Richmond:Richmond the City of History and Variety

Richmond:Richmond the City of History and Variety

If anyone would like to visit a place which is rich in history and culture then Richmond is definitely the place to be! Richmond is the capital of Virginia in the United States. The city was founded in 1742 and became independent in 1871. Richmond got the nickname of the "River City" because it is located on the fall line of the James River. The capital of Virginia has a long line of historical events and everyone who visits will have the chance to get to know how Richmond became the city that it is today. Let's see what are the most interesting places to see in the capital of the south!

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Richmond:Richmond the City of History and Variety

1. Richmond, Virginia Historical Society

Beginning with the perfect place to start, here is the Richmond, Virginia Historical Society, presenting the rich history of Richmond and Virginia. The center is a major research center where people can go and learn about the history. The historical center focuses on teaching and presenting especially the eventful history of Virginia. It is a major research center which aims to give a better understanding of past events and to help value the past. Built in 1913 the neoclassical building features a library and a big range of Virginia artifacts that people can go and admire while learning about the valuable history.

2. American Civil War Museum

The multi site museum of Richmond aims to especially present the Civil War of America. Located in the Greater Richmond Region the museum is a great place to visit in order to get introduced to something new. The museum dedicates it's exhibitions especially for the Civil War which plays a big part in their history. People can visit the museum and during tours they can see interesting collections and interactive exhibitions. Visitors will be caching an exclusive glimpse into the backgrounds of the war through stories and pictures as well.

3. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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The very famous museum of fine arts is another great museum where anyone can discover something interesting and new. The very diverse Virginia Museum of Fine Arts receives it's visitors to provide a whole new experience and to open up the traveler's eyes. Opened in 1936 the museum since has outgrown itself showcasing interactive and educative exhibitions. Visitors will be able to see fun modern arts and maybe gain a whole new perspective. For those who love to see old things, they can admire the many antiquities or even some interesting Faberge Eggs. Asian art is displayed as well, showing the diversity of the museum, along with many more.

4. Edgar Allan Poe Museum

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The museum is especially a great place to visit if you love writers and reading, but anyone can find inspiration from a great writer. In order to have an inspirational afternoon you should take a break at The Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The building gets it's name after the well known poet Edgar Allan Poe. The writer himself never lived in the building but this museum is exclusively dedicated to him. Visitors will be able to catch an insight into his life while looking at his pictures displayed at the museum. People can come to get to know Edgar Allan Poe better through his memorabilia and documents as well.

5. Science Museum of Virginia

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You don't have to be a genius or have a deep understanding of science to enjoy an evening at the Science Museum of Virginia located in Richmond. The museum is open to anyone but people interested in learning, experiencing new things are going to enjoy it the most. For the rest it's going to be a great place to turn off and relax. The museum is very kid friendly and has many hands on activities which make the stay more interactive. Hands on activities also exist which brings more fun and joy for the whole group. The museum aims to present the cosmos, our environment, animas and the human body.

6. Forest Hill Park

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Enjoy the good weather and sunshine that Richmond offers the travelers. When you have some free day and don't know exactly what to do one of the best places to go to is definitely the Forest Hill Park. Visitors will be surprised to find a historic house hiding in the park. The cute little house is made out of stone and is called Boscobel. The house is one of the main reasons the park is a very attracted area. People can enjoy walking on strolling trails while watching the wildlife of Richmond. Picnic places are provided and tennis courts are available for a quick game.

7. The Valentine

People desperate and dedicated to fill in the gaps with something new are going to love the Valentine. It sounds something cliche but this place is one of the most sought after places in Richmond. The Valentine is a museum dedicated for the history of the city. It was the very first museum in Richmond and was founded by Mann S. Valentine the II. The museum first opened it's doors to public eyes in 1898 before that it used to be a home which dates back to the year of 1812. Visitors will have the delight to experience the unique history through exhibits and different artifacts.

8. Children's Museum of Richmond

The name indicates that this place is a children's museum but all ages can have fun here. The Children's Museum of Richmond aims to teach children in the funnest way possible. Children will have the time of their lives in the museum while participating in activities and parents will have the most relaxing time they ever had. People can entertain themselves with interesting exhibits that will require them to move around and be active. Visitors can also draw their ideas, try farming and with the museum's focus, learn about their world.

9. Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site

Another famous and influential individual was Maggie Lena Walker. She was a devoted person who focused on many things to achieve. One would be to reach the goal of the advancements of one's individual civil rights, economy and she fought for the education of women and African Americans. Maggie Walker was an editor, bank president and leader who gave hope and pride to people with her progress. Visitors can now step into her home which serves as a tribute to her and all the things she achieved during her life. People will leave the place blown away and inspired by the person she was and will learn a lot from her example.

10. Virginia Holocaust Museum

As sad or disturbing it sounds the Holocaust is a part of everyone's history. Everyone knows about it, everyone heard a few things, but those rumors are not always true. What would be a better place to straighten up your thoughts on this part of history than the Virginia Holocaust Museum. Visitors will be able to see the real story right through the stories of the victims in this public museum. People will get an insight into the story through exhibits on this special era and will be hearing of survivors who managed to escape the Holocaust or survive this dreaded time.

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Not enough? As the name itself indicates Richmond is a culturally rich city. The visit to this city will be a never had experience and the lessons travelers learn from the city is priceless. Through the rich history and cultural views people will get introduced to a whole new concept and point of view. Richmond is a great destination choice for any occasion because of the variety of things that can be done in the capital of the commonwealth state of Virginia.