Pohnpei : The Captivating Micronesian State

Pohnpei : The Captivating Micronesian State

The charming island of Pohnpei is the ultimate tourist paradise! The island is secluded by water which makes it mysterious and wild but in the same time the island is very captivating. With plenty of natural elements the island is a great destination for any type of vacation. Pohnpei is one of the four states in the Federated States of Micronesia. Pohnpei is the largest state in Micronesia and it is considered one of the wettest places on Earth. The island has a flourishing tourism with plenty of interesting places to visit. Here are some of the best places on the island.

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Pohnpei : The Captivating Micronesian State

1. Nan Madol

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Located on the eastern shore of the island Nan Madol is one of the most attracted places on the island. Nan Madol was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until 1628. The site is an archaeological place that visitors are welcome to visit and learn about the dynasty and the history of the island. The old city was built in a lagoon and is made up by a series of artificial islands. This sight was also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Nan Madol is a ruin city and it is considered to be one of the best archaeological sites on the planet.

2. Pingelap

Pingelap is a part of the Pohnpei State of the Federated States of Micronesia and it is located in the Pacific Ocean. What is really unique about this attraction is that it is an atoll. Visitors are able to go and visit Pingelap island and have a nice day in piece and quiet. Although it is a pretty popular place visitors are still able to relax and be by themselves if they are tired of crowds and noises. Pingelap is the perfect place for relaxation and calmness. People can discover the island, take walks and admire the beauty of this miraculous atoll.

3. Sokehs Island

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Located on the northern coast of Pohnpei, Sokehs Island is a peninsula that is an admirable sight to visit. Sokehs Island used to be an island by itself and it's name still indicates of what it used to be once. Now days it is connected to the main island of Pohnpei with fields of mangroves and a causeway. Visitors can visit Sokehs Island and see one of Micronesia's best-known geographic features. Here they can witness the Sokehs Rock which is an outstanding landmark in Micronesia.

4. Kepirohi Waterfall


Pohnpei is very rich in biodiversity. Visitors can see and experience phenomenons that they might have never seen before. One of these beautiful sights is the Kepirohi Waterfall. Visitors can travel to the waterfall and see the water as it is crumbling down the rocks. This place is a truly magical place and it is said that the Kepirohi Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall on the island. The view is absolutely phenomenal and the area is perfect to cool down in the water or just hang out by the water.

5. Japanese Hydro-electric Power Plant

The Japanese Hydro-electric Power Plant is a very important landmark on Pohnpei island. It is a historic site which attracts many many tourists form all over the globe. The Japanese Hydro-electric Power Plant used to be a hydroelectric power generator plant. This place is a very meaningful territory culturally and historically as well. Visitors will be able to learn more about the island's history and especially the three main eras that the island had in the past.

6. Cathedral of Ponape Belltower

The Cathedral of Ponape Belltower or on it's other name the Catholic Belltower is also known as the Ponape Belltower. The tower is a historic site and used to be the marking place for the Catholic mission on Pohnpei island. The church was built in 1909 by German Capuchin missionaries however today visitors can only see the remains of the once majestic church. Despite the fact that the church is a little bit ruined it became a very popular tourist destination for the enduringness and for other historical reasons.

7. Mount Nanlaud

Another great place to experience the divine nature of mother nature on Pohnpei is at the Mount Nanlaud. This attraction is 2,566 feet high which makes Mount Nanlaud the highest point in the whole Federated States of Micronesia. People can take walks in the area adoring the beautiful landscape. Those visitors who would like to partake in some adventure can hike a little bit and see the view from a higher point. Mount Nanlaud is a great place to visit because people are able to explore freely.

8. Nan Kiepw

Nan Kiepw is the ultimate adventure on the island. With the great surroundings and beautiful plants Nan Kiepw offers a pleasant time and never ending fun! This is a remote territory where visitors can hike up to a hillside. Below the hillside there is a river flowing. The site is not only a fun place to take walks and discover the area but also took a part in historical events. One example for the events is the Sokehs Rebellion when a small battle was fought here. There are many attractions on this territory but the most popular ones are a medium-sized water, a wide cascade, and of course incredible scenery. There is also a hillside cave of Na Malek which is the home of a mythical demon named Taimuan.

9. Iglesia De Nuestra Señora De La Mercé

Close to the Cathedral of Ponape Belltower there is another beautiful church that tourists are recommended to visit. The church of Iglesia De Nuestra Señora De La Mercé or the church of Our Lady of Mercy is a Catholic Church. People can visit this religious landmark and can get introduces to the religious life and side of the island. Visitors can take tours and walk around the church. They can obtain information of the history of the church and the reason why it is important.

10. Dolohmwar

Dolohmwar is also known as Totolom by locals. Dolohmwar is the third highest point in the Federated States of Micronesia. This tourist attraction is great because it is out in nature and visitors are able to explore the surroundings while being out in the fresh air. People can take long walks or find trails and hike. The view is very pretty from here as well. Dolohmwar is a great sight on the island where everyone will enjoy a little hike.

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The island of Pohnpei is a very good place to choose for a holiday. Wether it be family holiday or a vacation trip with friends this island will not disappoint. It is filled with places that offer endless adventures meanwhile the opportunity to learn something new. For travelers with a strong adventure sense Pohnpei is the perfect place to go. If someone doesn't want to go around and explore Pohnpei is still a good choice because it is quiet making it possible to relax and have some piece.




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