Biarritz : An Elegant Summer Surfing Paradise on the Southwestern Basque Coast of France

Biarritz : An Elegant Summer Surfing Paradise on the Southwestern Basque Coast of France

Biarritz is a famous seaside town on France’s coast. It has gained popularity due to the frequent visits by the European royal families. The town also throngs with many tourists during summer as many surfers enjoy the waters. The area is blessed with many beautiful villas that add to its beauty and glamour. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it has many other sightseeing marvels to offer as listed below.

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Biarritz : An Elegant Summer Surfing Paradise on the Southwestern Basque Coast of France

1. Aquarium de Biarritz

Aquarium de Biarritz speaks volumes about the importance of the ocean to the people of Biarritz. There are many interesting exhibits that one is sure to enjoy. One of the interesting exhibits is the shark tank where you get to see some sharks swim. There is also an art deco building that is accessible to those visiting the Aquarium. A section has been set aside to cover the history of whaling that took place hundreds of years ago. Despite not having much on display, the children enjoy the collections available.

2. The Basque coast

The Basque coast is a beautiful scenery. There is an interesting building perched high which is among the striking symbols that identify Biarritz. The coastline is full of surfers enjoying the waves. This can be seen from either side of the bay. The locals around the area are very friendly and welcoming people who make you enjoy the space even more. There is an interesting beach area where you are bound to find some topless women. It may not be an ideal place to take the kids if you are not up for the idea of nudity.

3. Musee Asiatica

Musee Asiatica is a two-level museum situated in Biarritz. Over 1000 objects are housed at this museum covering Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Nepalese collections. The artifacts also include precious objects of high historical value. Despite being a small museum, it hosts a great diversity of Asian cultures. It is a great place to learn more about Hinduism, Buddhism among other things. Audio guides are available in English which is an added advantage for the tourists. The museum is both interesting to the children and adults alike.

4. Cathedrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne

Cathedrale Sainte-Marie de Bayonne is a historic cathedral located on a hill in Biarritz. The cathedral was built on the same place where the first Roman settlement was located. The church still maintains its original architectural aspects with most of its interiors remaining untouched. It has great satin windows as well as beautifully colored chapels. Visiting the cathedral is free of charge and an electric bus can take you to and fro at no cost. It is mostly interactive on Saturdays when local farmers are seen selling their cheese and vegetables.

5. Rocher de la Vierge

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Rocher de la Vierge is an adventurous walk to the Virgin statue which is a remarkable piece of art. It stands perched on the dramatic coastline making it hard to miss once you cross the bridge. Aside from the thundering ocean waves, you will get to see amazing views of Biarritz as well as its people. Most usually indulge in some form of watersports which is a great pass time. You will enjoy some paddle boarders, surfers as well as kayakers. Despite scrambling over rocks, you will find that it is worth sightseeing.

6. Biarritz Lighthouse

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Biarritz Lighthouse is a great escape for some great views of Biarritz city. There is also a nice park at the bottom that locals love. The tower has a lot of history which adds to the beauty of the coastline. It was built back in the 1800s providing a great place to climb up 250 steps to get some scenic views. The area is a good place to relax and stretch as there are benches provided for rest at the park below. While at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views as you take amazing photos of the surrounding Biarritz area. Entrance fee is charged at $2.5 per person.

7. Port des Pecheurs

Port des Pecheurs is a great marina space along the coastline. It is a great strolling area surrounded by yachts and fishing boats. Some of the luxury yachts are docked here as well as the small boats. One is able to find a wide variety of restaurants and cafes to try out as you absorb the views, especially during sunset. There are also very many boat sheds during high season which is a good time to sample some of the best seafood delicacies Biarritz has to offer.

8. Cite de l'Ocean

Cite de l'Ocean feels like a huge ocean center/museum space. It has a rich history of everything relating to the ocean including surfing. Some interactive exhibits such as the 3D diving experience and the virtual surfing make it thrilling. The 3D dive lets you experience the 360-degree view of aquatic life. It is a perfect place to explore especially if the weather outdoors is not as conducive. The center is both enjoyable to kids as well as adults alike. There is also a cafe for a snack if you need something to bite along the way. Entrance is charged as €12.50.

9. Mediatheque de Biarritz

Mediatheque de Biarritz is an all in one cultural hub for the locals of Biarritz. After being inaugurated in 2005, it has coexisted in various important spaces allowing the incorporation of a literature area, a musical theatre as well as an imagery department. It infuses various aspects of media which makes it stand out from other media libraries. The place remains afloat due to the fund contributions. One is able to find information on the fishing village of Biarritz, Conservancy of Biarritz, the society, as well as the sports aspect.

10. Eglise Alexandre Newsky

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Eglise Alexandre Newsky dates back to the early 19th century. Little has been done to restore it to its original glory and often you will see evidence of its old state with the peeling walls. This, however, makes it stand out maintaining its rich history. The colorful dome reflects on sunny days with the various frescoes to be admired. Despite being a small church, services still take place with the small local congregation that appreciates its importance. This ornate building is also very close to the grand plage. An ideal time to enjoy its full beauty is during the Orthodox Christmas service.

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Being a French town, it does not miss the artistic charm and elegance found in most French cities. Biarritz stands out from the rest as a seaside town that has grown due to its popularity by the waters other than other activities. Its sandy beaches are ones to crave if you enjoy the coastal lifestyle. The best time to enjoy this haven is during the summer season when there are lots of activities taking place by the beach.