Rotorua : The Center of Maori Culture on New Zealand’s North Island

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Rotorua : The Center of Maori Culture on New Zealand’s North Island

Rotorua is an intriguing tourist attraction city in the North Island, New Zealand on the southern shores of the Lake Rotorua from which it derives its name. It prides itself as the home to the geothermal activities and unique Maori culture that offers impeccable attraction and heritage of the local tribes. Tourist attractions in Rotorua are enticing with various attractions to choose from such as the lakes, sizeable native forest, geothermal areas, caves and tremendous views from the rolling mountain landscape.

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Rotorua : The Center of Maori Culture on New Zealand’s North Island

1. Rotorua Museum

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It is located at the centre of the government gardens on the shores of the Lake Rotorua. The museum hosts unique, the gorgeous building is known as the Old bathhouse. It holds a permanent collection of exhibitions that demonstrate and give a story of the Rotorua cultural history since the pre-European era to current times. The walls are engraved and coated with Nga Pumanawa Te Arawa collection of thousand pictures dedicated to appreciating the Te Arawa Maori tribe, the white terrace on the rooftop is eye-catching with outstanding panoramas of the across the lake. At the entrance to the basement of the museum, there are pictures of the top 1980 buildings. Also, see the stunning and mesmerising ethnology exhibits showing the various people who lived in the Pacific Ocean. Get to interact with other galleries related to social history and the beautiful natural surroundings.

2. Wai-O-Tapu

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A stunning tourist attraction located 27 kilometres from Rotorua popular known as the ‘Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland”. It is a place to see amazing and beautiful eruptions of active geothermal. It is an area where one can enjoy hot springs which are noted for their remarkable colours and boiling mud pools. This area has a vast history of a visit by many tourists where they access the area through the protected scenic views. The park around this area allows one to explore the area and see the natural magical hot springs which may be in orange, fluorescent green and orange. Enjoy walking on the Primrose terrace, Champagne pool as you learn the history of the Ngati Whaoa tribe who descended in this area.

3. Hells Gate Geothermal Park

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The Hells Gate Geothermal Park covers an area of 50 acres that have steam and boiling geothermal activity. It stands out for its most hot waterfall and some aggressive and bubbling hot mud rising the temperature up to a hundred degrees that seem like a dream. The history has it that the Kakashi falls located in this area was the place of bathing for the legendary warriors with water temperature rising to forty degrees within the rocks. The waterfall area is set out due to its unique pools and boiling mud. Enjoy the Hells gate spa facilities that are less hot and with steamy vision when on a sightseeing tour.

4. Waitomo Glowworm Caves

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The Waitomo Glowworm Caves are situated at the North Island New Zealand. It is the most popular tourist attraction site because of the glowworm species. It is formed of thick limestone that is inhibited by glowworms that located in different areas of the cave giving a golden spotlight that shines all along the way. Tourist gets to enjoy boat rides at distance of 250 meters deep inside the cave to witness the mind-blowing phenomena. It also has other caves underground that can be accessed by foot where you get to see the unusual limestone formations. Enjoy water rafting when you come for sightseeing in this place in Rotorua

5. Mount Ngongotaha Scenic Reserve

Mount Ngongotaha Scenic Reserve is a thick forest in Rotorua located at the base of the volcanic mount Ngongotaha that stand 757 metres tall. It offers incredible trails at the edge of the Rotorua. The three-kilometre stroll offers incredible scenic views of the landscape in the forest. The giant's trees are home to thousand different species of birds making this tourist attraction site a paradise for birdwatchers. Enjoy the natural peace and the sound of singing birds as you explore deep inside the forest and see the aerial view of the Lake Rotorua when you walk to the top of the trails

6. Makoia Island

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The Makoia Island is a sacred place located in the Lake Rotorua in New Zealand and covers an area of 1.35 square kilometres. The island rises above the lake at 180 kilometres. As tourist attraction site it is an important wildlife area for New Zealand’s rare and endangered birdlife. See the special birds that are protected and make this place a real paradise for watching birds. Take part in a guided tour to see historical birds such as Kiwi, Kokako and Saddleback. Enjoy the ocean breeze while the island and stunning scenic views of the lake. Enjoy the cultural heritage of the Maori people and as they show the medicinal use of the natural ecosystem around them.

7. Waimangu Volcanic Valley

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Waimangu Volcanic Valley is one of the top places in Rotorua to see the geothermal attraction, the attractions for sightseeing range from watching the world’s largest hot spring in beautiful natural surroundings. Tourists can participate in exploring the area around the valley to observe the smoke-filled craters and colourful terraces. The trails are fun with meanders along the shoreline of the Lake Rotomahana where one can take a boat trip. Get a historical moment by making an almost an hour trip across a must-see site once famously known as the eighth wonder of the world. see the terraces coloured pink and white.

8. Te Wairoa

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Te Wairoa is deserted village that was established in 1852 by a Christian missionary, and it is located at the shore of the Lake Tarawera. The tourist activities include visiting the archaeological sites and enjoying a moment in the nearby lakes as they learn the rich historical events that displaced the native locals. Also, visit the historical museum that shows a collection of items that are excavated from an archaeological site. See the display of exhibits of the pink and white terraces that are a must-see attraction. Spare moment and walk around the gorgeous trials that come from the archaeological sites and passes across the steamy Wairere Falls

9. Hobbiton

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Hobbiton in Rotorua is tourist destination worth visiting. It is location whereby the famous Hobbiton movie was set used as the location for shooting the lord of rings film trilogy. The farm where the movie was dome is pilgrimage where there is a lot of attraction site for tourist which are offered through guided tours. Feel like you in this legendary movie when you visit this place and especially the hillside and the mill in showing the scenic view of the countryside. The fantasy in this place is must enjoy as you explore the well-set areas. You can take a photo to keep the memorable moments.

10. Tarawera Trail

The Tarawera Trail is a 15-kilometre stretch that passes across a rocky shoreline of the Lake Tarawera. The scenic views are jaw-braking as you feel the reflection of the lake in a beautiful ecosystem. The trail is a perfect place for tourist to go camping, hiking, bike riding and even walking. The path will offer you an excellent surprise by leading you to the natural hot spring s that directly flow into the lake. You can massage your feet in the hot springs as you enjoy the green and beautiful ecosystem surrounding Tarawera trail. Get lost in the forest along the trail as you watch different species of birds

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Rotorua is leading tourist attraction destination that is rich with natural attractions and topmost and unique is the natural hot springs that makes this place incredible. The historical sites, archaeological and lakes give pleasurable moments while on sightseeing visit. Experience a memorable moment when exploring the nature such as forest, wildlife and parks.