Windsor : A City Full of History and Beauty

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Windsor : A City Full of History and Beauty

Windsor is a small town in Berkshire that thrives on the southern bank of River Thames. Situated about 22 miles to the west of London, Windsor provides many mesmerizing views with its windings alleyways and old timely house made majorly out of timber. The cobblestone streets and the medieval vibe of the entire town takes you back to the simpler times. The major attraction in this small town is the Windsor Castle which is the official residence of the Royal Family. This place is so important that many tourists believe that the tour around England is not complete without spending at least one day in Windsor, looking around and admiring its beauty.

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Windsor : A City Full of History and Beauty

1. Windsor Castle

This is a giant and majestic castle perched on the top of a chalky hill. The British Royal family has been using Windsor castle as their summer home for over 900 years. It is considered to be the most beautiful location in entire Britain. This Castle is also recorded to be the largest castle in the world that are still inhabited and are functional. This was first built by the famous ruler, William the Conqueror, and many additions have been made to it since then. Today the whole castle covers around 13 acers of land. The important attractions in the castle include the St. George’s Chapel which was home to many Knights and ladies who were honored with the order of Garter. Furthermore, the chapel is where Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband is buried. If you time your visit properly you may be able to get see the Royal retreats and the final resting place of the great Queen Victoria.

2. Windsor festival

This festival happens once every year usually from the middle of September to early October. The festival has numerous daily activities in places like Waterloo Chamber, St George’s Hall, Windsor Castle and the Eton College Chapel. This first started in 1969 and since has been offering great orchestral performances, organ concerts, dances and lectures to the attendees. Many international performers of all kinds are invited from all corners of the world to take part in this festival. People who are cultural buffs are welcome to check out the program at Theater Royal which is very close the Windsor castle.

3. Legoland Windsor Resort

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If you are traveling with family then Legoland Windsor Resort is the best place for you as kids will fall in love with this place instantly. The resort covers around 150 acres of land are full of all sorts of play areas and rides for people of all ages. This is a very popular tourist attraction as it entertains around two million people every year. The park always organizes many themed events throughout the year so the best thing would be to check the schedule and plan your trip accordingly. Kids usually love the knight-themed firework show and the festivals arranged around Christmas and Halloween. If you want to spend the night there, there is this amazing medieval-themed hotel that could be perfect for you.

4. Eton College

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Eton is a small town that is situated on the north of Windsor Bridge. It is famous for its college, the Eton College, that was first started by the Henry VI back in 1440. The college has an iconic red brick building which dates back to the time when the college was first started. The building covers up almost two quadrangles. The most amazing feature of the college is the chapel that was completed in 1441 and its walls are now lined with some of the most wonderful paintings that provide a window into a life of Mary.

5. Ascot Racecourse

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This is, without a doubt, the most famous race course in entire England. This is the place that is specifically reserved for the thoroughbred horses. The place holds around 32 annual race from UK’s top charts. This is only six miles from the Windsor castle and is very close association with the Royal Family. The racecourse also houses the famous Royal Ascot Cricket Club as well as the Ascot United Football Club. If you are there you should also visit the Royal Windsor Racecourse which is known to be unique because of its figure 8 shape.

6. Savill Garden

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These gardens are considered to be one of the most beautifully decorated gardens of the country. Located at the edge of the Great Park of the Windsor Castle, this place is a very significant part of the Royal Landscapes of Windsor. This park was first opened in 1930 and has a huge collection of beautiful plants in their natural setting. There are numerous shrubs, formal gardens of various flowers like roses and some very beautiful alpine meadows. The garden covers an area of 35 acres and fills it with around 60 sculptures strategically placed around the garden.

7. Dorney court

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If you drive for six miles to the west from the center of Windsor, you will get to the Dorney Court. This is a perfect location to familiarize yourself with the Tudor architecture. There is a mansion that is around 500 years old and it was previously owned by one family that had very strong roots in the history of England. There is also the Church of St. James the Less nearby which is also worth a visit. The Dorney Lake is another place which should be visited if you are in droney court. It is a man-made lake which is designed particularly for the sportsmen practicing rowing.

8. Windsor and Royal Borough Museum

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Situated on the High Street in Windsor, this place was built in 1689. It is a building that puts a great focus on the history of the town as well as its surrounding areas. The museum holds item that is as old as the Ice Age. There are also some pieces from the Bronze age, Roman times and the Saxon era.

9. Thames Boat Trips

If you are in the area the boat trip on Thames is a must do activity. The river provides various charming sights with its parkland sceneries. There are boats that takes passengers to London through the scenic routes so that the passengers can fully enjoy the beauty of the River Thames.

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Windsor provides all sorts of accommodations ranging from luxury hotels, to mid range hotels and hostels for students and back packers. Windsor has many festivals and seasonal events and therefore it is better to properly plan the trip to Windsor so that your trip can coincide with the event or festival of your choice.




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