8 Delicious Croatian Foods You Need to Try

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8 Delicious Croatian Foods You Need to Try

Foodies in Europe flock to popular countries like Italy and France for the famous food regions that have long stood out as the best places to eat around the world. However Europe is full of unique and underrated regions that seem to escape the spotlight. Croatia might be seeing a surge of tourism in recent years, but Croatian food has yet to gain the recognition it deserves.

A unique blend of Greek, Italian, Turkish and Slavic cuisines, the food in Croatia is full of delicious dishes that rival those you'll find across the sea in Italy.

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8 Delicious Croatian Foods You Need to Try

Ćevapčići, Croatian Sausages

Ćevapčići, Croatian Sausages

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Ćevapčići or Ćevapi are found all over the Balkans, these skinless grilled sausages are said to be best in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but you'll find them just as good in Croatia. Stuffed into a flatbread or just eaten on their own, these flavor-packed meats are delicious however you eat them.

Istrian Fuži, Croatian Truffle Pasta

Istrian Fuži, Croatian Truffle Pasta delicious Croatian food

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With just a short strip of the Mediterranean Sea separating Italy and Croatia's coastline, it's not surprising that Italian cuisine had had a huge influence on the food of western Croatia. Pasta is eaten as commonly around here as it is in Italy, with a number of different sauces and styles varying from region to region. Fuži pasta from the Istrian peninsula is one of the most famous kinds, especially delicious when served with a cream sauce and topped with truffles.

Truffles in Croatia are delicious and much cheaper than their counterparts in western Europe, perfect for a garnish with local pasta dishes.

Crni Rižot, Croatian Black Risotto

Crni Rižot, Croatian Black Risotto

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Visit anywhere along the coastline of Croatia and you'll be sure to find this delicious dish. The rice is flavored with squid ink, which gives it both a unique appearance and an extra burst of seafood flavor. Squid and Octopus is abundant in the waters around Croatia, it's always fresh and utterly delicious.



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It might have originated in Hungary, but you'd be hard-pressed to find many popular Croatian restaurants not serving Goulash on their menu. The Croatian version doesn't differ much to the original, apart from using local ingredients from Croatia, it's often made with wild boar or venison which go particularly well with this heaty stew.

Punjena Paprika

Delicious Croatian food, stuffed peppers

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Popular all over the Balkans, from Turkey to Croatia, stuffed peppers are another classic dish of Croatia. The Croatian version usually stuffs it full of minced meat and rice flavored in a tomato sauce. They might look like entrees, but these stuffed peppers can be pretty filling and often used as a main course with a side of mashed potatoes.

Salata Od Hobotnice

Salata Od Hobotnice, delicious Croatian octopus salad

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Another Croatian food that shows how delicious octopus is from Croatia, Salata Od Hobotnice is perfect for eating al fresco on sunny days at the Croatian coast. This octopus salad usually features diced onions, potatoes and sometimes olives though you'll find variations all over the country. While the locals tend to eat it on Christmas Eve, it's also perfect for the summer weather.


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A local version of frittata, the Croatian version is usually filled with fresh herbs and spices to give it an extra level of flavor. You'll find it commonly in Istria but also in other places around North Croatia. Apart from various different herbs, it's also often made with asparagus, mushrooms and local sausages or bacon.

Fritule, Croatian Doughnut

Fritule, Croatian doughnut

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Croatia has its fair share of delicious desserts and pastries but one that's distinctly Croatian is Fritule. These little mini doughnuts are addictive and no Croatian Christmas time is complete without them. These delightful little fried balls of dough are usually flavored with rum and lemon zest, often with raisins in the middle.