Lubbock : Immerse in the Magic of Music, Art and Outstanding Cultural History

Lubbock is a city in north-west side of Texas and is famous as birth place of musician and artist Buddy Holly. The city is a celebration of culture and heritage with amazing places to see in form of museum that are laid with artifacts and mementos. There is status of Holly in his memory along with museum. The city is one of the most whimsical one with slice of joy, art, music and outstanding cultural experiences.

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Lubbock : Immerse in the Magic of Music, Art and Outstanding Cultural History:table of contents

1. National Ranching Heritage Center

The heritage center spans around a sprawling campus of around 16 acres and comprises total of 48 buildings that dates back to around 18th century. It is well preserved and has been taken care of with amazing ranch structures. The building is rustic and there are tours organized around the place to understand the life of ranchers. There are multiple events organized throughout the year and mostly in the season of Christmas. It has around 1.5 mile pathway and there is a beautiful outdoor park for completion of the tour.

2. Silent Wings Museum

Photo by Barbara Brannon

The museum in built in dedication of history and culture that is intended towards the promotion of the history of World War II military glider program. The museum is built with an environment that involves collection, documentation, interpretation along with artifact exhibition. It is a great place to gain knowledge and education about the bygone days of World War II. It was designed with the goal of restoring and locating the WACO CG-4A glider and put it up in public display. It was restored and the museum was ready by 1979 with the glider inside it.

3. Buddy Holly Center

Photo by mcdlttx

This is a perfect place where art and music collides and is a historical landmark that works in preserving art and music both. It was built for preserving, collecting and promoting the art and music of Lubbock. It is intended for showcasing the contemporary art and music along with imparting education, entertainment and information to the public. It displays amazing diversity of culture as it gives an open platform for interaction between artists and community. It has a large statue of Buddy Holly and there are many museum based artifacts in the museum from the musician.

4. CapRock Winery

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It is one of the most picturesque winery in the city of Lubbock and has rocked its presence for nearly 27 years. The winery celebrates the true spirit of Texas in form of events, functions, wine tasting sessions and takes you through the phenomenal vineyards. It is nestled outside the center of Lubbock and leaves one spellbound through the idyllic and gorgeous architecture and farms. There are a variety of wines, red and white, with a massive wine production house. The knowledgeable in-house professionals take you on a tour through the vineyards followed by wine tasting.

5. Caviel Museum of African American History

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It is not a very old museum and is one of the additions to the museum list of Lubbock that enlightens about African American History and culture. There is a lot of experience and cultural heritage that is present inside the museum. There is a lot of artwork that includes artifacts and antiques along with display of many prominent local figures. It is the best museum to visit in Lubbock that provides a lot of information about African and American History. It has information about many prominent local figures.

6. American Wind Power Center

Photo by John W. Schulze

It is one of the largest windmill museums in the world and is spread across 28 acres of land. It has around 170 preserved windmills within the campus and is a fascinating place that boosts the knowledge about energy harvest using windmill. It is not a barren land but spread across verdant landscape surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It is surrounded by lush green place along with grassy hills. It gives you an insight about the interesting wind power history and the museum has around 33,000 square feet of exhibition space.

7. Prairie Dog Town

It is one of the best places to visit to witness the grandeur of wilderness and magnificent wildlife. The prairie dogs are cute and lovely creatures that are maintained by the ranchers and farmers. They are absolutely a delight to watch with their cute faces digging into the ground and fiddling around. It has become of the best and renowned attraction for wildlife lovers that was established in 1930s. It is a well managed and maintained farm with number of prairie dogs and is one of the best sight-seeing places in Lubbock.

8. Cactus Theatre

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It is a powerhouse of entertainment with lot of entertainment and events. It is one of the best cultural centers with number of live concerts and events. It has so far paid tribute to number of bands and has witnessed some of the most musical programs. The theaters and plays have kept people from all walks entertained and bring to you some of the best experiences. It was constructed in the year in 1937 and was opened for public in 1938 with around 720 seats and is one of the oldest theaters in Lubbock.

9. Bayer Museum of Agriculture

The museum is a complete and comprehensive powerhouse of agricultural produce and information. It gives you a taste of rich history of agriculture through large exhibition and collection. The mission of opening the museum is to preserve the history of Agriculture along with all the techniques and values.

10. Ballet Lubbock

The Ballet Lubbock was first established in the year 1969 and is one of the best cultural centers of Lubbock. The ballet performance is a treat to senses and eyes and definitely a place that one must visit. It is famous for the Nutcracker performance that is held in the Ballet Lubbock. There are many performances and dance that is held in the dance company throughout the year. The massive Nutcracker performance is one of the beautiful performances held once a year.

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Lubbock is like a traditional city in the state of Texas with so much to offer with a number of museums and sight-seeing places. Have endless fun at Lubbock this season!