Santa Marta : A Paradise to Relish Natural Beauty and Exciting Spots

Santa Marta : A Paradise to Relish Natural Beauty and Exciting Spots

Santa Marta is a coastal city, it is the oldest city of Colombia, the architecture is of very colonial influence with modern spaces that is completely in a very harmonious way. It is a quiet city where everything is close, it is also very touristy and surrounded by many beaches. If you are very bohemian, quiet, among small towns, Santa Marta is perfect. It is hot, it rains very little, but its advantage that it is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada Santa Marta which is the largest snow-covered mountain massif at sea level. So, it is possible to experiment with all the temperatures as you scale the mountain. There are not many universities but they are very good and of national renown.

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Santa Marta : A Paradise to Relish Natural Beauty and Exciting Spots

1. Tayrona National Natural Park

On one side, the waves hit the volcanic rocks lined up next to the beach; by turning your head to the other side, the view seems like a mirage, because it seems that part of the Amazon rainforest has risen in the middle of the Caribbean. Canaveral Beach is one of the beaches of the Tayrona Natural Park, a 12,000-hectare natural reserve. Tourists can stay in cabins with all the comforts, or book hammocks and tents. Besides the 40 species of bats, the Park has 59 species of mammals. You can ride the tracks of the Park on horseback.

2. Sierra Nevada

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Only 42 kilometers from the beaches where tourists are rocked by the sound of the waves, there are the snowy peaks of Mt. Colón and Bolívar (respectively 5,775 and 5,560 meters above sea level) that make the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta the highest coastal range in the world. Here lies the Ciudad Perdida archaeological park, known as Teyuna, the heart of the Tayrona civilization. The Sierra is home to Colombia's two highest mountains, Colón and Bolívar. 16 rivers are born in the Sierra Nevada National Natural Park of Santa Marta. Jaguars, tapirs, paramo deer (highland marshes) and condors, among others, live in the Sierra.

3. Bahia Concha

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Bahia Concha is a beautiful beach in the city of Santa Marta, whose main feature is the tranquility and crystallinity of its waters, its white sand, its soft and beautiful landscape. The best place to relax. Only 40 minutes from the hotel (13.2 km) through the National Park, although it is in a secluded location, it is easy to get there. From the historic center, you can take a bus in the district of Chimila and from there take a motorcycle or a car at the entrance; you will pay about $ 10,000 as an entry permit because you have to cross a private property if you want the simplest route, but if you are more adventurous you can enter through the so-called "Trail" at a walking distance of about 40 minutes. At the end of this beautiful beach, you can enjoy small reefs, so do not forget to bring your dive gear. Another way to get there is by boat from the beaches of Taganga.

4. The Cathedral of Santa Marta

The Cathedral of Santa Marta was founded in 1765, although the first, made of mud and palm, was made by our founder Don Rodrigo de Bastidas. It was located in the present bank of the Republic. Its design was designed by Juan Cayetano Chacón. In the cathedral are the remains of the founder of the city and the heart of liberator Simon Bolivar issued by Venezuelans in 1842. The cathedral is considered a precious piece in the colonial architecture of cathedrals. Pirate attacks, earthquakes, the rise of the Manzanares River, clashes between conservatives and liberals are the historical facts that remain within its walls.

5. The Marina of Santa Marta

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The Marina Santa Marta is located in Carrera 1 with a street 22-93, enjoys an excellent location, a beautiful view and various services that make this place the ideal option to visit. You can find various services like restaurants, pizza sales, Mexican cuisine, and sea among others. Plus, the best coffee and cocktails, you will also find a modern gym, bathrooms, a Wi-Fi and more. It has 256 boat berths and offers 24-hour security. Watching the sunset at this location will certainly be magical. Only six blocks from the hotel, you can enjoy the charm of this iconic place.

6. Rodadero

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Just 10 minutes from the hotel, it consists of a hotel and a residential area, its quiet beaches offer water sports such as skiing, sailing and underwater fishing. This area has been located in the tourist area and you can find a variety of restaurants, bars, discos, shops and more. An outstanding place if you want to spend a day and have everything nearby. Also, from this beach, you can take a boat and arrive at the Playa Blanca.

7. The Waterfalls of Marinka, Minca

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The Marinka waterfalls is an exotic tourist spot near the coffee town of Minca. One of its main features is the humid jungle environment that offers us the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. On the way to the waterfall, you will see different species of birds, since the area is one of the most important bird sanctuaries in Colombia, with more than 350 species. Around you will see coffee plantations and exotic flowers endemic to Sierra Nevada.

8. Playa Crystal

Crystal Beach is one of the most striking beaches in Tayrona Park, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. You will find beautiful corals and goldfish. Its crystal-clear waters and white sand will make you live an unforgettable experience. This beautiful beach is an idea of rest. You have two options to reach this wonderful place, the first is to embark on a tour that will take you back to the hotel; the amount to be paid includes transportation and entry permit, guide service and insurance. Your departure and arrival times are 6:30 to 17:00. The second option is to go by yourself, you can simply take a taxi or walk from the hotel to the public market of the city (10 to 15 min) away, take the bus to Tayrona Park, and this trip takes about 45 minutes.

◎ Closing

Santa Marta is a very quiet, very small town so people who want to live there must have a very calm personality. To visit and discover it, this city has a lot to offer. History, adventures, thousands of spectacular beaches. There are also the spots where you can get to know the locals.