Conakry : The Capital of Guinea Offering Tourists Dense Palm Forests and Offshore Beaches


Conakry : The Capital of Guinea Offering Tourists Dense Palm Forests and Offshore Beaches

Conakry is situated on the western side of Africa and serves as the capital of Guinea. The country is small in comparison with other soaring western African countries making it have less opportunity to wow the tourist. However, Conakry has some amazing offshore beaches in the Loos islands, beautiful natural palm forests as well as some of the most notable buildings in Africa including the grand mosque. This does not, however, limit the sightseeing opportunities. Below are the highlights of Conakry.

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Conakry : The Capital of Guinea Offering Tourists Dense Palm Forests and Offshore Beaches

1. Grand Mosque of Conakry

Grand Mosque of Conakry is the most outstanding piece of architecture in the whole of Guinea. The mosque was opened in 1982 by Ahmed Sekou Toure as the tallest of its kind in Conakry. The mosque has 4 minarets as well as inspirations from Arabic architecture. Being an Islamic inclined state, you will find many devotees going to the mosque for prayers. Tourists are not allowed into the premises as they value it as a holy site. You can take the opportunity to admire it from afar and take some amazing snaps of the area.

2. Sandervalia National Museum

Sandervalia National Museum is the national museum of Guinea. This museum comes off as basic hosting some cultural and historical artifacts from Conakry especially traditional art and masks of which some are considered spiritual. Most are items that come from the 18th century which is interesting to see. Your sightseeing experience is made better with the availability of both English and French translations. There are statues located on the grounds which are also worth the visit. Gift shops selling local handmade crafts can also be found. This may be perfect to carry the wooden sculptures.

3. Tombo Island

Tombo island is a gem on the Atlantic ocean located 4 kilometers from the Loos islands in Conakry. These islands provide some of the best sightseeing experience to tourists who would like to enjoy the west African shores of Conakry. The island provides the perfect escape with the availability of some great hotels on site. The waters in these parts are mostly blue and clean compared to other parts of the city which is great. This site is ideal if you are looking towards escaping the busy life of central Conakry.

4. St. Mary's Cathedral, Conakry

St. Mary's Cathedral, Conakry first came to life in 1928 when the first foundation stone was laid. This church is an important place of worship for the Christians of Conakry. The architecture of the church is ornate although not as remarkable featuring yellow and red colors. The church is huge and can host a large gathering of people. The grounds are also very well-spaced and airy. The tower of the church is also interesting. This is a great stop for sightseeing or worship services especially on Sundays when services are made in French.

5. Le Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen

Le Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen is an interactive cultural space in Conakry. The venue is ideal for sightseeing if you wish to watch some art performances, in-house films, exhibitions as well as world music concerts. The institution also provides classes if you wish to enroll for French language and you will be enrolled according to levels. Aside from this, there is a well-equipped library on site too. The events calendar is usually very busy having tons of activities to indulge in throughout the year. Closing times may vary due to this so you may need to confirm this prior.

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Conakry does not market itself as a tourist paradise, however, this gem of a city is continuously expanding offering endless opportunities. The fact that it does not camouflage its flaws of crumbling buildings, pungent fishing port, rubbish and annoying traffic jams, show you that it is as natural as it gets. The cultural heritage is still valued highly at Conakry which gives you a taste of the West African cultures at its finest.