is a place, where any visitor will find the product he/she is looking for, regardless his/her interests and preferences. The prices of the products are reasonable and affordable and the market is a great place for having interaction and communication with others. This sightseeing will provide you with the most necessary and the freshest product while your being in New Bern.

7. New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

New Bern Riverfront Convention Center is a place in New Bern suitable for meetings and shows. The sightseeing offers varieties of activities for the visitors, including the model railroad show, which is one of the most favorite activities here. This is interesting to watch both for adults and kids and the place is very suitable for spending a whole day full of pleasure. Everything is well organized here and the area is very clear. Besides, here you can also enjoy the band singing outside and just have a walk to enjoy the beautiful view available for the visitors to New Bern.

8. Fine Art at Baxters

Fine Art at Baxters is a favorite sightseeing in New Bern, both for tourists and for the locals of New Bern. The art inside is being changed from time to time, so it is always interesting to be here, since there is always something new to see inside. This spot includes variety of collections and pieces of art. There is a staff working inside that is always very welcoming and friendly to the visitors. On the second floor there are some studios that are available for renting by the artists.

9. New Bern Civic Theatre

If you want to enjoy a fantastic performance in New Bern and leave the city with great impressions, make sure to take a visit to New Bern Civic Theatre. This sightseeing is amazing with its entertaining and musical performances, held by professional and talented actors of New Bern. The staff is no less pleasant here and this makes the visit even more attractive. You can get the tickets inside in advance or right before the performance and get the highest expectation from your travel to New Bern

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New Bern is a fantastic travel destination full of amazing attractions and impressive sightseeing. New Bern includes everything that is needed for a completely satisfying tour that you can ever have. Take a trip to New Bern to live one of the most attractive and astonishing periods of your life.