Dallas: A City in Texas with Beautiful Historic and Natural Attractions

Dallas: A City in Texas with Beautiful Historic and Natural Attractions

The third largest city in Texas after Houston and San Antonio, Dallas is often dubbed as a shopper's paradise due to its huge influx of shopping centers. Not to be just denoted to its malls however, Dallas has a wealth of attractions that are well worth visiting the city for. Here are ten of the best attractions to visit in the city.

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Dallas: A City in Texas with Beautiful Historic and Natural Attractions

1. Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

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The perfect place to relax and get away from the busy city, the Dallas Arboretum and Botenical Gardens is especially great for those looking for some beautiful gardens and flowering plants. Currently the area is home to 19 different gardens there, such as the Margaret Elisabeth Jonsson Color Garden which throughout the year is full of different seasonal flowers and plants. The Nancy Rutchik Red Maple Rill includes over 80 varieties of Japanese Maples and the Eugenia Leftwich Palmer Fern Dell which features over 90 different varieties of ferns, azaleas, camellias along with a number of different trees.

2. The Sixth Floor Museum

A city rich in history, Dallas is particularly known for being the place where the late President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The Sixth Floor Museum is a museum located on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Building in downtown Dallas. It showcases the life, death, and legacy of the late President John F. Kennedy and is located at the specific spot from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed the president. The museum uses historic photographs, films and artifacts to document the events of this national tragedy and the reports of investigations that followed it.

3. The George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

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Shopwcasing the life of former United States president George W. Bush the Presidential Library and Museum currently serves as one of the primary resources for the study of the life and career of George W. Bush. It also promotes a better understanding of the Presidency and of American history, as well as significant issues of public policy. The museum features a full-size replica of the White House's Oval Office, a library with a high-definition video wall, and the original White House Situation Room.

4. Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center

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The Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is a concert hall situated in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas, regarded as one of the greatest orchestra halls in the world. Designed by I.M Pei, the center first opened in September 1989. This concert hall was named after Morton Meyerson, the former president of the Electronic Data Systems and due to its distinct style and breathtaking interior, the symphony center has become one of the top attractions in Dallas.

5. Perot Museum of Nature & Science

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Also known as the Perot Museum, this institution displays a number of fascinating exhibits about natural history and science. The museum consists of two campuses. The first campus is located in Victory Park while the second is located in Fair Park. Permanent exhibit halls include the Moody Family Children's Museum, the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall and the Rees-Jones Foundation Dynamic Earth Hall. It's a great place for both adults and children to learn more about natural history and science.

6. Dallas Museum of Art

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The Dallas Museum of Art is a major art museum located in downtown Dallas which houses a collection of more than 24,000 objects dating from the third millennium BCE up to the present day. With over 150,000 square feet of exhibition space in the museum, it's known as one of the largest art museums in the United States. Collections inside the exhibits here include artifacts from various cultures around the world including specifically African, American, Ancient Mediterranean and Asian along with a number of others. There are also collections of decorative arts and designs that you'll find here too.

7. Klyde Warren Park

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The Klyde Warren Park is a public park in the center of Dallas named after Klyde Warren, the son of billionaire Kelcy Warren. The park features a huge green urban space built over a section of a freeway. It provides a connection to the flourishing Arts District from other neighborhoods around the city. The park also serves as a location for various public gatherings that take place in the city. It's a recommended spot to visit and chill out for tourists who've been walking all over the city and are looking for a place to rest.

8. Dallas World Aquarium

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The Dallas World Aquarium is an aquarium and zoo located in the West End Historic District of Dallas. A popular spot in the city, especially for those with kids, the aquarium houses animals that are either threatened or endangered. It also teaches visitors how these animals are being conserved and preserved in order to prevent the species from extinction. There are a lot of animals that can be found in this spot including birds such as toucans and scarlet ibis, tamarins, vampire bats, and Orinoco crocodiles.

9. Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark District

Dallas is also home to a lot of sightseeing attractions where tourists can unwind and get to know the local culture. The Dealey Plaza is a city park located in downtown Dallas, Texas. Often known as the birthplace of Dallas, this was the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and for this reason was named as a National Historic Landmark in 1993. When traveling around the park, tourists will not only get to appreciate the beauty of nature but they will also get to immerse themselves in a piece of the incredible history that took place here.

10. Reunion Tower

An observation deck located in the center of Dallas, Reunion Tower was completed in 1978 and the tower has since become one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. It comprises of three floors with circular floor plans on top of four shafts of concrete. There are various attractions in the tower including a fine-dining revolving restaurant, a cafe and a gift shop at the base of the tower.


As one of the largest cities in Texas, Dallas has a number of amazing attractions to offer its visitors. These places not only allow you to experience the beauty of Dallas along with learning the fascinating history and one of the most controversial tragedies the United States has ever witnessed.