Bahrain:The Living Proof of Arabian Elegance

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Bahrain:The Living Proof of Arabian Elegance

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Bahrain:The Living Proof of Arabian Elegance

Bahrain, an Arabian constitutional monarchy in the Persian Gulf, is considered the seat of Dilmun Civilization due to the role that it played as a crucial Bronze Age trading center. Bahrain is an island country with an archipelago of more than thirty islands off the coast of Saudi Arabia and thus, does not fall short of seaside sightseeing attractions. This pearl rich country is also a heritage of diverse culture and history. In Bahrain, you will not only enjoy the ancient, but you will also meet the modern Arabian style. These top sightseeing places that we have handpicked for you will make you fall in love with this jewel of the Gulf.

1. Al-Fatih Mosque (Manama)

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Al-Fatih Mosque (Great Mosque) is the largest place of worship in Bahrain and can hold up to 7000 worshippers at once. The mosque has the biggest fiberglass dome in the world, and its walls are a spectacular beauty as they are finished with Kufic calligraphy. Besides being a holy place of worship, it is also a significant sightseeing attraction to Bahrain. You will most likely enjoy sightseeing the mosque between February and November when the temperatures in Bahrain range from 20-30ºC. The mosque is open for sightseeing every day from 9 am to 4 pm, except on Friday, which is an auspicious day for Muslims.

2. Qalat al Bahrain (Manama)

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Qalat al Bahrain is a notable archeological sightseeing fort that was once a Portuguese port and a capital of Dilmun civilization. The museum is on the north coast of Bahrain, surrounded by a gorgeous seaside landscape. It has a collection from five historical periods arranged on two floors. When sightseeing the museum, you will get an opportunity to get unique souvenirs from the museum's gift shop. The museum has a cafe overlooking the sea, in which you can grab a bite at the end of your tour. The best time of the year for sightseeing Qalat al Bahrain is between March and October when the weather is most favorable. If you would like to get that perfect photo, we recommend that you go sightseeing late afternoon, just in time for the sunset.

3. Tree Of Life (Manama)

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The Tree Of Life is a sightseeing attraction to the desert of Bahrain, attached to a legend that is was the tree in the garden of Eden. The tree has survived for more than 400 hundred years with no apparent source of water but still remains covered in green leaves with no other form of life in its vicinity. Hence its name, the Tree of Life of Bahrain. The tree stands 9.75 m (32 ft) two kilometers from Jebel Dukhan. There is also a visitors area with plaques placed to narrate the history of the tree. Any time of the year is good for sightseeing but we recommend that you carry plenty of fluids to hydrate as the temperatures can go as high as 49ºC.

4. Arad Fort (Arad)

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Arad Fort was established in the 15th century in Arad, one of the popular towns of Bahrain. The fort was once a defense fort of the Kingdom of Bahrain, whose role was to prevent foreign ships from gaining access to the island. The fort is strategically located by the seaside and a few minutes away from the airport. The best time for sightseeing the port is during summertime when the port is fully illuminated in the evening and it is also when it hosts the summer festivals in Bahrain. We recommend that you dorn a comfortable pair of shoes while sightseeing the port if you would like to go up all the ramparts.

5. Bahrain International Circuit (Sakhir)

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Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is a premier motorsport venue in Manama, the capital and largest city of Bahrain. The facility is mostly used for drag racing, GP2 Series, and the annual Bahrain Grand Prix. Sightseeing visitors get an exclusive tour of the Sakhir Tower, the most recognizable feature of Bahrain International Circuit. The eighth floor of this tower offers an opportunity of sightseeing the whole circuit at a go. Visitors also have access to the Race Control Tower which houses the main control room of the races. On the Grand Prix Track, visitors can hire cars and bikes to experience the race track. At the Bahrain International Circuit Welcome Centre, there is a Pit shop that has all sorts of sports souvenirs for the best memories of your sightseeing tour at the sports circuit. If you would like to visit during the racing season, we recommend that you plan your sightseeing tour between August and November.

6. Bahrain National Museum (Manama)

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has preserved its rich national heritage and history through the Bahrain National Museum. The museum is centrally located between Mahama and Muharraq and has nine halls with six different sections of archeological artifacts dating back to more than four thousand years ago. The museum is not only a historical sightseeing site but also an institution of promoting global art culture within Bahrain through the numerous international art exhibitions that it hosts each year. The cafeteria at the museum offers some of the best Arabian dishes in the whole Bahrain. The museum is open throughout the year, but the best season for sightseeing is in summer, from June to September. The museum faces the ocean, and thus, the summer weather makes perfect sense for soaking in the sun on an afternoon after your tour.

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Bahrain surely knows how to live up to the expectations of tourists as it is packed with both ancient heritage and fascinating modern sightseeing spots. If you are a water enthusiast, then Bahrain has over thirty natural islands awaiting you. Also, more than 5000 years worth of history and pearl trading right at the seafront are another reason not to hesitate planning some sightseeing in Bahrain. It is without a doubt that Bahrain is full of interesting sightseeing opportunities.