Algiers:The Capital of Algeria that Is Popular for Its Islamic Architecture and Attractive Sights

The city of Algiers is the capital of Algeria located in the north central of the Republic of Algeria and overlooks the western side of the Gulf of the Mediterranean Sea. It consists of two parts: a section known as the Kasbah, extending on the edge of a steep hill (122 meters above sea level) and a modern part located on the coastline near the sea. Algeria is rated as one of the world's 100 most populous cities with an estimated population of 5.3 million. Algiers has many wonderful tourist attractions that feature the ancient Islamic and modern European architecture.

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Algiers:The Capital of Algeria that Is Popular for Its Islamic Architecture and Attractive Sights:table of contents

1. Botanical Garden of Hamma (Jardin d'Essai)

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The Botanical Garden of Hamma or Jardin d'Essai is one of the famous tourist attractions in Algeria located in the Hama area. This Garden is one of the largest and most important parks built by France in Africa in 1832, over 5 hectares, contains thousands of species of plants, and several types of gardens as a museum of nature. You can also visit the National Library in Hama, which is located next to it or the cave of Cervantes not far away from the Garden where the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was captured.

2. Kasbah

The Kasbah is one of the tourist destinations in Algeria located at the top of Algiers, stretching from the Ottoman Admiralty, a large part of which commanded by the naval forces. It was built in the Ottoman period of Algeria about three centuries ago. The Kasbah was the residence of the Algerians in the French colonial years. Today, despite the deterioration of a large number of buildings, there is renovation works in cooperation with the Turkish authorities. There are many palaces dating back to Ottoman Period in the Kasbah such as Dar Hassan Pasha. The Kasbah is an important tourist center because of its ancient monuments and beautiful palaces.

3. Dar Hassan Pasha

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The Dar Hassan Pasha is one of the most famous palaces in Algiers located in Kasbah. The palace dating back to Ottoman period in 1791, and it was the house of Dai Hassan Pasha. The structure of the Palace has an Ottoman style and a European style in some aspects. Dar Hassan Pasha is the best place to see the Islamic architecture in Algeria.

4. Museum of Popular Arts & Traditions

The Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions is one of the tourist destinations in Algiers located in Kasbah. This museum has an area of 595 square meters, officially opened in 1987. The museum has also an important collection of artifacts that are a link between the traditional industries of the 19th and 20th centuries and serve as a testament to the activities practiced by families.

5. Ali Bitchin Mosque

The Ali Bitchin Mosque, also known as Zawj Euyun Mosque, is one of the historical mosques in Algiers located in the Kasbah area. The mosque built in 1622 by the Italian commander Picanino who converted from Christian to Islam and changed his name to Ali. The mosque has an area of 500 meters square. When you visit the Ali Bitchin Mosque, you will notice the Islamic architecture in the structure of the mosque.

6. Martyr Memorial

The Martyr Memorial, also called the Riad El Fath, is a memorial structure of the Algerian war overlooking the city of Algiers. It was built in 1982 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the independence of Algeria (5 July 1962) and in memory of the victims of the liberation war. The Martyrs Memorial is one of tourists destinations in Algiers due to its beautiful shape and wonderful location in a wide space.

7. Notre Dame d'Afrique

The Notre Dame d'Afrique is one of the most famous churches on the Mediterranean coast overlooking the sea in Bab El Oued in Algiers. The church was built by the architect Frumjo from 1858 to 1872 under the patronage of the composer Baffi and the Cardinal Lavigerie. The church is 54 meters long and 124 meters high and its dome is 48 meters high. The church's architectural style dates back to Byzantium, while its decoration dates back to the Spanish-Arabic style.

8. Port of Sidi Ferj

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The Port of Sidi Ferj is one of the most important beaches in the city of Algiers located about 25 km west of the city center. Its historic significance dates back to the place where the French fleet landed in 1830. It has a small seaport for boats and yachts, scattered houses, a hotel, and a beach for swimming. The Port of Sidi Ferj is a good place for tourists where they can spend a sea evening in a quiet place, far from the noise and crowding of the city.

9. National Museum of Antiquities

The National Museum of Antiquities located in the Liberty Park in the center of the capital and built-in 1897. It is one of the oldest museums in Algeria and Africa featuring of its beautiful Andalusia-Moroccan architecture. The Museum's names have changed over years. First, it called the Museum of Algerian Antiquities. Then, the museum's name had changed to the Algerian Museum of Ancient Antiquities and the Islamic Arts. In the French colonial period, the museum had a name of the Stephane Qazal Museum. Finally, the name of the museum has become the National Museum of Antiquities. It provides an overview and a comprehensive picture of the various civilizations that settled in Algeria from the dawn of the history to the middle of the nineteenth century AD. The museum have many antiquities dating back to several civilizations settled in the city. Thus, the National Museum of Antiquities represents the Algiers's Heritage.

10. Ketchaoua Mosque

The Ketchaoua Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Algeria located in the Kasbah area in Algiers. This historical mosque dates back to Ottoman periods in 1612. In the French colonial period, the mosque had changed to become a church in 1832. However, after the independence of Algeria, Ketchaoua has opened as a mosque in 1962. The mosque has a collection of magnificent writings and inscriptions that date back to the Islamic culture.

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Algiers, a city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and popular for its wonderful weather, is one of the tourists' destinations. It has beautiful tourist destinations dating back to several civilizations settled in Algiers over decades.