Calvi : A Popular Gateway to Remarkable Natural Attractions

Calvi : A Popular Gateway to Remarkable Natural Attractions

Calvi is located in the Corsica’s Balagne area and occupies a small space packed with fantastic tourist attractions - great historical and natural attractions. The neighboring regions add to its charm to tourists located near mountains and beaches and making it a paradise for the outdoor enthusiast. Experience the best scenic views when you start sightseeing tour at Quai Landry that offers an attractive seafront promenade. Also visit other exciting attractions like cultural and historical sites, monuments and natural attractions.

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Calvi : A Popular Gateway to Remarkable Natural Attractions

1. Phare de la Revellata

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Phare de la Revellata is also known as the lighthouse of Calvi and is situated at the tip of the Ravellata where visitors can easily access from the Luzzipeo and above the cave of Recisa. Tourist gets to learn about the cultural heritage displayed by this lighthouse of Calvi and have a spectacular view. Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea horizon from the highest point of the island that is the bird's eye view of Calvi. Smell the wide scents from the variety of flowers that surround this place. Participate in a number of activities such as bike riding and hiking along the trails.

2. Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serra

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Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Serra is one of the gorgeous viewpoints in Calvi popular known happy destination for lovers. It is located 5 kilometers away from Calvi where one discovers the small chapel that is surrounded by the country yard. Tourists enjoy the outstanding panoramic views of the whole bay of the Calvi and the down valley all the way to Lumio. This site has been featured in many documentaries and movies due to its unique views that blend well with the natural ecosystem that surrounds this place. The unique old structures are great for photography and picnic for the family and outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Village d'Occi Lumio

Village d'Occi Lumio sits at the high point of the hills and is a deserted place that attracts visitors due to its perfect views and the historical structures found here. The refugees from the nearby village in the coastal line found this point during the escape from attackers. Visitors have some things to see such as the drystone houses, damaged stores, and an outstanding chapel. Tourists enjoy hiking where they have to walk through the deserted village, well maintained medieval streets and the must-see attraction of the breathtaking oceanic scenic views. Visitors are advised to used trails is D71 located directly behind the Chez Charles restaurant that’s is widely used.

4. Calvi Citadel

Calvi Citadel is a rocky place that holds a rich history of Corsica’s Genoese rulers since the 12th century. With the little economic activities taking place it remains a perfect tourist attraction destination. Visitors enjoy many hours of strolling and hiking along the panoramic views of the five bastions. The Caserne Sampiero is a must-see attraction that was home to the powerful Genoese governor and currently a residence to the legendary Foreign legion. Enjoy interactive one on one tours to the famous 11 historic landmarks as a family or in groups at a small fee.

5. Arinella and Algaio Beach

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Arinella and Algaio Beach is a charming, beautiful beach that is easily accessible by car, train, walking or a bike. Tourist finds it enjoyable and full of fun especially during the high season when it is fully packed. It boasts of crystal-clear water that is safe for swimming. Visitors can enjoy superb views of the old town from the beach. It is not rocky with ample space for play activities for kids and perfectly fit for all age groups. Participate in leisure walk along the beach area as you enjoy the ocean breeze in clean and well-manicured pathways. The beach is free to enter and always fresh; it is advisable to carry an umbrella in and sunscreen when it is hot.

6. Clos Columbu

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Clos Columbu is family domain started 1970 that is currently an attractive destination where the visitors have an opportunity to taste different varieties of wines. Also, visitors see the fantastic grape forms and their product. Learn, interact and enjoy the activities such as walks, hiking and superb views down the mountains. See an exciting artwork displayed in different sections. The exhibitions are breathtaking showcasing the process of the production of the wines. Taking a picnic or celebrating birthday Clos Columbus is a place to be in Calvi with lovely places to host the ceremonies.

7. L'Oratoire Saint Antoine

L'Oratoire Saint Antoine welcomes visitors with its magnificent structures that holds the iconic architectural design. The cathedral was built 1510 and is currently the most favourite tourist attraction in Calvi. It contains the best interior designs of paintings and carvings of the Jesus Christ and other historical images that are displayed all over the church showing the historic milestone. Tourists enjoy the beautiful views of the Calvi town at the top of the Cathedral that holds the time bell. Enjoy the music form the popular Catholic choirs that fill the house as they showcase their skills in music.

8. Gorges de la Restonica

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Gorges de la Restonica is the perfect place to visit during the summer to participate in some enjoyable activities such as hiking in the mountainous side, picnic, bike riding along the well-made trails, swimming in the deep cold waters. Exploring a wide and mesmerizing with natural scenes abundant in rivers and mountains. Tourists are advised to be physically fit to climb different sections and wear good shoes and take note of the changing weather conditions, especially on the mountain areas. The valley allows for the excellent viewing especially down the valleys with many spots that one take photos to create some memorable moment.

9. Port Calvi (Port Xavier Colonna)

Calvi has numerous ports that neighbour it and makes a visit a worthwhile. Tourists are mesmerized by the striking views that seen on the mountains behind the ports. Enjoy the bright shining light that changes with time from blue to pink to orange as the day proceeds until the sunset. Along the ports find superb places to shop, have a drink or sleep but remember to have the magical moments. Enjoy a leisure walk along the harbour with more than 500 boats. During the day, one can take a boat ride to enjoy the stay fully and for those whole are photo enthusiast this is the moment to have lifetime photo.

10. Le Jardin du Magnolia

A stunning and lively courtyard in Calvi located near the Santa Maria Maggiore church and nickname as a “lovely heaven” of peace and vegetation. This full green area garden possesses a Florentine inspiration that gives it a natural shade and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy a variety of nicely presented dishes that displayed in the various menus that one can even enjoy with a family. It is fully packed with tourist on sightseeing tour during the high seasons, and one should stop and have fun. The natural ecosystem surrounding this place keeps you engaged and attached to nature as you wait to be served with your favourite meal.

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There are numerous remarkable and beautiful tourist attractions in Calvi that are attributed to its welcoming weather, and stunning environment where visitors overflow to experience the attractions such as beaches, mountain hiking, historical buildings and sites among others. The city itself is a hub of unrivaled attractions for sightseeing and vacation for all persons including children's and families.