The Top Restaurants in Cebu and Mactan Island to Visit

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The Top Restaurants in Cebu and Mactan Island to Visit

Often seen as the food capital of the Philippines, Cebu is teeming with vibrant street foods, upscale restaurants and of course the famous crispy roast pork that's spit-roasted in shops all over the city. It can be a little difficult to gauge the restaurant scene in the city so we've provided a selection of the top restaurants you can visit while in Cebu and the resort-central Mactan Island.

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The Top Restaurants in Cebu and Mactan Island to Visit

Rico's Lechon

With restaurants all over the city and Mactan island, Rico's Lechon is many a Cebuano's favorite lechon shop, the delicious crispy roast pork you'll find all over the area. With numerous places and chain restaurants serving this Filipino favorite it can be hard to choose where to go. While Zubuchon is the most famous thanks to a nod from Anthony Bourdain, we find Rico's to be the most consistent, with others often being hit and miss, depending on the day.

If you're hungry when you land or just have a short layover in Cebu, there's a Rico's Lechon conveniently located just 15 minutes walk or a five minute taxi drive from the airport. Unless you're a devout vegetarian or follower of Islam, devouring this delectable preparation of pig while in the region is a must. Make sure to try their spicy version too if you don't mind a bit of a kick.

Yakski Barbecue

Cebuanos love their meat and one of the best places to grab some is at Yakski on the outskirts of Cebu city. This no-frills barbecue joint is loved by both locals and expats but not really frequented by tourists visiting the city. The staff here know how to marinate and grill their meats perfectly and sampling the local style of barbecue is simply a must while in Cebu.

Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant

Offering all the local Filipino classics and delicious seafood in a beautiful setting floating on the ocean to the south of Mactan Island, Lantaw Restaurant is one of the best places to sample Filipino dishes in Cebu and the surrounding area.

Getting there is easy for people staying in Cordova, otherwise it takes about 30 minutes from the airport, an hour from Cebu city and 40 minutes from the resort area of Punta Engano.

Casa Verde

With a range of American foods on the menu, it's the barbecue ribs that draws locals to come back again and again to this staple Cebu eatery. What started as a no-frills canteen style American joint quickly gained favor for its big portions and wallet-friendly prices, now having four locations in the city.

Abaseria Deli & Cafe

If you're looking for one restaurant to get a feel for Filipino cuisine then make it Abaseria. Prices are quite high, but you're getting high-quality food made with much better ingredients than you'll find in most restaurants around the city. The decor of the restaurant is as stunning as the food, with walls adorned with local products and art pieces. Pretty much anything you order will be delicious here, the menu is not too large and all dishes are given equal love.

There are also a number of vegan-friendly dishes, something which can be hard to find at restaurants in the Philippines. You'll also find a gift shop that sells locally made jewelry and other products for visitors to buy and take back home.


Cebu's food scene often gets a bad reputation among tourists visiting the island. Most visitors tend to head to any restaurant they pass by, which are often those aimed at tourists and don't tend to prioritize the food. Do a little research before your trip, or head to our recommendations however and you'll be sure to have some memorably delicious meals in one of Asia's culinary capitals.




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