Harare : Explore Wildlife and the Enchanting Wilderness of Nature

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Harare : Explore Wildlife and the Enchanting Wilderness of Nature

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and is one of the most phenomenal places to explore surreal landscapes. It is known for its contemporary culture and rich heritage along with traditional richness. It is a haven for getting into the wilderness of nature and offers grandeur of exposure to wildlife through natural and game reserves. The teak forests, scattered hills and the exotic range of wildlife make it a perfect destination for safari. Here are the top ten places to visit while in your trip to Harare:

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Harare : Explore Wildlife and the Enchanting Wilderness of Nature

1. Wild is Life Grand Zimbabwe

The Wild is Life wildlife sanctuary is basically more like an orphanage that was established to rescue the wild animals and provide them a place to wander freely. It is one of the best places to meet African wild animals and it also has an Elephant Nursery in it. There are guided tours organized inside it and you can witness the animals co-existing beautifully in their natural environment. The towering giraffes, roaring lions, trumpet of elephant, etc. this wildlife sanctuary is one of the best to explore the rawness of wild life.

2. Domboshawa

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It is also known as the Red Rock and is one of the most iconic landmarks of Harare. It is located on the outskirts of the city and is a granite rock. It is easy to walk on top of it and is a great place to view the majestic sunsets. The rock is painted with beautiful paintings and there are caves in vicinity to explore. There is a slight incline but it is not that steep. It is not that far from the main city and is a perfect place to visit with friends and family.

3. Mukuvisi Woodland

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The Mukuvisi Woodland is a national treasure of the country and has large green open space where one can witness many animals. It is surrounded by number of animals like giraffes, rhinos, elephant, Kudus along with a variety of rare and indigenous birds. It is a small reserve that is surrounded by lush green verdant landscape. It is the first proposed green belt of the country that was established in the year 1910. The game park is great for a family outing especially with kids.

4. Thetford Game Reserve

The Thetford Game Reserve is spread across the sprawling area of around 3,300 hectares and is one of the best in the country. It provides a unique experience of wildlife situated in the Mazowe Valley that is situated between Nande and Dikitira Hills. It is natural home to hundreds of animals and birds and is also privately funded for conservation process. The fascinating and diverse range of flora and fauna includes waterbuck, Impala, Zebra, Buffalo, Duiker, Sable, Blesbok, etc. It is an interesting game reserve for a wonderful nature driven experience.

5. National Botanic Gardens

The botanical garden is home to near about 500,000 varieties of plants and there are number of native plants to witness. There is also a herbarium and café to enjoy the experience. It is located just 4kms from the main city and almost spread across 58 hectares of land. There are number of woodlands and exotic plants and trees present in the garden. It is a perfect place to enjoy some great time under the shade of the plants and ward off the platonic heat.

6. National Heroes’ Arce

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It was set up after the war of liberation in Zimbabwe and was built to honor and commemorate the war fighters. The annual independence holiday is always celebrated at this place and is a very important landmark in Harare. The annual fanfare is celebrated here and is a very nice to visit to know about the war history. There is a museum around the place and uncover the ornaments in the museum. The place also has number of shrines for many war fighters.

7. Lion & Cheetah Park & Snake World

The park is one of the favorite amongst the people and is a great one especially for the families. It is situated at a distance of around 30 minutes from Harare and is one of the best places to witness lions, deadly snakes, zebras, impalas, etc. It is a great place to set your foot on an adventure into the blissful wildlife. There is also a drive through Lion Enclosure which gives you an up and close encounter with the lions. However, it is important to be careful and vigilant. It also has a 250 year Galapagos tortoise.

8. Haka Game Park

It is located at the Cleveland Dam and is a great place for family outing and to enjoy the freshness of the serene beauty. It gives you a chance to encounter some giraffe and zebras along with over 250 species of birds. It is managed and owned by the Harare City Council and is a great place to picnic. There are natural footpaths and it is surrounded by lush green environ to enjoy the sounds of nature. You can also enjoy some water source in and around the park.

9. Chapungu Sculpture Park

The sculpture park is located at Harare’s Msasa Park and it was established in the year 1970. It was started to showcase the sculpture and art and something that was started as project by Roy Guthrie. It is one of the prominent places across the country to enjoy some nice and neat sculpture work. This pioneered the stone sculptures and there are number of traditional sculptures that are present inside the museum. It was rebuilt and named Gallery Sieberana.

10. Museum of Human Sciences

The museum takes you back to some of the interesting things and facts about Zimbabwe. It is something that should not be missed if you love Natural Sciences. It includes a 700 year old ark of covenant replica which is the oldest wooden object that was found in the Sub-Saharan Africa. It brings forward the colorful history of the country and there are number of artifacts like stone sculptures. It also has a stone instrument which was a part of traditional celebrations.

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Harare is one of the best places to explore the wilderness of nature and the exciting wildlife. The phenomenal range and variety of animals in the city and its game reserves makes it an incredible experience for all.