Paducah:A Haven for Historical Buffs and Countryside Terrains

Photo by Paul Sableman

Paducah:A Haven for Historical Buffs and Countryside Terrains

Paducah is an iconic city in the state of Kentucky with reflection of rich history dedicated through number of monuments, memorials and museums. A part of the city is very creative with wall murals and enchanting art work. There are many landmarks in the quaint city that represents museums and has generously preserved the history of the place. There are many parks to spend some time in leisure along with green and enchanting walking trails around the city for outdoor trips. The city is located along the Ohio River and is a countryside gem to explore and enjoy.

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Paducah:A Haven for Historical Buffs and Countryside Terrains

1. Floodwall Murals

Photo by David Wilson

It is one of the most significant and preserved historical landmarks in Paducah. The historical community is well preserved with gorgeous flood walls that bring out the history of the city. The murals on the flood wall will take you back into time and is a perfect for people interested in history. The murals are painted by Muralist Robert Dafford and are a great place to take a walk along the murals. There are guided tours available to understand more of the place.

2. Paducah Riverwalk

This is an amazing time to talk a walk as you adore the murals painted on the walls. It is an amazing city with rich history and taking a walk along the murals will give you lot of information. The best time to stroll around the riverside is during fall when the leaves turn orange and the place looks like a fairy-tale. As you take a walk along this, there is always sound of beautiful music flowing to your ears. There are guided trips that you can take along the river walk and enjoy.

3. William Clark Market House Museum

It is again a strong historical place and is a landmark sight-seeing places with rich cultural and traditional history. It the oldest museum in Paducah and is present in the block house of Paducah in the center of the city. The museum prides in exhibiting many historical treasures like old furniture, artifacts and number of personal belongings of Barkley and people of those times. There are many things displayed in the museum that gives insight of the olden times.

4. Wacinton Sculpture

There is something very definitive and mysterious about sculpture and the exquisiteness by which it is done is attractive. It is a great place with amazing sculptures. It displays an excellence of craftsmanship with its high end carvings. The park is dedicated to many sculptures which are carved by hands and are extremely detailed with wonderful lines also on the carvings. The wood carvings are magnificent and definitely is a must visit place for ones who love art and creativity.

5. St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church

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The Catholic Church is a Parisian church with gorgeous interiors and soothing exteriors. It is a beautiful church and a perfect to learn about the history of the city in chronological manner. The church is located in the Downtown side of the city and is a old one which has been established and maintained neatly. The church has been restored couple of times and the main chapel is designed and built in between two pillars. It is a definitely a pretty old church that you must visit.

6. Lower Town Arts District

This place is perfect for art lovers with nice galleries and studios. If you love to witness some nice working studios, this is the place that you definitely need to give a visit right now. It is a lovely historic site and there are number of galleries, shops, studios, etc. to enjoy or buy artwork from. It was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and brings to you nice Victorian styled homes and artists working on their designs.

7. Farmers Market

The farmers market is located in the downtown side of the city along the Ohio River and can be easily reached. It brings to you number of fruits and vegetables along with many engaging and interesting downtown shops, restaurants and cultural events and activities. It is located at a prominent place away from the chaos of the city and opens you to a different kind of experience in Paducah. It is a great idea to take a stroll along it and interact with the people for a more cultural per se.

8. Whitehaven Mansion

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The mansion is gorgeous and similar to the glorious architecture of the White House. S part of the mansion is used as a museum and visitor center to know more about the culture and tradition of the place. With the museum you can know more about the history of the small town Paducah and how it evolved with time. There is huge information about the political career of Alben Barkley, Harry Truman, etc. in the information house.

9. Green Way Trail

This green trail is extremely gorgeous with lush green plants on both the sides. It is a trail covering a distance of around 4.6 miles that links the downtown to county park road and connects the Noble Park and Stuart Nelson Park. There are number of trees on both sides of the trail that makes the journey even more interesting and peaceful and is surrounded by woods. It is easily accessible and a walk around it is a great idea to enjoy the nature’s serenity.

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Paducah is a countryside town in the state of Kentucky with rich cultural history and amazing natural landscapes. It is definitely a place to be if you are seeking some peace out of your regular life and enjoy the city on banks of Ohio River.