The Top Things to Do on the Beautiful Island of Ischia, Italy

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The Top Things to Do on the Beautiful Island of Ischia, Italy

A picturesque island a short boat ride from the southern city of Naples, Ischia is often left out in favor of more popular nearby spots such as Capri or the Amalfi Coast. With beautiful golden beaches, calm azure waters and quaint coastal towns dotted around the island, Ischia is the perfect place to take a summer vacation in Italy. If you're still not quite convinced, here are ten amazing things you can do in Ischia, Italy.

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The Top Things to Do on the Beautiful Island of Ischia, Italy

Visit Stunning Beaches

Island of Ischia in Mediterranean

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With Ischia being a little harder to reach than other beach getaways around Naples, it can often be less crowded, especially on the beaches further out from town.

Head to Maronti Beach at the south end of the island for one of the best beaches on Ischia, although you'll find beautiful coves of golden sand at various spots around the coastline.

Aragonese Castle

Aragonese Castle on Ischia, Italy

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The iconic landmark of Ischia, Aragonese Castle towers over the cliffs of a small island connected to Ischia Ponte by a land bridge. The castle was built back in 474 BC by Hiero I of Syracuse and rebuilt in 1441 to its current form by Alfonso of Aragon. The sight of the castle from Ischia Ponte is incredible and one of the most impressive castles in Italy, wrapped around the tiny island.

Hot Springs of Ischia

The volcanic island of Ischia might not have erupted for hundreds of years, but the volcanoes of the island still power a number of thermal spas and hot springs that have been used by the locals for centuries. Either head to one of the luxury spa resorts for the ultimate relaxation or try out bathing the free public hot springs such as Sorgeto.

Take a Boat Trip Around the Island

boat trip around the beautiful coastline of Ischia

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Ischia's coastline is beautiful, the volcanic peaks and past eruptions have transformed the island with dramatic, rocky cliffs that rise up beside the beaches. The best way to view the island at its most stunning form is by taking a boat trip to circle around it. A number of companies offer boat tours of Ischia from the main ports around the island, allowing you to see parts of Ischia that are otherwise difficult to get to.

Italian Food and Wine on Ischia

Italian Food and Wine on Ischia

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Like everywhere across Italy, Ischia is full of renowned restaurants serving delicious local dishes. Ischia's rabbit stew (Coniglio all’Ischitana) is particularly well known and can be found in numerous eateries around the island. Unsurprisingly seafood reigns supreme on Ischia, with plenty of mouth-watering dishes featuring all kinds of sea creatures.

Wine producing on Ischia dates back as far as 700 BC, when the island was once known as 'Land of the Wines'. It's not surprising therefore that wines from Ischia are delicious and popular, despite the island's small size. The mild Mediterranean climate, gentle breezes from the sea and volcanic soil on Ischia helps give the wines a unique taste.

Go Volcano Hiking

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The center of Ischia is dominated by a volcano cone, that powers it's thermal hot spring baths. The largest point on Ischia, Mount Epomeo stands at 789 meters above the island. From here you'll get stunning views over Ischia and its beautiful coastline. The trail to the top of Mount Epomeo starts from Serrara Fontana and takes about three hours to hike up and down, stopping for views on the way.

Hop Over to the Colorful Island of Procida

Procida, Italy

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A short boat ride from Ischia, Procida is a small island to the east that's popular for its colorful harbor town. The island is tiny compared to Ischia, and can be easily explored on a day trip, you can walk around most of the island and the main sites in a few hours. It's well worth visiting Procida to explore the quaint streets and colorful houses that rise up along the island's hilly coastline.