A Coruna : A City, Which is Always a Desirable Destination Due to Its Wonderful Spots and Sightseeing

A Coruna : A City, Which is Always a Desirable Destination Due to Its Wonderful Spots and Sightseeing

A Coruna is a splendid city located in Spain. A Coruna is one of the most populated cities in Spain and is also one of the most amazing ones. Being a very busy city, A Coruna never lacks of visitors and tourists and is always a desirable destination due to its wonderful spots and sightseeing.

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A Coruna : A City, Which is Always a Desirable Destination Due to Its Wonderful Spots and Sightseeing

1. Tower of Hercules (Torre de Hercules)

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Tower of Hercules (Torre de Hercules) is a remarkable sightseeing in A Coruna. This is a Roman treasure situated on the north coast of A Coruna. The sightseeing is truly spectacular and it has a rich history regarding its past and ancient times. The sightseeing includes not only great views, but it also has a very interesting history and information, which can luckily be introduced to you. This attraction is not far from the centre of A Coruna and it is not hard to get there. This is surely one of the prides that A Coruna can present to its visitors and tourists.

2. Monte de San Pedro

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Monte de San Pedro is one of the greatest sightseeing in A Coruna. This is an ideal tour destination not only for the adults, but for the kids, as well. There is a pretty nice activity that you can do with your children. There is also a nice lookout and it is free for access. To get this sightseeing you can use a car, a bus, a bike or a panoramic elevator, which is available for anyone. You can get there on foot, as well and, moreover, it will be a nice walk.

3. Cabo Finisterre

Cabo Finisterre has been the final destination of many pilgrims and is one of the most unique sightseeing in A Coruna. In this place people threw their old clothes and shoes into the sea to get ready for a better and more hopeful life. According to the legend, the pagans followed the field of the stars to the end of the earth. Regardless to the truth of this information this sightseeing is a stunning place in A Coruna with the amazing scenery of endless sea and a beautiful sunlight on the rock.

4. Plaza de Maria Pita

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Plaza de Maria Pita is another stunning building and a place of interest in A Coruna. This is a beautiful structure in a very noticeable part of A Coruna and also very noticeable to its beautiful look. This historical site has an essential meaning for the people of A Coruna, since it is a historical site. This is where the tourists prefer to visit when they are in A Coruna. It is both nice and an interesting experience for anyone. Also, there numbers of restaurants nearby this sightseeing, where you can enjoy the greatest and tastiest food in A Coruna.

5. Avenida de la Marina

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Avenida de la Marina is an impressive sightseeing in A Coruna with breathtaking sceneries and nice views. The buildings of this attraction look amazing and on the other side you will see the astonishing marina. The spot is worth to have some unforgettable photos to build the best memories from A Coruna. The area of the sightseeing is nice and green and it is ideal for having some pleasant walk. There are also several seafront cafes and bars where you can have a bite and enjoy the atmosphere.

6. Museo Militare Regionale

Take a cruise excursion to Museo Militare Regionale on your tour to A Coruna. The entry of this museum is free of charge, although you need to be aware of the days when the museum is not open. Before planning your visit to this spot, take care of hiring a tour guide who will make your visit informative and knowledgeable. Inside you will enjoy the extensive collection of weapons and art facts that stretch back to Napoleon War. In short, this sightseeing would be attractive for anyone who is interested in the history of A Coruna and its background.

7. Castle of San Anton

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Castle of San Anton is another historical sightseeing in A Coruna. This is an excellent and a small museum that includes some interesting archeological finds and they are mostly gold pieces. The castle itself is a unique attraction worth to visit. Walking around the area would also be a great idea, since you will enjoy the nice scenery and the excellent view of harbor. The real attraction of this sightseeing is totally different from what you can see on the photos. So, do not hesitate to visit this sightseeing on your tour to A Coruna.

8. Playa de Riazor

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Now we are in one of the Boom sightseeing of A Coruna, which is Playa de Riazor. We absolutely recommend your visit to this attraction because it will have a huge impression on you and your family members. The area is fantastic and unbelievably nice. The atmosphere is highly pleasant and calm. The scenery becomes more complete and amazing with the view of the sea and its water. The beach is very clean and nice and this would be a great place for having a walk to your beloved one.

9. Colegiata de Santa Maria do Campo

Our next destination spot in A Coruna is Colegiata de Santa Maria do Campo – a very special sightseeing in A Coruna. This is an impressive building and it is very well maintained, as well. If you want to get acquainted with the history of this sightseeing, find the information presented outside. It is available both in English and in Spanish and will be a very useful experience that you will get from your tour to A Coruna. This little gem of church will truly become one the most favorite spots that you will visit in A Coruna.

10. Giardini San Carlos

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To make your tour in A Coruna more astonishing and impressive, you are highly recommended to visit to one of its most spectacular sightseeing, which is Giardini San Carlos. This is an excellent garden including the memorial tomb of Lieutenant Sir John Moore. Here you can also enjoy the magnificent views on harbor and will spend a great time walking around. Both the gardens and the tomb are excellently maintained and these are what make this sightseeing so attractive and pleasant for each visitor. Take a visit to this very special spot of A Coruna and enjoy the beauty.

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As you can see, A Coruna is a real bucket of astonishing sightseeing and attractions. It includes so many places of interest that will never leave anyone without great expectations. Every corner of A Coruna is unique and impressive in its own way. And you should never miss a chance to take a tour to A Coruna.