Altoona:A Gorgeous City on High Land Full of Tourist Attractions

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Altoona:A Gorgeous City on High Land Full of Tourist Attractions

Altoona city is situated at the base of Brush Mountain in Blair County, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is a significant railroad place founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad company in 1849. It is famously known as “the mountain city” due to its location in the highlands. There is fabulous natural attractions point that is worth visiting. In this article, we have selected the top ten place to visit in Altoona city.

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Altoona:A Gorgeous City on High Land Full of Tourist Attractions

1. Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark

Horseshoe Curve National Historic Landmark is part of track built by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PPR) and was the transport route for raising the trains to enough elevation to cross the Allegheny Ridge to the west. Taking a train through this area exposes you to the gorgeous scenery around the mountains when on a sightseeing tour in Altoona city. Get breathtaking experience when you see the engineering works that allow train crisscross each other and go around the curve. You can take a picnic to connect with nature as you watch birds and take a walk in the park with lovely trees.

2. Peoples Natural Gas Field

Peoples Natural Gas Field is a stadium in the Altoona city that was opened in 1999 and has a capacity of 6.176. It hosts significant sporting events and popularly known as a home to the ballpark of the Double-A league’s. Catch a thrilling action in this field when you come for a visit in this magnificent stadium such as football, baseball, and athletics. The stadium has a pleasing atmosphere, and the rollers behind the field walk make it an attractive destination. Also, enjoy a live performance from the best local bands from Altoona city and the music from the legend bands. It is open throughout the year to host different activities.

3. Lakemont Park

Lakemont Park in Altoona city is the home to the world’s oldest-living roller coaster and opened the door to its operation in 1996. It offers remarkable fun events for sightseeing such as skydiving, paddle boats, twister, German swings, Toboggan, merry-go-round, wet boats, and starfighters. Also with notable children activities such as pony carts, kiddie wheel and kid’s Mini Indy. The great views of the park borders surrounded by well-designed terrains and vegetation create a conducive environment for picnicking and jogging. Enjoy photography and fishing along the beautiful, breathtaking lakeshore. Children should always be accompanied to avoid accidents.

4. Canoe Creek State Park

It is located half a mile from U.S route 22 near the small town of Canoe Creek. It is a gateway place in Altoona city recognized as one of the “Top twenty must-see Pennsylvania state parks.” Get amused by the most extensive collection of the little brown bats when sightseeing as they emerge at night for feeding. Also, get an experience of a lifetime when you visit the hibernaculum site that is home to more than 30,000 species of endangered Indian bat. This park in the Altoona city is also a route followed by the bird migrating such as waterfowl, bald eagles, and ospreys making a paradise for birdwatching. The ecosystem supports the life of other wildlife such as chipmunks, white-tailed deer, turkey, squirrels and ruffed grouse which you can go for hunting as allowed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. With the eight trails, one can participate in recreational activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing and, horseback riding and snowmobiles.

5. DelGrosso's Amusement Park

The DelGrosso's Amusement Park can be found in the Tipton, Pennsylvania in Altoona city. It is a source of great family-related fun activities that give it popularity in Altoona city. When on sightseeing tour you will be in a position to enjoy more than 30 rides for adults such as free fall, Paratrooper, Scrambler, Rockstar and super spiral. For kids, rides include fire trucks, elephants, whales, turtles, and helicopters. Also, there is a fantastic number of fun midway games and waterpark. Catch great events in this park such as “Summer Thunder” fireworks held on 4th July, Italian festivals, Harvest feast and Native American Pow Wow. The park is open all days of a week from 11 am – 7 pm.

6. Valley View County Park

It is a 45-acre park in the Altoona city in a pleasant valley in the Boulevard behind the valley view Home. It offers many tourist attractions and fun activities that are good for sightseeing such as picnic pavilions, open playgrounds for children, horseshoe pits, wooded hiking trails to the streams with ups and downs, steep hills and sharp turns. The park has rare birds from different species that you can watch and interact as you take a walk in this park. The gorgeous sceneries along the hills and slopes make it attractive to explore the park during sightseeing visit. It is welcoming to the public throughout the year is ready.

7. Castle Halloween Museum

Castle Halloween Museum was initially in Virginia now located in the Altona city. It is rich in the collection of folk art and original art collections which one can come to see during the sightseeing tour. Experience the traditional pottery works such face jugs, flags and paintings, jewelry and Mori wreaths from the large of Memento. There are also a collection of toys, decorations of sheet music, bats, spiders and games for kids. The museum is equipped with an incredible library containing historical books and magazines which can read to connect with history. It is only open on appointment due to security, logistic and time.

8. Southern Allegheny Museum of Art

A museum with four locations in southwestern Pennsylvania in Altoona city founded in 1976. It contains thousands of collections objects from local regional, national and international artist for display to the visitor on a sightseeing tour. See galleries of photographs, sculptures, and paintings from famous peoples such as Charles M. Schwab who has worked to a renowned collection of silver presentation. The museum has four doors that lead you directly to the different but unique preservations of historical works from Will Barnet, William Baziotes, and Albert Bierstadt. A visit to this place will help you appreciate the talents of artists and painters during special events and exhibitions.

9. Quaint Corner Children's Discovery Center

Quaint Corner Children's Discovery Center is a museum in the Altoona city dedicated to the children for interactive and getting hands-on skill. It is a perfect place to visit for sightseeing together with kids as they explore different activities such as attending to animal’s hospital, pirate ship with a complete pirate map, science room to learn demonstrations on laws of physics and building blocks, art, and crafts. This museum is divided into four parts- first, second, third and fourth floor that offer different fun activities to kids. It is open throughout the year and with more events during the holidays. Quaint Corner Children's Discovery Center is the perfect place for family sightseeing place while in Altoona city.

10. Leap-The-Dips

It was discovered in 1902 the Leap-The-Dips is a wooden coaster situated at the Lakemont Park in Altoona city, and it is named as the National Historic Landmark. This magnificent structure is the oldest in Northern America and worth visiting to learn its great engineering works. Enjoy the ride on the roller as you watch the beautiful sceneries in the surrounding in the forest while on sightseeing. You can also participate in hiking, walk, bird watching and hunt around the forest. The high point in this park can be used for photography and camping. The park around this area adds more fun and enjoyment to the large due playground for kids.

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Altoona city is a great destination to explore the adventures during a sightseeing tour. It has gorgeous natural conservations, museum, parks, and lakes. It's location on a mountain that makes it a high point for viewing the lower towns. It is home to National Historical landmarks that are popular in the USA.