Fairbanks:Witness The Northern Lights, Touch Arctic Pole and Dance with Reindeer

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Fairbanks:Witness The Northern Lights, Touch Arctic Pole and Dance with Reindeer

Fairbanks is a place made from stuff of dreams, enchanting and outlandish, with extraordinary landscapes and out of the world exotic views. Be it witnessing the majestic Northern lights or simply experiencing the winters of Alaska, the wilderness of Fairbanks opens you to spectacular experiences. Located near the North Pole, the place is not just another place but an experience to savor and cherish for lifetime. The history of the place and the amazing taste of wilderness is another reason to visit Fairbanks now. Here are the top ten places to visit while in Fairbanks.

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Fairbanks:Witness The Northern Lights, Touch Arctic Pole and Dance with Reindeer

1. Dalton Highway

Do you love offbeat road trips that feed your soul and take you through some of the mesmerizing landscapes? It is a 414 miles long highway that runs to the north most mountains of Alaska into the Brooks Range and opens you to some of the most captivating views. It is surrounded by valleys along with rugged peaks and is definitely one of the most remote in the Dalton Highway. The road reaches the Interagency Visitor Center which gives information about the wildlife, places to be etc. in and around Fairbanks.

2. Aurora Borealis

This is one of the most magical creations of nature as you witness the midnight sun in form of green lights hovering over your head. A trip to Fairbanks without witnessing the Northern lights is such a shame and it can be best seen from late September to July. There are many tours organized to witness this majestic grandeur of nature and is headed towards the north on the supremely gorgeous Dalton Highway. The Alaskan experience of Northern Lights with the snowy cover is one of the best experiences to open up to.

3. Chena River State Recreation Area

The warmth of the hotel springs against the wintry and cold surrounding of Fairbanks is a beautiful experience one must not miss. It is one of the best for kayaking, hiking, camping etc and during winters, even ski tours are organized. It is definitely a gorgeous off the beaten route that you will experience and is perfect for families and couples. It is located nearly 30 miles east of Fairbanks and is great during the summer months and cost of camping also is not huge.

4. Ice art championship and George Horner Park

This is an experience that you can see and witness only in Fairbanks as you see some of the most gorgeous art work done using ice. It is full of gorgeous ice structure and something that must witness. The exhibition takes place once in a year and is remarkable. The carvings are out so exquisite and displays the excellence of craftsmanship. The sculptures carved out of ice under the lights looks like scattered jewels with the gorgeous reflection.

5. Georgeson Botanical Garden

Photo by Amy Meredith

Wrapped under the wilderness of Alaskan terrains, this botanical garden displays a great diversity of plants and flowers. The freshness of the colorful flowers, the sight of verdant surrounding and advanced horticultural root makes it a promising place to visit. It is a part of School of Natural Resources and was created in 20th century by Christian Georgeson. There are many plant research and trial work conducted in the garden and is a beautiful place to visit to enrich knowledge and information about number of flowers and plants.

6. Running Reindeer Ranch

The iconic animal Reindeer is one of the native of Alaska and adds an extra edge to witnessing the Northern Lights. It is a farm owned by a family towards the north of the Fairbanks in the Goldstream Valley from where you can witness the exotic Northern Lights. There are guided trips organized through the forest with the reindeer owned by the family and is a one of a kind experience. The ranch is perfect countryside place and great for a whole family trip to enjoy the best of the place.

7. Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center

Photo by Alaska Centers

This is a definite place to visit for those interested in knowing more about the Arctic Circle and the Native culture of the place. It is one of the must visit places in Fairbanks that showcases the rich culture and heritage of the interior Alaska and help in building local economy. It is a great place for people interested in culture, local traditions & customs and understanding heritage of this gorgeous place. There are native music, dance, stories, art etc. that you can enjoy.

8. Pioneer Park

The theme park is an excellent choice to spend some quality time with family and kids. It is spread across acres of land and a part of it is quite historic. The park was built as a part of 100th anniversary celebration of purchase of Alaska from Russia by USA. It highlights lot of history as it showcases the absolutely gorgeous Tanana Valley, Railroad Museum, Pioneer Museum, etc. It is a great place for kids with number of activities and games to take part in.

9. Angel Rocks Trail

If you want to go off the beaten road and into road less traveled, less frequented by tourists, this is the perfect destination to bank upon. It is one of the most gorgeous and phenomenal parks in Fairbanks surrounded by the bountiful nature. It is a part of the Chena parks and gives you some of the most beautiful views. The hiking is an easy one and do not take a long time to be covered. You can also organize a pleasant riverside picnic here.

10. Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum

Photo by Amy Meredith

If you love automobile and vintage collection, this museum is a place that you must visit during your trip to Fairbanks. There are around 85 cars in display made even before World War II that marks the historical significance. It gives a difference in the technology and how it has advanced over these years. It is located just two miles North of Fairbanks downtown that makes it a wonderful place to be. The display of such amazing range of automobiles is amazing sight.

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Fairbanks is a fairy-tale world that brings to you the most exotic creation of nature – The Northern Lights. The reindeer rides, canvas of winters layered in thick masses of snow and the beautiful landscapes, a trip to Fairbanks is definitely one of the most magical ones.