Mulhouse : An Industrial Yet Dynamic City with Quaint Alsatian Charm

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Mulhouse : An Industrial Yet Dynamic City with Quaint Alsatian Charm

Located less than 60 km south of Colmar, Mulhouse stands to be an industrial yet dynamic city that still has remnants of quaint Alsatian charm. The city is famous for the revolutionary WWII and has tried to grow into something remarkable from the ravages. Expect to find some world-class industrial museums among other interesting things that will capture your sightseeing spirit. Below are some of the places around Mulhouse.

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Mulhouse : An Industrial Yet Dynamic City with Quaint Alsatian Charm

1. Cité de l'Automobile

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An exhibition of 400 classic, prestige & racing cars tracing the history of the automobile.
Cité de l’Automobile also known as the national automobile museum, is a grand auto museum hosting over four hundred different cars. Expect to find the best collection of vintage, prestigious, and racing cars at this Mulhouse automobile museum. Sightseeing tourists are able to get up close with some world-renowned car brands such as Maybach, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, 150 Bugatti, among other classic versions of these brands. The whole place is well organized with placards available with English subtitles for easier interpretation.

2. Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Park

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Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Park is a beautifully landscaped botanical garden that is connected to a zoo. Some great animal species such as the polar bear, tigers, and lemur are found here giving you the opportunity to get up close. However, most sightseeing tourists enjoy the kangaroos which are housed in the 'Australian outback' habitat. The place also features a petting area for children to interact with some of the zoo animals. As the place is huge, you may not be able to finish sightseeing the whole grounds. The grounds are used by locals for picnics and food and drink can also be purchased from within the park.

3. Temple Saint-Étienne

Temple Saint-Étienne is a Calvinist Protestant church in Mulhouse. This remarkable church is centrally situated at Place de la Reunion. It stands out with the most beautiful facade within the square of Mulhouse. As much as it may not match the beauty of other similar churches of its kind, its gothic elements of sandstone and stained glass windows reflect beautiful shades during sunset. Despite entrance being free, sightseeing visitors can reciprocate gratitude by purchasing their 1 euro cards. The atmosphere of this church is not dull. Expect to find piano concerts and other cultural events taking place which may seem odd.

4. Cité du Train

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Cité du Train of Mulhouse is among the top 10 largest railway museums found in the world. This modern museum houses a great historical collection of trains and railways. It has been in existence since 2005. The building is layered with beautiful multi-colored facades making it stand out. Introductory films are offered to sightseeing guests who take a trip through time to some of the most prestigious train collections found in Europe. The various sound and light shows together with audiovisual montages are bound to take the young and old alike to the core of the grand railway adventure.

5. Electropolis Museum

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Located right next to the train museum, electropolis museum in Mulhouse is a great museum to visit in order to learn more on the evolution of early static electricity up until the modern electricity generation. The museum has on display various electrical domestic appliances and demonstrations are given during the tour so as to engage the sightseeing audience. The highlight, however, is the gigantic dynamo which is the steam engine and generator set that was borrowed from the old DMC factory. The staff is also very friendly and helpful and can take you through all you may need to know. Kids are also not left out as there are plenty of demonstrations for them too! Access to this museum is made easier by the Mulhouse tram network.

6. Belvédère tower

Located in Belvédère mountain around Mulhouse, Belvédère tower is reminiscent of the Eiffel tower standing on four legs and being some few levels up. This 20-meter tall tower was designed by Ph. Ant. Fauler and has been in existence since 1898. There is nothing spectacular about this monument, however, the tower gives a great panoramic view of Mulhouse from the top but you will have to endure the steps up the staircase. There is no entrance charge or restrictions so you are able to access it at any time.

7. Musee Historique de Mulhouse

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Musee Historique de Mulhouse is a small historical museum situated in the square of Mulhouse. Its exterior architecture is very beautiful making it stand out. Despite displays only being available in French, you can easily comprehend what is on display and have a great time. Various collections can be found such as old tiled stoves used as heaters and a clay model of a poor woman who was punished by hanging for being a gossip. The model is very detailed as it also shows how she was seated on the donkey as she was being paraded through the town.

8. L'entrepot

The venue resembles a warehouse as it is an open space, airy, and light-filled. It is a great place for amusing acts of arts and social events around Mulhouse. The place was once an old industrial site around Mulhouse but entertainers have made it a home. Aside from the other performances, the delicacies served at this venue are mouthwatering and nothing less of sophistication. This is because award-winning chefs are behind the catering. The ideal time to visit for a show is over the weekend from around 8:30 pm.

9. Musee des Beaux-Arts

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Musee des Beaux-Arts is a small yet very rich museum in Mulhouse. It is centrally located making it easy to locate. Its permanent exhibitions are very intriguing and well organized making it easy for tourists sightseeing to follow through. The art museum covers three levels of space allowing adequate housing of these collections. Expect to find artworks from both French and Dutch artists with a majority being of French origin. The temporary exhibits are also interesting as they usually cover various concepts such as comics and war.

10. Parc Salvator

Parc Salvator is a green park with manicured grass and plenty of open spaces. The lush green of the place and flowery scenery makes is sparkle to one's eye. This park is the life of Mulhouse every summer season. Apart from the usual picnics and strolls, locals and tourists get to enjoy the many park festivities and events such as concerts and movies that run through the day and night. The entertainment availed serves both the children and adults alike. Especially Thursdays when there is so much going on you are bound to experience a worthwhile experience.

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There is no other destination known to wow you with both traditional charm and modernity the way Mulhouse does. Aside from the many exceptional museums, Mulhouse offers noteworthy parks offering some of the friendliest moments. All assets of its simplicity are bound to be unfolded during many of the sightseeing excursions availed. It is definitely one of those destinations that will have you craving to go back!