Mombasa : Coastal City in Kenya Having Exquisite White Sandy Beaches Along the Indian Ocean

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Mombasa : Coastal City in Kenya Having Exquisite White Sandy Beaches Along the Indian Ocean

Mombasa is a cultural, historic city located in the southeastern part of Kenya along the beautiful Indian Ocean. Mombasa is the coastal center of tourism where tourists from various parts of the world come to enjoy spectacular sightseeing areas of the coastal town that leave them ‘glued’ to the mesmerizing sights the city has to offer. Below are some of the outlined sightseeing activities done in the city:

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Mombasa : Coastal City in Kenya Having Exquisite White Sandy Beaches Along the Indian Ocean

1. Fort Jesus Museum

Fort Jesus is a tower built in the ancient 16th century by the Portuguese; it aided overseeing the security of the port of Mombasa. The fort, located along the coastline near the wonderful Old Town is a monumental piece of architecture; designed for military purposes. Tourists will look forward to the various displayed artifacts while sightseeing the place and gain knowledge on the history of the fort. Tourists can take several hours in the facility and hence closed on Sundays. For a small amount of fee, tourists will definitely be able to access the facility with a guide available to direct them.

2. Haller Park

Haller Park is a nature park in Bamburi Mombasa that has various animals. Expect to find hippos, tortoise, monkeys, Oryx, antelopes, and crocodiles which tourists will have a very interactive and fun experience when visiting the park. While sightseeing the park tourists will be able to feed the animals like giraffes, take pictures with the animals, as they also indulge in delicious cuisines in the café known for crocodile meat. Entry fee for non- resident tourists is 800 Kenya shillings and 400 Kenya shillings for children. The park was initially known as Bamburi Nature Trail.

3. Old Town

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Old Town comprises of diverse people from locals, Arabs, Portuguese and British settlers. Tourists will enjoy sightseeing the old town as they get to see the very first post office in Kenya, learn about the history of the place also visiting various shops selling coffee, ancient artifacts used during the trade. Guides are helpful to prevent photographing of prohibited buildings that are against the law. Locals are very friendly, as tourists without guides can ask for directions, as the narrow streets can be confusing. The town has maintained its authenticity as nothing is modified hence allowing tourists to feel they are in the 80s kind of spirit.

4. Nyali Beach Holiday Resort

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Nyali Beach Holiday Resort is one of Kenya's best beaches with beautiful white sand, lots of coconut trees oozing a cool breeze enjoyable when relaxing or sipping on a cocktail. Tourists will definitely enjoy sightseeing, as they will be able to see the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean as they take walks on the beach, sunbath, and swim and purchase crafts and artwork from the locals while eating seafood on the nearby restaurants. The beach is open to the public as tourists. Nyali beach is strategically in place with the various resorts catering to tourists accommodation.

5. Mamba Village

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Tourists have to visit the place as it provides a cool atmosphere for family outings as they watch the numerous crocodiles feeding, sunbathing, gain knowledge on the reptile. Best time to visit is in the evenings; tourists will enjoy the feeding programme as they look forward to how the crocodiles devour the meat given to them by the attendants. After sightseeing, the place tourists can enjoy drinks or have crocodile steak in the restaurant near the crocodile pool. Tour rates depend on a minimum of two guests. The farm is ideal for a weekend plan, definitely not a place to be missed.

6. Shree Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple

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Shree Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple is a sacred, religious center for the Hindus to worship. The temple has many sightseeing activities to enjoy. This include; beautifully decorated, ornately painted doors and paintings from which depict the vast Hindu mythology that have great value as works of art. It is a serene place for a visit that tourists will definitely enjoy; entry is free. Best time to visit is morning hours as in the evenings' puja conducted by the Hindus. The temple enables tourists to have peaceful inner soul searching, reading a book is also ideal in the temple atmosphere. All the paintings and architectural designs are from India.

7. Mombasa Marine National Park

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Mombasa Marine National Park is there to protect the coral reef and the resident marine life. While sightseeing the Marine Park tourists will enjoy activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, sunbathe on the pristine beaches. Note that the greatest amount of marine life comes out two hours either side of low tide; which is the best-recommended time to go snorkeling over the reef. Travelers will enjoy the various fish galore, turtle, dolphin territory and beaches near the park. Entry fee for non-residents is 17USD adults and 13USD for children. The park enhances the beauty of the marine life in the coastal region.

8. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

The serene sanctuary is best known for the outdoor activities it upholds as tourists get to see giraffes up close and feed them, Ostriches roam free as they feed during sunset. Tourists get a chance to cut off from the city hustle and bustle; as the evenings are spent sipping beverages, as the attendants light up a bonfire. The site is good for having picnics and bike tours around the place as hiring the bike costs 2$. Residents pay 30$ at the entrance. One can book a fixed table to enjoy the sunset at a good price.

9. Mombasa Tusks

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The Mombasa tusks are the landmark of Mombasa as they are two tusks that form an M-shape but are not made from ivory. The tusks are located on the busy road of Moi Avenue so likely photography can be challenging during the day hence late evenings are better to take a picture of the landmark. Tourists have a chance to sightsee the tusks near the restaurants nearby as they eat, drink, and shop in the gift shops around. To the right side of the tusks, one can stroll along the park as they sample the famous 'Mabuyu' which are coastal treats made from baobab seeds.

10. Bamburi Beach

Bamburi Beach has palm trees, soft and white sand by the water of the Indian Ocean. Tourists will have various choices to choose activities to do, where to eat, as there are so many restaurants and bars in the area. Tourists will enjoy beach life as they can sunbathe, take walks, see and buy curios from the locals. The beach is about 3-4 miles long, though tourists have to be aware of seaweeds and their belongings, as it gets crowded majorly on weekends. The sightseeing beach is perfect to see the sunset amidst the clouds.

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Mombasa is a definite tourist destination with unique sightseeing activities to do and amazing landmarks to be seen, hence a favourable family destination. The city oozes relaxation and fun hence time in the city is and fully exploited fully. An added advantage is it has friendly local people always willing to help to make it a must destination when in Kenya.