Stavanger : Top Reasons to Visit this Charming City in Norway

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Stavanger : Top Reasons to Visit this Charming City in Norway

Stavanger is a remarkable city in southwestern Norway. It is the third largest city in Norway and is popular as a hub to tourist attraction and especially famously known for the Norway most iconic images. The city has a landmark that is unique at the center known as the Stavanger Cathedral and the museum the show preserved wildlife. Visitors experience a great moment when shopping on the colorful city with many opportunities for sightseeing visits.

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Stavanger : Top Reasons to Visit this Charming City in Norway

1. Stavanger Cathedral

The Stavanger Cathedral is the top tourist attraction site, and a must visit. It is Norway’s oldest cathedral with a rich history of the Christianity of this area. See the iconic and magnificent building when you come for a sightseeing tour. Inside the building find remarkable features such as illuminating and well curved Baroque pulpit, a stone displaying and representing Gothic period and artistic colored glass to describe the new testament periods. Enjoy a gorgeous scenic view when on this church overlooking the small lake near the city center. You can walk direct to the harbour from this area to spice up your fun and tour. Get to run the periodical and recognized the history of the church represented by different succession bishops such as Bispekapellet.

2. Stavanger Museum

Get to interact with the collection natural and cultural-historical exhibitions in this museum in Stavanger. It is more than one museum with subsections divided into more specific displays such children museum. This museum offers a lot of incredible items to see for a sightseeing tour such arts, furnishings, cultural costumes and other heritage items for the city. The environment around this museum is welcoming with well-maintained pathways and with a lot of ample space to rest and have fun. Listen to exciting stories about the see that has impacted the people of this area over decades. See the exotic places to learn more about the culture of the Stavanger people while on a sightseeing tour.

3. Lysefjord

Lysefjord fjord situated in the Ryfylke area in southwestern Norway. It is about 25 kilometrers east of the Stavanger that is a must explore and gorgeous with the rolling hilly landscape. The waters in this tourist attraction site have the unbelievable colour of bright-green. The rock walls are majestic rising to a height of 1005 meter above the fjord. The landscape of nature is the main attraction in this area which is breathtaking. As a tourist, you will enjoy a trip to this area, and you will be surprised by the cliff that is hanging all along.

4. Museum of Archaeology

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The Museum of Archaeology has an incredible collection of tourist interest. These items include the replicas of the Vikings ships and boats, historical costumes, precolonial weapons, tools, and artifacts. When on the sightseeing tour in this place you get to enjoy learning the exciting things about Vikings. The well-known attraction in this site is the popular Finnøy Polar Bear skeleton which has been in existence for 12,400 years. Enjoy the moment of exploring as you learn about the discovery of the Finn’s and how it compares with modern day polar bears. This archaeological museum is open throughout the year for sightseeing and learning.

5. Flyhistorisk Museum Sola

The Flyhistorisk Museum Sola is a museum dedicated to showing the aviation collections and the technology behind the aircraft. It was founded in 1984 and located at the seaplane port near the Stavanger airport. It is actively run by the volunteers who are open for guided tours and showing the advancement of the aviation industry. As a tourist attraction, it shows numerous and variety of aircraft such as restored aircraft, aircraft parts from the world war two to the current invented. See the historical aircraft while on sightseeing tour such as the civilian, military, model. Also, explore in different rooms to see the exhibits of the military uniforms and historic photographs stacked to the wall.

6. Stavanger Art Museum

The Stavanger Art Museum is the place to be while touring in Stavanger. It is situated on gorgeous park surrounding lake Mosvannet and covers 3.2 kilometrers from the city of Norway. It boasts of the best collections of Norwegian and international art dating back to 1800s. And in specific the well-known is the astonishing collection of the well-finished paintings by the lars Hartevig. The fantastic pictures inside the walls are sound reflections of romance and unique landscapes that are an attraction to the visitors. The art gallery of the museum is sophisticated and rich in the cultural and historical of the local people.

7. Preikestolen

Preikestolen (Preacher's Pulpit) is a popular tourist attraction destination located in the Forsand in Rogaland county in Norway. It the best-known tourist attraction site that offers an opportunity to hike on a cliff which rises to 604 meters high. Take a ride which is enjoyable using a ferry, a bus or a two-hour hike. It is essential to put on boots to walk comfortably and safely during the hike. The natural surrounding and views are jaw-braking giving unforgettable moments. Witness the fantastic natural rock formation displayed around this area creating a dreamland. You may take a pic always to enhance a memorable moment of the tour in Preikestolen.

8. Norwegian Petroleum Museum

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Learn the significant oil discoveries and the amazing stories behind oil exploration when you visit Norwegian Petroleum Museum. It is made of mixture things to learn such science behind oil drilling, technology in oil distillation of various oil products, history, environment and social norms. Have fun watching and listening to the video presentations and interactive sessions showing the geology of petroleum. Every visitor gets an opportunity to see different sections involved in oil drilling and see the process of separation of various products. The learning is fun and educative and fits all the age groups. Get to climb to the diver’s suit to engage in some pleasing activities such drilling machine interactions.

9. Norwegian Canning Museum

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Do you love to fish? The Norwegian Canning Museum is a place to learn about fish production in different stages of the sardines fish. It is interesting how machines coordinate one section to another in fast and efficient manner. Tourist gets to see the processing up to packaging of sardines. The other exhibits in this place display collection of fish caught and processed since 1879. See remarkable Germany manufactured machine that puts all the contents in the tins, packs it and adds a label on top. It is open to all ages with visitors getting an opportunity to sample various products in sections. The building is well designed and enjoyable and worth touring around different floors.

10. Stavanger Maritime Museum

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Stavanger maritime museum is recognised as the destination for sea explorer. It owns well-developed industries related to sea activities. Tourist on sightseeing tour will get to learn the incredible history of the fisheries and shipbuilding dating back to 1800s and the role of Norway’s oil. See a display of well-designed and modern luxurious models of boats, transatlantic liners, art galleries that capture the story of this site. Visitors can enjoy different rides from the boats and ships around the lake region. You can also visit the interactive exhibitions for all ages that shows the different roles of each section such as the harbour business and fjord boat.

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Stavanger is the best place to enjoy top tourist attractions that are magnificent and resulted from the natural activities. It is rich in historical sites such museum, lake, trails, caves and best icon buildings since the 1800s. Scavenger is ranked among the destination captured in most world documentaries and have even featured in well-rated movies such as Vikings. It is fit for all ages and families for exploration and as a holiday destination.