7 Must-Visit Cafes in Venice for Coffee Lovers

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7 Must-Visit Cafes in Venice for Coffee Lovers

Romantic, enchanting, architecturally brilliant, and passionate, Venice's striking beauty is unmatched. True to its Italian nature, food and drinks play an integral part in accentuating the city's allure. The little cafes that dot the streets of Venice are places where locals and tourists come together to experience the best on offer and to sit, relax, and watch the world go by while appreciating the little pleasures of life.

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7 Must-Visit Cafes in Venice for Coffee Lovers

Caffe Florian

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The most iconic of all cafes in the world, and not just Venice, Caffe Florian in Piazza San Marco, is a must-visit for first-timers in the city. Undoubtedly touristy, and for a good reason, it's also where you'll find the most expensive cups of espresso in town. Ignoring the price factor, the cafe's appeal is magnetic, its location ideal, the live orchestra music, for which you pay in the bill, romantic, and the coffee, amongst the best. Started in 1720, the cafe is no less than a culinary institution, having welcomed greats such as Casanova, Goethe, Dickens, and Lord Byron. The stylish vintage interiors of what is the "oldest cafe in the world" are exquisite; however, the real charm is in sitting outside and taking in the views of Venice as you bite into delicious treats that very quickly satisfy the soul.

Fujiyama Tea Room Beatrice

In complete contrast to the tourist crowds, you will come across at Caffe Florian, is Fujiyama Tea Room, a quiet zen-like retreat tucked in one corner of Dorsoduro, Venice. The service is welcoming and friendly, and their courtyard seating is always in demand. Popular with vegans, Fujiyama serves delicious bites like croissants filled with avocado and has several delightful offerings such as ginger cake and a heavenly chocolate soufflé. The owners of Fujiyama Tea Room are very hands-on and take pride in their collection of teas, of which there are close to 50 varieties listed on the menu. A real hidden gem, consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to eat here, especially since they tend to stay shut on most Sundays and Mondays, opening at noon during the rest of the week.

Torrefazione Cannaregio

A cafe where hipsters will feel at home, Torrefazione Cannaregio serves specialty coffee sourced from around the world in a rustic and picturesque space. The interiors of the cafe add to its authenticity with wooden furniture and jute bags being a part of the decor and accessories like chests and industrial chairs, giving the place an eccentric appeal. Irrespective of where you sit, outside by the canal or indoors, guests can expect a memorable cup of coffee that too the cheapest in Venice. Moreover, patrons can buy coffee beans to take home, like Cafe Renee, in particular, which is a sweet concoction of eight Arabicas with "low caffeine content." Perpetually crowded, and yet hitting the mark with every cup, this is one place worth taking a detour for, while sightseeing in Venice.


We all like multitasking, and when it comes to cafes, there's nothing better than a place that serves good food and simultaneously is a bookshop. Sullaluna is precisely that, a bistro offering vegetarian fare and a collection of graphic novels, cookbooks, and a few eccentric reads. The interiors of Sullaluna, which means "on the moon," are chic, typical cafe-like with bare-brick walls, light-toned wooden table and chairs, and the covers of the books, lined on a bookshelf, adding a dash of color to the scene. The food here is equally vibrant with fresh cheese, cakes, bread, salads, and cookies, forming the best accompaniment to a cup of hot tea, coffee, beer, or organic Prosecco.

Marchini Time

You can tell about the reputation of a cafe by how crowded it is even when there's no place to sit in it. Marchini Time is a standing-only forno, situated in Campo San Luca. The bakery takes immense pride in its products that comprise of artisanal cakes and both savory and sweet baked goods. Famous with locals as a meeting point, Marchini Time is ideal for when you want to grab a quick bite on the go. It's opening hours, from early morning till late evening, means you can rely on it to feed you even if hunger strikes at an odd time. Known for being traveler-friendly and its fast service, customers never have to wait for long when eating at Marchini Time.

Address: Campo S. Luca, 4589, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

Il Caffe Rosso

Visiting Venice, known for its ancient heritage and culture, it's not surprising to come across cafes that have stood the test of time. Il Caffe Rosso is a historic eatery in Campo Santa Margherita, popular with the younger student crowd and known for its traditional red exterior and lively ambiance. Operating since the 1800s, the prices here are amongst the cheapest in the city. The spritzes served at the cafe are particularly famous but don't leave without having one of their freshly prepared and delectable huge sandwiches.

Caffe del Doge

A bistro dating back to the 1950s, its location near the Rialto Bridge is reason enough to make a pit stop at Caffe del Doge. A lesser-known gem of a place in the tourist circuit, Caffe del Doge, is the rare Venetian cafe where you can converse easily with the staff in English. Warm and welcoming, the coffee here is the real champion, some might say the best in town, made with love and enjoyed with a side order of pastries or sandwiches. The cafe roasts its own blends and sells pre-packed beans over the counter. Its secluded location in a side-street makes Caffe del Doge idyllic for when you want to take a breather away from the masses and appreciate the novelty of being in Venice.


Over tourism and frequent floods in Venice have been reasons for concern in the recent past. With the local authorities taking action to limit the damage, one thing that continues to fascinate is the never-say-die attitude of Venetians who continue to work no matter the condition. The cafes of the city are its soul, and visiting them a great way to support the local economy while you get to appreciate Italian hospitality at its best.