Nantes : Take a Trip to France’s City of Innovations

Nantes : Take a Trip to France’s City of Innovations

It is popular port and industrial center located in western France. It is an artistic area that holds a comprehensive collection of tourist attractions such as a museum, parks and scenic views. Nantes holds a rich royal history such as Dukes of Brittany, spectacular sceneries that give an opportunity for a sightseeing visit. In this article see the ten best place you need to visit.

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Nantes : Take a Trip to France’s City of Innovations

1. Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne

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The Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne is a must visit tourist attraction site that holds the history since 1207. It was used as the royal home for the Dukes of Brittany for more than hundred years. It was at one time recognized as the national historical monument, current it is a historical museum of Nantes. Tourist gets to enjoy over 850 displays of the artifacts showing the center of the bustling city. The design of this castle is breath-taking especially at night when it shines showing it's unique design. It is open throughout the year for a visit with all ages.

2. Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul

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The Cathédrale de Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul is also known popularly as the Nantes cathedral. It is an iconic building that stands out in the heart of the Nantes city. The structure is a tourist attraction that boasts of 357 years old using Gothic style. The tourist gets to see the fantastic and significant works in this church that include the architecture designs (white stone), large towers with bells at the top and attractive gates. It holds memories of the hard times such as the damage during the second world war. Enjoy impressive interiors designs showing the historical milestone of the church.

3. Jardin Japonais

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A lovely park that takes up space near a canal making it a beautiful place and charming in the city of Nantes. It is just small sized area but provides an enormous amount peace and relaxation at the heart of the town. Enjoy the beautiful ponds that add variety to the landscape inspired by the Japanese style. To enjoy all the nature can offer it is recommended to visit during spring when the trees have blossomed into fantastic colors. One can take a walk around to see the different species of trees and gardens with varying varieties of flowers. Also, you enjoy the taking photos around the waterfalls and exotic plants such as bamboo and bald Cyprus.

4. Jules Verne Museum

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The Jules Verne Museum is located in the city of Nantes, and it is named after the French writer Jules Verne. The museum features the best collection plethora of the attractive and informative books, manuscripts, achieve, demonstrations and objects. The tourist gets to enjoy spectacular exhibitions and shows of the authors showcasing the best works of the famous writers inspired by the passion of the Nantes and Verne. Get to see and buy a copy of your favorite book as you interact with the writer. It is open throughout the year and welcomes all the ages.

5. Machines of the Isle of Nantes

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The Machines of the Isle of Nantes is a famous landmark demonstrating the artistic, attraction and cultural development based in Nantes. The massive elephant machine is 12 meters tall and can accommodate 52 passengers where one can feel every vibration as it steps forward. A tourist enjoys the small journey in this machine as they enjoy the scenic views from the Nantes city. Also, learn about the historical steps made in the development of gigantic elephant. Even the tourist can enjoy other outdoor activities such as walking in the beautifully made pathways, bike riding and relax in the spaces provided

6. Theatre Graslin

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The Theatre Graslin was formed in the 18th century by the local artist in the city of Nantes, it has a capacity of 822 peoples, and it is the most exciting opera house in the Nantes. Theatre Graslin is the top singers, and comedy shows palace making it a top tourist site with an excellent collection of performance. Experience a thrilling action from your favorite artist from Nantes when you go for a sightseeing tour. Inside the theatre, it features a spectacular stage that is built to match the modern standards and technology. See the attractive and eye-catching interior designs that are engraved on the walls and ceiling.

7. The Jardin des Plantes

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The Jardin des Plantes is a tourist must visit attraction that stands out from other botanical gardens in France. It covers an area of about seven hectares that have more than 50,000 species of flowers grown in the in a well-designed greenhouse. Visitors can stroll, take leisure walk as they do photos. Enjoy learning and interacting with the flowers and the beautiful butterflies that have made this garden their gorgeous home. See the giant models of trees that are made by well-cut shrubs and wood to attractive designs making this place a tourist paradise.

8. Le Lieu Unique

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The Le Lieu Unique is a remarkable national center for comprehensive arts and music place in Nantes. It was popularly known as the biscuit factory founded by the Jean Blaise. The visitors explore the exceptional cultural, visual aids, literature and philosophy items. Also see the best performance from the musician, dance, theatre shows. The collection of picture galleries and painting can be viewed from the first floor. Enjoy the attractive engraved and hanged on wall pictures that demonstrate the journey and historical growth of Nantes. It holds most of the events on using a planned schedule. Remember to check their website for the updated itinerary.

9. Arboretum Cimetiere Parc

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The Arboretum Cimetiere Parc covers an area of 50 hectares that features more than two thousand plants with great a lovely cover and bright colors. During the rainy season, the flowery plants give an adorable color and picture making it paradise for taking photos. The ecosystem is welcoming and with suitable scenes that helps relaxation. Listens to the birds singing early in the morning as they flock together to appreciate a new day. Tourist can take a walk to discover the unique species of trees through the greatly built pathways. This sightseeing destination is free to enter and is open throughout the year.

10. Musee d'arts de Nantes

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The Musee d'arts de Nantes is excellent art museum situated at the heart of Nantes and along with other provincial museums. It is top rated tourist destination due to its extensive collection of the historical and cultural items. It features the collections of the paintings dating back in the 13th century to the modern arts by the best artists such as Abraham Blomaert. Tourists get to interact also with more than 64 sculptures and prints of archives. Take a visit to the botanical garden around the museum where the fine arts are practically done. Interact with some the artist as they promote their works. This sightseeing destination is considered as the fine arts paradise.

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Nantes is recognized as one of the finest, luxurious and innovative cities in France. Its economy is ranked 3rd largest of France. Tourists have unending attractions that balance between historical and heritage and innovation. By nature, Nantes is welcoming with numerous natural attractions such as parks, botanical gardens and hiking trails in the forest.