Norfolk:Home of the Best Naval Base in the World

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Norfolk:Home of the Best Naval Base in the World

As a historical city, Norfolk is a city that hosts the greatest naval base worldwide. The city is directly connected to the ocean and the tourist getting to this city will be lucky enough to get first-hand information concerning the history of the place. Outdoor activities are fit to be conducted in this city too.

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Norfolk:Home of the Best Naval Base in the World

1. Nauticus

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Get to tour Nauticus that has been praised as one of the coolest Museums in Norfolk. All the fancy pirate's stuff is found here for exhibition. New displays are often added in Nauticus on a regular basis. The 3D globes are good for studying diverse parts of the earth while you are in Nauticus. The entry fee is fair, and this has been further boosted by the fact that the museum has a lot of exhibits to see and several things you can do while inside it. Tourists are permitted to touch the battleships that were used during the war.

2. Virginia Zoo

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The Virginia Zoo is expanding very fast. Take your kids to see elephants and other technological animals that are displayed. The breeds of animals that are in the zoo are indigenous. Grab your tickets and kick off your day by watching the kangaroos and the red pandas in the gardens. The gardens in the zoo often blossom during summer. Information has it that the Virginia Zoo is under renovation. Explore the variety of zoo animals like the peacock which is eye-catching as they walk around.

3. Town Point Park

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The Town Point Park is an epicenter of different activities. The park is located in a tranquil place which is one of the green spot where people meet to have fun together. This is the same park where several families come together to celebrate public events that are hosted in Norfolk. Discover amazing fountains that have been strategically positioned in the park. There is one fountain that has been designed specifically for tossing coins and making wishes. While in this park you can join a couple of initiatives that have been dedicated mainly to help in the conservation of the environment.

4. Hermitage Museum and Gardens

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens is a gem in Norfolk. Pay the full amount that will be required to get you admitted. The pieces of art in the museum have been sampled from all over the globe. The location of this museum is an added advantage. There are a lot of great stuff that you can do apart from seeing the exhibits. The place is good for taking evening strolls and watching the sunset. The museum has been recognized for supporting the spirit of arts and the talents that the locals possess.

5. Moses Myers House

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Moses Myer is the real owner of the house that has possessed some of the most legit pieces of furniture in the previous years. An estimate of 70% of them is original. Access the Moses Myers Park and experience the designs of the furniture are fascinating. You will always have something new to learn. The history of Norfolk is held in this small house. Different families have different perspectives about the Myers family that previously lived in the house.

6. Waterside

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Have a great time at the Waterside. The place is good for organizing pool parties and having a family reunion. There are bars and restaurants where you can get a snack or a beer as you have fun. The setting of this place is cool. Stop by and grab a sandwich, burger, and wings as you meet with your friends. In the Waterside, you can organize for your wedding, and you will obviously be pleased by the facilities that this place has to offer. Since the renovations were done, the Waterside has had a conducive atmosphere.

7. Children's Museum of Virginia

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The Children’s Museum of Virginia has a lot of exhibits that will fit the hype in all the eager tourists who want to see everything. Some of them are found on the ground floor while the other exhibits you will find them on the top floor. This place is usually not busy during the weekends hence you will find ample parking space for your automobiles. The pricing is decent, and there is quite a range of stuff that will excite both the smaller and the older kids.

8. Norfolk Historical Society

The diversity and the nature of the Norfolk people have been termed as rich and is always being celebrated through the Norfolk Historical Society. This a non-profit organization that gives the tourist coming to the areas a rare opportunity to get to know the culture of the Norfolk people. Several community awareness programs have been conducted through the historical society. The educational programmes will empower you with what the society requires today. The culture of Norfolk has been promoted through this place.

9. Northside Park

Northside Park has undergone some renovation since it was established as a park. The park has some of the essentials like a bathroom and a toilet that can be used for personal relief. Though it is not a good park to go with toddlers, going will older kids will be fun. It has a tennis court and a nice place that skaters can use. During summer you cannot mind to get into the swimming pool and steam off. The North Side Park is also good for doing exercises with your pets like dogs.

10. Oak Grove Lake Park

The Oak Grove Lake Park is filled with positive people with good intentions. Take your dog for a run or go out with your family and friends. Some renovations have been noticed in the park. The workout areas and the paths that are leading into this park have been improved. The paths have been made of concrete. There is a huge lake found in this environment, and it is a good fishing ground. Take your kids to enjoy themselves in the playground.

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Norfolk is a great place to do many things. There are great places in Norfolk that you can have a good retreat while you are in. Expose yourself and gather knowledge be it from the museums or society centers that have been started in Norfolk.