Angers : An Opulent Cultural Life City in Western France, Subjugated by Universities, Museums, and Medieval Centers

Angers : An Opulent Cultural Life City in Western France, Subjugated by Universities, Museums, and Medieval Centers

Angers is a sparkling university and intellectual city from the 1400s, which also holds the dukes of Anjou and the Plantagenet dynasty. Furthermore, the city creates a charming western escape to the Loire Valley, perfect for sightseeing. Angers is mostly pedestrianized and supports a hospitality culture in their flourishing cafes, in addition to being very famous for the set of magnificent tapestries from the 14th and 20th century which make it a major tourist destination. Below are more sightseeing spots to visit while in Angers:

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Angers : An Opulent Cultural Life City in Western France, Subjugated by Universities, Museums, and Medieval Centers

1. Musee Lurcat

Musee Lurcat is a wonderful museum dedicated to awe-inspiring tapestries especially the works of Jean Lurcat. The museum is located on one side of River Maine on Angers city, so it would be rewarding for sightseeing tourists to drive to this location. The surroundings of the Musee Lurcat is very alluring, with stimulating cloisters and great architectural pieces. Visitors will find the tapestries to be thought-provoking and inspirational. Sightseeing visitors can take up to 2 hours in the museum. There is the main building with astounding contemporary tapestries and the old hospital that has fine meticulous artwork which leaves a lot to be desired.

2. Galerie David d’Angers

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Galerie David d’Angers is a museum with astonishing and meticulous art sculptor works of David of Angers. The museum is located at a nice old church building that has been restored to seamlessly transition its modern and old designs. Sightseeing tourist that love sculptures will be overwhelmed by how many of them are available at this museum and the in-depth detail and expression that each sculpture represents. Visitors will enjoy very huge statues and busts, drawings, and medallions of a lot of famous people. This gallery is worth a visit for travelers when in Angers city.

3. Chateau de Serrant

Photo by leoks/

Chateau de Serrant is a fascinating unspoiled chateau in Angers that attracts many sightseeing travelers. There are guided tours in English that would lead tourists through the rooms in the castle with various descriptions and elements of the setting. The castle is still owned and occupied by the family which makes the visit even more pleasant. There are gorgeous ancient graffiti carved into the stone central staircase that gives the castle a different unique feel. Sightseeing tourists on a Chateaus of the Loire Valley tour must make a stop at Chateau de Serrant and enjoy its magnificent ambiance.

4. Maison d’Adam

Photo by Daniel Jolivet

Maison d’Adam is an interesting gallery at the street level in Angers city. It is filled with diverse locally crafted designs of scarfs, jewelry, numerous sculptures, tapestries, and glassworks. The building is a beautifully designed medieval house built in the 13th century with decorative timber framings and incredible ornate carvings. The building has the original painting of the tree of Garden of Eden, although the images of Adam and Eve are not there. What sightseeing tourists would find interesting is the details of each artwork. Visitors should take a closer look and appreciate the efforts made to make the artworks very detailed and astonishing.

5. Jardin des Plantes

Photo by James Clark

Jardin des Plantes is a beautiful park in the middle of Angers city that offers great recreational facilities to travelers and locals. The garden is neatly maintained, with winding paths, aromatic and beautiful flowers, and a large pond that is complemented by a lot of swans swimming in it. There are a number of specimen trees that beautifully amplifies the serenity of the garden. Sightseeing tourists would enjoy a relaxing day in this garden filled with picnics and strolls. Tourists traveling with children are also treated to a lovely playground that promotes interaction with families. Tourists around Angers, should make a point to explore the beautiful garden.

6. Castle of Angers

Photo by Altitude Drone/

The Castle of Angers is a shale and limestone fortification that King Louis IX build in the thirteenth century at the periphery of this kingdom. The building is made up of many towers that are very impressive to look at and form landmark points of the greatest views of Angers city. The apocalypse tapestry in the Castle is the most beautiful point of attraction that sightseeing tourists would not want to miss. The castle depicts a deep contrast to the serene surroundings and attractive gardens. It is easily accessible from Angers city center and it is worth the visit to see the impressionable tapestry and wondrous castle in the heart of Angers.

7. Terra Botanica

Photo by Betti

Terra Botanica is an extraordinary garden in Angers. This place has remarkable facilities for people of all ages. Tourists that come to Angers for sightseeing should definitely visit Terra Botanica and experience new fun-filled activities that can last up to 5 hours. The garden has fun rides, a dinosaur video display area that is very amusing especially with the simulator ride seats. There is a butterfly house which is so startling and has a huge collection of different butterfly species and plants. Sightseeing visitors will be fascinated by the gardens that have been finely landscaped with exotic and indigenous species which makes it look very aesthetic. There is a static air balloon that sightseers can only imagine the kind of bird eye views of the city of Angers they will be able to see.

8. Cathedrale St -Maurice

Photo by Neirfy/

Cathedral St- Maurice is a grand imposing building in Angers with very interesting design details. The cathedral was built in the 13th century with an amazing display of Angevin gothic style of design that will astound sightseeing visitors. The beautiful big organ on the main entrance door is very inviting to sightseeing tourists to explore more of the cathedral. The wooden sculptures and the set of stained glass windows are a sight to look out for while visiting this cathedral. Visitors will really enjoy these views and details in every piece of the building. The Cathedral is also a national monument of France and this only adds to its appeal and high tourist attraction visits.

9. Place du Ralliement

Photo by Ingolf

Place du Ralliement is beautifully set out square at Angers center with beautiful surrounding details and activities for tourists to do. Sightseeing tourists strolling through the city center can sit and lounge at Place du Ralliement and treat themselves to delicacies from the numerous restaurants and cafés in the surrounding. It also has a place where tourists and locals can catch the tram and enjoy Angers city sightseeing short journey to Terra Botanica or the train station. Tourists and locals easily interact and meet up at this square, though it is quite busy, the square is the city’s famous landmark.

10. Musee des Beaux-Arts

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Angers city is described as the city of history and art. This particular museum of fine arts clearly showcases and approves this statement. Musee des Beaux-Arts has a permanent collection of fine arts from the 14th century to date. It also houses a vast History of Angers collection of archaeological exhibits from the Neolithic period. The museum also has collections of major artists like Watteau, Guardi, Morellet, among others. The largest collection of Guillaume Bodinier 19th century painting collection and other historical painting and sculptures can be found there. Sightseeing visitors that enjoy archaeology and fine arts have definitely found their haven at this Museum.

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Angers is indeed the city of history and art. It has a rich collection of culture that dates back to the medieval periods, which attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Sightseeing chateaux tours through the Loire Valley and cruise tours through the river, have enriched the number of tourists that enjoy exploring beautiful intellectual cities like Angers.