Tirana:The Capital of the Albanian State and the Most Visited City by Tourists in the Country

Tirana:The Capital of the Albanian State and the Most Visited City by Tourists in the Country

Tirana is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Albania. It is the capital and the area where tourists start their journey to explore Albania. Tirana has a range of tourist attractions that make the city famous for tourism. It has a mild climate and a pleasant atmosphere. In Tirana, you will find parks and gardens embracing the historical monuments of the city, such as churches, museums, memorial structures, etc.

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Tirana:The Capital of the Albanian State and the Most Visited City by Tourists in the Country

1. Dajetti Express Cable Car (Dajti Ekspres)

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Tirana's cable car or Dajetti Express cable car is the most popular tourist attraction in Tirana, Albania. The cable car is located atop the highest mountain in the Balkans and the construction of this cable car dates back to many decades. Tirana's cable car is the first of its kind in Albania and is the longest in the Balkans. The Dajetti Express cable car takes you on a fascinating tour of the Balkans and surrounding areas. It has the speed that can make you reach the end of the cable car line in just 15 minutes. You can see the city a few miles from the Dajetti Express cable car, especially in the late hours of the night, where the scenery from there is wonderful and worth seeing.

2. National History Museum

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The National History Museum in Tirana is the largest museum in Albania. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Tirana, which gained international fame due to its ancient history and great importance from the establishment until the modern era. The Museum of National History in Tirana is a cultural and tourist center of Albania. The museum houses hundreds of antiquities dating back to thousands of years. It includes tourist and cultural attractions that give the city of Tirana historical and cultural significance and attracting tourists and lovers of archaeological sites from all over the world.

3. Rinia Park

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The Rinia Park is Tirana's main theme park with the most beautiful scenery that attracts a large number of tourists every month. The Albanian government is interested in renovating the Rinia Park in Tirana almost every year in order to preserve its beauty and attractiveness. The park is located in Tirana, just 500 meters from Tirana's central square. The Rinia Park in Tirana is one of the most beautiful parks with a wonderful and attractive view. Tourists come from inside and outside Albania, especially in the summer when temperatures rise to enjoy the fun summer atmosphere available in the park.

4. Tirana's Skanderbeg Square

Tirana's Skanderbeg Square is the main square that occupies a central position in the center of Tirana. The square is located in a large area of up to 40 thousand square meters. The best thing that distinguishes the square is the grand memorial structure that dominates the square. The history Skanderbeg Square dates back to the Italian invasion of Albania, where it was designed in the new Renaissance. The square has many major buildings in Albania including the Tirana International Hotel, the Albanian National Opera House, the National Bank, the largest Albanian open-air library, a number of Albanian ministries, the Clock Tower, and the Albanian National Historical Museum.

5. National Gallery of Arts

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The National Gallery of Arts in Tirana is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Albania that supervised by Ministry of Culture. The Gallery was established between 1946 to 1956. Nowadays, the National Gallery of Arts has over 5000 artworks that back to many famous Albanian artists. If you are one of the art lovers, you will enjoy seeing a lot of artworks and paintings that reflect the culture of Albania.

6. Et'hem Bey Mosque

The Et'hem Bey Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques located in Tirana, Albania. The building of the mosque dates back to 18th century. In the communist rule, the mosque was closed. In 1991, the mosque was reopened as a house of worship. A plenty of Albanian Muslims visits the mosque to practice Islamic worship. Visitors also come to this place to see the Islamic architecture that features this mosque. The mosque consists of a prayer hall, a portico, and a minaret. The pillars and ceiling of the mosque are decorated with inscriptions and Quranic verses.

7. Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Tirana, Albania. The tower was built during the Ottomans rule of Albania in the 19th century. The bell of the tower that marked the time every hour was brought from Venice. The tower's length is 35 meters, and it was considered the tallest building in the city of Tirana. You can see through the Clock Tower impressive views of the surrounding places such as Sheshi Skanderbeg.

8. Tirana's Pyramid

The Tirana's Pyramid is an International Center for Culture in Albania, a former building of a museum in Tirana, which opened on October 14, 1988. Previously known as the Khoja Anwar Museum, this pyramid structure was designed by his daughter and the half son of the late communist leader Anwar Khoja. It was a museum about his heritage and precious possessions. After 1991, the museum became a conference and exhibition center. Some sources have referred to it as "the tomb of Anwar Khoja". It has been said that the Pyramid is the most expensive building in Albania.

9. National Martyrs' Cemetery

The National Martyrs' Cemetery is the famous and largest cemetery in Albania, located in the city of Tirana. The Cemetery is owned by the Municipality of Tirana. The building of the Cemetery was completed in 1971 and designed by the architect Prof. Besim Daja. Many partisans who killed in WW2 was buried in this Cemetery. The location of the Cemetery on the mountain makes the place one of the most tourist destinations in Tirana.

10. Bunk'Art

The Bunk'Art is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Tirana, Albania. It was converted from a bunker during the cold war into a history and contemporary art museum. The bunker occupies an area of about 3000 square meters. The Bunker today includes historical and contemporary arts from the Albanian Culture.

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Tirana, a city located on the European continent and the capital of Albania, has wonderful places including mosques, museums, parks, and churches. Its architecture is a combination of two civilizations: the Islamic and European civilizations that gave the city a wonderful heritage and make it one of the tourist destinations city around the world. Thus, if you have a trip to Tirana, you will enjoy its glamorous sights.