Sochi : Raise Your Adrenaline Rush with Skiing and Adventures

Sochi is a charming jewel located on the coast of Black Sea in Russia. The city lies within the border between Georgia and Russia and is known for its neoclassical inspired architecture. The city is surrounded by towering verdant mountains, lakes, ridges and phenomenal architectures. It witnesses millions of visitors every year for its gorgeous coastline, warm sunny vibes, pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife. It is popularly known for hosting the Winter Olympics in the year 2014 that saw a great rush of tourists after that. Here are the top ten places to visit in the city of Sochi.

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Sochi : Raise Your Adrenaline Rush with Skiing and Adventures:table of contents

1. Rosa Khutor Ski Resort

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The stunning ski resort perched on the snow clad mountains is one of the best experiences in Sochi during winters. It is a high end and luxurious mountain resort on the slopes that treats the guests with ski experience. The skiing is supported by global experts by maintaining all the safety standards. It is definitely a Mecca for ski lovers and the Caucasus Mountains makes it even better. The ski slopes boasts a length of 132 km and is visited by many celebrities and eminent personalities from across the globe.

2. Dolphinarium Riviera

The Park Riviera is a fascinating amusement park and is perfect for a family outing. The park is something that is absolutely loved by kids with thrilling rides. There are many rides and fun things to do for the kids pushing in the absolute adrenaline rush. There are 5 themes that the amusement park is built of. It has a pirate village which is absolutely intriguing, carousal center attracting with multiple colors, wonderful glade, and town for children and roller coaster area for all the fun rides. The dolphin shows makes the park even more exciting.

3. Mount Akhun

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The stand-alone mountain is situated between the Matsesta and Khosta River and is frequented by a lot of travelers. It stands at an elevation of 663 meters above sea level and the peak is marked by the Romanesque tower that is 100 foot tall. The tower was built in the year 1936 from limestone ashlar and offers awe-inspiring view of the Caucasus mountain range. The vantage point offering the scenic view is the best in the city especially on a bright clear day. There are few caves along with a Christian church present in the mountain range.

4. Park Arboretum

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The Park Arboretum is a haven for nature lovers with classic range of flora and fauna. The landscape is warmed up with ornate white and golden monuments and includes a number of plants, flowers, shrubs, species of oak, pine, palm trees. It is also known as Dendrarium Botanical Gardens that is spread across 12 hectares with more than thousands of exotic and rare plants. The garden is peppered with beautiful monuments, sculptures and fountains that make it even more attractive. It gives spectacular view of the mountain and sea.

5. Vorontsovka Caves

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The caves in Russia give the perfect adrenaline rush. The caves are the longest cave complexes and have even evidence that humans lived in it around 20,000 years ago. There are many visual proves that shows existence of human life in it. The stalagmites and limestone formation inside the caves makes it an attractive option. The caves are longest cave complex in the country and can be explored on foot. The entrance marks the slopes of Kudepsta River valley that rises at 720 meters above sea level. It runs parallel to the Black Sea.

6. Loo Byzantine Church

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The gorgeous byzantine church is nestled on the top of the mountain and surrounded by the serenity of the Sochi National Park. It is located in the verdant Agura valley and the church is centuries old that reflects its intricate work marking the excellence of craftsmanship in its architecture. It is indeed one of the most significant historical landmarks that mark the expansion of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia. The colored windowpanes in its façade and stained glasses add to its brilliant look. It is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, canyons and caves.

7. Stalin’s Dacha

Photo by Stefan Krasowski

The Stalin’s Dacha was a residence that was built in the year 1937 and was the summer residence of the Soviet Union leader. It is located amidst the woods and is a beautiful house to explore and relax. The interiors are well detailed and this stands as a museum open for visitors. The house was designed and built with lot of detailing and every minute detail was taken care of. The house never had carpets so that owner could hear footsteps. The exterior of the house is a camouflage painted in green to avoid attacks.

8. Sochi Art Museum

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The Sochi Art Museum was built in the year 1936 and marks its classy architecture through red roofs and limestone façade. It is one of the most attractive landmarks of the city inspired by its ornate classical architecture. The façade and the surrounding leaves everyone stunned with its impressive details. The building is a haven for amazing artworks that dates back from centuries ago. The museum has many artwork and artifacts for display by some of the prominent and popular Russian artists. The museum also talks about and displays the turbid history of Sochi.

9. Iceberg Skating Palace

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The Iceberg skating palace is one of the most iconic landmarks that were built in the Sochi Olympic Park. It is a large amphitheatre that houses nearly 12,000-seat multi-purpose area and was the venue for hosting the winter Olympics in the year 2014. It is a huge sports arena and venue for organizing huge sports events. The arena is gorgeous and has hosted many types of sports. It is situated along the Bolshoi Ice Dome and Shayba Area and is known for many ice related events and sports.


Sochi is one of the best destinations for people seeking some adrenaline rush. It is a great destination especially during winters where the landscape turns into canvas of white. The city is a prominent destination for skiing and has gained millions of tourists after its successful hosting of the Winter Olympics in 2014.