Bern : Fetch Contentment with Surreal Landscapes, Twinkling Lights & Architectures

Bern : Fetch Contentment with Surreal Landscapes, Twinkling Lights & Architectures

Bern is one of the stunning in the gorgeous country of Switzerland. The quaint capital of the most exotic country captures your heart with sandstone ridges and the Aare River flowing through the valley. It is truly adulating to visit the city which also is an UNESCO heritage site. The gorgeous houses built from the 18th and 19th century combines to the overall charm of the city. The well preserved city makes it to the UNESCO heritage site for its integrated neighborhood. A place so intriguing and rich, there are many museums that shows its heritage and rich culture. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Bern:

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Bern : Fetch Contentment with Surreal Landscapes, Twinkling Lights & Architectures

1. Rose Garden

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The Rose Garden gives you some magnificent and unparallel views of the city and is one of the favorite places amongst the botanists. It was originally a cemetery and graduated to being a public park in 1913. It offers phenomenal view of the city and has a large and open sitting area on slope of a hill. In 1950 it was redesigned to add an extra edge to the overall infrastructure. It takes you to fairy lands as you witness nearly 200 varieties of roses along with other species of colorful and gorgeous flowers.

2. Kunst Museum

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The Museum of Art is a haven for the art lovers and a host of range of impressive art collection. It includes a massive collection of over 51,000 painting, sculptures, photographs, films etc. It is oldest art museum in the country that was built in the year 1879 and has gained massive international reputation. There is some great art collection from the 15th century and even beyond that makes it an overall rustic experience. There are number of international paintings dating from around 19th and 20th century from some of the best artist in the world.

3. Bern Munster

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The Bern Munster is also known as the Bern Cathedral and Cathedral of St. Vincent and is the largest church of late Middle age. The baroque architecture of the church makes it gorgeous and is a representation of Gothic architect. The construction begun in the year 1421 with its three aisled pillars and the tower was completed by 1893. There is a gorgeous octagonal upper section along with openwork spire. It is richly decorated with beautiful architecture and there are number of paintings that are intricately done on it.

4. The Einstein and Historical Museum of Bern

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The museum is housed in a 130 year old Andre Lambert building that was constructed in the 15th century. It is the combination of the Einstein Museum along with the Historical Museum of Bern. It is second largest museum in Switzerland and includes number of objects that are from Stone Age spread from Celts, Romans, middle Ages and Napoleonic Era. With the objects from Alpine Stone Age to the Flemish Tapestries from 15th Century, it is one of the best places to delve into the history.

5. Zytglogge

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The clock tower is an iconic landmark that is around 800 years old and marks one of the popular places in Bern. It dates back to 1530 and it is located just above the Western Gate in old section. The 23 meter tower has astronomical clock and there are number of mechanical creatures that tick tocks through it. There is The Fool, The Knight, The Piper, The Rooster etc that put up some show. There are around 130 worn stone steps and there is an observational platform that visitors can climb.

6. Paul Klee Centre

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If you fancy some art, the Paul Klee Centre is something that you must consider on visiting. It is a center where you can see some of the best work done by German Swiss painter Paul Klee who is definitely one of the most recognized painters from the 20th century. He is known for his surrealism, cubism or abstraction type of work. You can see his writing on Form and Design which is one of his best works of theoretical importance. There are over 4000 work by Paul Klee all under the same roof.

7. Gurten

It is one of the best and touristy places in Bern located to the south of the city. It is a high mountain range at an altitude of around 864 meters that offers a picturesque view of around 360-degree view. The whole of Bern reflects like a dream from top of the mountain in form of domes and towers in orange-brownish color. The Alps brings the best out of everything and you can witness the Three Lakes Region that stay as pristine as it can. There are several trails that you can climb leisurely through the flowery meadows and verdant forests.

8. Botanical Garden

The gorgeous and stunning botanical garden of Bern is all you need to soothe your anxious muscle and calm the nerves. It is a perfect place to drool into the beauty of a lot of fauna. The garden gives you the pleasure of exploring wide range of plants. The garden has majority of the plants that are specific for Montane Ecosystem and has a host of mountain plants from Europe, Asia and North America. There are also a number of endangered species. There is also a Palm House that has number of food producing plants.

9. Bundeshaus

The Renaissance styled building is the Parliament House and is one of the most attractive architecture that is located along the edge of the high ground above the free flowing Aare River. The Swiss Parliament House has two dome shaped central block which are meeting places of National Council and Council of States. The access is sort of restricted but that does not mean you can take the glimpse of this gorgeous building from outside. There are number of cafes and shops around the building.

10. The Bear Park

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Do you want to spot bear of all types and have a good time exploring amidst the wilderness? Bear is the symbol to Bern and the area has number of bears that you can spot playing and having a good time. It is a place where you can spot live bears in heart of the city. The neatly landscaped place spread across 6,000 square meters and extends to the edge of the river. It is surrounded by woodsy areas, bushes, grottos, etc. There are number of walking paths and inclined elevators that connects the bear park.

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With so many Gothic architectures, beautiful cathedrals, museums and gorgeous landscapers, the capital city of Switzerland leaves you in complete awe. The twinkling lights ignites the spirit of the city at night as it beautiful cast its reflection of the Aare River.




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