Austria: Why You Should Make This Beautiful Country Your Next European Adventure

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Austria: Why You Should Make This Beautiful Country Your Next European Adventure

Austria is incredibly endowed by rich and diverse geographical sites along with its picturesque towns and cities. Visitors can learn about the history of the indigenous people who have lived there for thousands of years while experiencing some of the most beautiful sights in the world.

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Austria: Why You Should Make This Beautiful Country Your Next European Adventure

1. Hallstatt

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Hallstatt is a market city located in Austria's mountainous Salzkammergut region. A perfect area for hiking around and enjoying the serine environment of the lake, the town is dotted with beautiful and colorful Austrian style houses built along the lakeside and up the adjacent mountain. The town is just over an hours drive from Salzburg, making it the perfect stop for anyone traveling from the city onwards to Graz.

2. St. Stephen's Cathedral (Vienna)

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A centerpiece in the capital city of Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral towers over the central square of Stephanplatz, showcasing a beautiful style of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. The cathedral is particularly unique for its mosaic-like tiled roof, the south-side of which portrays two double-headed eagles - a symbol of the Habsburg dynasty that once ruled the city. Be sure to head up to the tower for a view over the city and the incredible tiled roof.

3. Schonbrunn Palace (Vienna)

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Unmissable on a trip to the capital, this magnificent palace building was long used as a summer residence for the ruling family in Vienna, Austria. The palace consists of five main sections: the main building of the palace, its attached gardens, the inner courtyard, botanical gardens and the zoo. With over 1400 rooms, the size of this building is breathtaking and serves as one of the most iconic and important landmarks in both Austria and Europe.

4. Salzburger Altstadt (Salzburg)

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A sea of beautiful medieval and Baroque style architecture, the old town of Salzburg is the picturesque center of the city which is all included as one huge UNESCO World Heritage Site. Make sure to check out the Hohensalzburg Fortress, a huge towering castle sitting on top of a hill in the center of the town. The city is also famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Mozart, the famous composer, who grew up and learned a lot of his musical prowess in the city.

5. Kitzsteinhorn

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If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, Austria has a wealth of beautiful resorts focused mainly around the vast mountainous region in the South-west. Kitzsteinhorn is one of the most popular, high up in the midst of the Austrian alps with perfect powdery snow that lasts for much of the year. The ski season generally lasts from October till the very end of Spring in May or June. With a height of 3,203 meters, the mountain offers beautiful views over the surrounding scenery, so even if you're not so keen on skiing it still makes for a great destination.

6. Graz Old Town

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The inner city of Graz is a beautiful old town with narrow historical streets lined with antique architecture. A picture-perfect twist of alleys and houses, the center of the area is the Schlossberg, a steep hill which once hosted an impressive castle of which only a few structures still remain. Climb the hill or take the handy funicular tram to the top for lovely views over the sprawl of the town.

7. State Hall of the Austrian National Library (Vienna)

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Not your average library, the Austrian National Library is beautiful example of the stunning architecture found around the city. Built in the 18th century, the facade is decorated with intricate details engraved into the white marble that makes for a stunning sight to behold. The interior is even more beautiful full of lavish golden decorations, ornate paintings and marble statues.

8. Melk Abbey (Melk)

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One of the grandest sights in the country of Austria, Melk Abbey is a huge magnificent feat of architecture towering over the iconic Danube river. The abbey holds the tomb of an Irish saint along with the remains of some of the House of Babenberg, the first ruling dynasty in Austria. With its picturesque hilltop setting, views from the abbey are stunning, with views all around the surrounding area and into the mountains.


Austria offers an incredible mix of beautiful scenery, historic architecture and extensive cultural significance, perfect for witnessing the splendor of European culture.