Larnaca : A City of Multiple Beauties, Wonders and Natural Attractions Suitable for Any Taste

Larnaca : A City of Multiple Beauties, Wonders and Natural Attractions Suitable for Any Taste

Larnaca is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus. Larnaca is also one of the most amazing and attractive cities that never lacks of tourists and visitors. This is due to the gorgeous sightseeing and spots that Larnaca has. To make your tour to Larnaca more impressive, we introduce you the top sightseeing in Larnaca below.

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Larnaca : A City of Multiple Beauties, Wonders and Natural Attractions Suitable for Any Taste

1. Saint Lazarus Church

Saint Lazarus Church is a must see attraction in Larnaca. We would even say that this is one of the most visited spots in Larnaca. If you travel to Larnaca and do not even succeed to see this sightseeing, than be sure that you lose a most important site in Larnaca. The entrance of the church is out of charge. Entering inside you will enjoy the amazing beauty. Also you will have a relaxing walk in this wonderful old church and will get lots of positive experiences of it. on the square you will find some bars and restaurants where you can have some food.

2. Emira Pottery

Emira Pottery is a small pottery workshop and a very popular tourist site in Larnaca. Travelling to Larnaca, you should try to stop by this sightseeing, since this will be a good experience for your trip. This spot is nice and spectacular with a short presentation. The sightseeing will be even more interesting for kid travelers in Larnaca. In this pottery the children can have a pleasant moment by sharing some activities that take place inside. This is a lovely and a fun experience for everyone and a great chance to learn how to make a pot.

3. Mckenzie Beach

Photo by Sergey Galyonkin

One of the most attractive natural beauties that you can see in Larnaca is Mckenzie Beach. This is wonderful place for having a great walk and enjoying the amazing nature of the surrounding area. The area is clean and it is not noisy even when there are crowds and lots of tourists. For enjoying the awesome beauty of the crystal clean water and the fresh air, you will need some hours to spend on this beach. The sightseeing is a real pride for Larnaca and for the locals.

4. Finikoudes Beach

Finikoudes Beach is an adorable sightseeing located right inside the Larnaca city. In spite of the fact, this spot is very peaceful and relaxing, with no any noise that may destroy your rest. Opposite the beach there are apartments that are rented by locals and by the tourists. Some of them are so close to the beach that it will take only a few hours to get there and even some of the apartments have a window that look exactly to the beach. Let’s agree that this will be a fantastic experience for the Larnaca travelers.

5. Larnaka Salt Lake

Photo by Vera Larina/

Larnaka Salt Lake is another worth to visit sightseeing in Larnaca. This natural spot offers unbelievably beautiful sceneries and views. Plan to have a walk around the area of this lake and get the highest expectations from the nature of Larnaca city. Next to the sightseeing there is a picnic area with tables and beaches. You can take some food with you and select one of these picnic areas to have some rest and some food. Also take your camera to make your greatest photos ever.

6. Larnaka Marina

Photo by eFesenko/

Larnaka Marina is an amazing sightseeing in Larnaca suitable for a good flat walk. This sightseeing is near the seafront and it is perfect for a long walking. Here you will see docked boats, hundreds of yachts and will enjoy the clean area and the lovely atmosphere. Also, if you like cats, be attentive, because there are lots of Larnaca cats around this sightseeing. This spot is also ideal for those you adore walking alone and enjoy their every single step. You will surely get the hisghest impressions from this sightseeing of Larnaca.

7. Kyriazis Medical Museum

Now let’s move to a spot that has a cultural importance for Larnaca. This spot is Kyriazis Medical Museum – one of the greatest values that Larnaca has. This museum will be an interesting experience, regardless of your interests and taste. This gives a glimpse of history to its visitors and it introduces several fields at the same time. You will need a few hours for managing so see all the items in the museum. In short, this is an essential sightseeing in Larnaca with amazing experiences and passionate ideas. The museum will also be an educative tour for everyone.

8. Pierides Museum - Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation

Photo by

Generally, if you are interested in art and art collections, we have a very interesting sightseeing to offer to you in Larnaca. This sightseeing is Pierides Museum - Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. The latter is a very famous spot in Larnaca and a very popular tour sightseeing for the tourists. It possesses small private collections which are very beautiful and captivating. People like this place, because it is both educational and entertaining and it has some important meaning for Larnaca. Be sure to include this sightseeing in your list while travelling to Larnaca.

9. Larnaka Municipal Art Gallery

We have included one more cultural heritage in our list of top places in Larnaca and this is Larnaka Municipal Art Gallery. Whether you are interested in art and gallery or not, this spot is highly recommended for you, since you cannot help being attracted by this unique sightseeing of Larnaca. Here you will enjoy the local themes and work of the artists. Here you will also see the Anna Frank exhibit that will be a very impressive experience for you. This is a gorgeous sightseeing and surely a must see in Larnaca.

10. Larnaka Medieval Castle

Photo by maristos/

And at last, let’s move to one of the most interesting spots in Larnaca - Larnaka Medieval Castle. This is a small and a nice castle very popular with visitors – both by the locals and the tourists. If you travel to Larnaca this is am just see for you. Enjoy the nice panoramic view of the surrounding areas from the top of this spot and get the highest experiences from your tour to Larnaca. The spot is suitable both for visiting there alone and with a family. Anyway, if you are in Larnaca with your family, this sightseeing would be a nice experience for your kids, too.

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Larnaca is a city of multiple beauties, wonders and natural attractions suitable for any taste. Visitors to Larnaca are attracted by the variety of sightseeing that it offers. Your tour to Larnaca can become one of the best journeys that you have ever had. And thus, we highly recommend your tour to Larnaca.