Marshall Islands:A Significant Sightseeing Nation in the Pacific Ocean

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Marshall Islands:A Significant Sightseeing Nation in the Pacific Ocean

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Marshall Islands:A Significant Sightseeing Nation in the Pacific Ocean

The Marshall Islands are a group of reefs and atolls situated in the Pacific Ocean. It could found half-way between Australia and the state of Hawaii. The Marshall Islands proved itself to be a significant sightseeing attraction due to its stunning destinations. To guide you through your sojourn, we have listed some attractions worth sightseeing when you are in the Marshall Islands.

1. Alele Museum, Library and National Archives (Majuro)

Named after a traditional basket, the Alele Museum is the most extensive museum in the Marshall Islands. It is dedicated in order to preserve the culture and history of the Marshall Islands. The Alele Museum is home to several exhibits including tools, canoes, and other traditional articles. The museum also displays the Joachim Deum Collection which contains over 2,500 glass negatives which depict the lives of the locals of the Marshall Islands from 1880 to 1930. Aside from sightseeing around the museum, tourists can also buy souvenirs from its gift shop.

2. Majuro Bridge (Majuro)

Located in Majuro Atoll in the Marshall Islands, the Majuro Bridge is a significant attraction which could be worth sightseeing when in the Marshall Islands. It is a stable structure of zen origins which connects two islands, allowing people to pass from one to the other. It is also considered by the local of the Marshall Islands as the highest point in the nation. A lovely area for running or just sightseeing, you could see witness the beautiful ocean surf from the bridge. You could also enjoy observing the murals which are found underneath the bridge.

3. Arno Atoll (Majuro)

The Arno Atoll is a coral atoll situated in the Marshall Islands. It encloses three lagoons: a central lagoon which is considered to be the largest, and two smaller lagoons found n the north and east. The atoll is a great place to spend a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The locals are renowned for being able to produce copra from the meat of coconuts. They are also known for producing products such as the Kili Bag, a famous handwoven bag. The place is truly a good place for sightseeing.

4. Cathedral of the Assumption (Majuro)

The Cathedral of the Assumption is a Roman Catholic church situated at Majuro in the Marshall Islands. Built in 1898, the cathedral is the seat of the Apostolic Prefecture of the Marshall Islands. Visitors and locals may offer their prayers to the Virgin Mary who is the patron of the cathedral. Tourists can go sightseeing around the place and observe its distinct architecture. Its inlaid tiles are considered as one of the most beautiful tiles ever seen.

5. Kalalen Pass (Majuro)

A popular spot in Majuro for sightseeing, the Kalalen Pass provides tourists with a scenic view of the marine life in the Marshall Islands. Sea turtles thrive and swim beneath the calm waters. Tourists may also see them resting along the seaside reefs. Aside from sea turtles, silvertip sharks could also be seen swimming below the beautiful lagoon. Aside from sightseeing, the Kalalen Pass is also a favorite scuba spot when in the Marshall Islands. The Kalalen Island which is found nearby contains corals of various types.

6. Peace Park Memorial (Majuro)

To those who are sightseeing around the Marshall Islands to learn more about the nation's history, you may stop by the Peace Park Memorial. Constructed by the Japanese government, the memorial serves as a tribute to the soldiers who died during the bloody World War War II. Carefully arranged rocks and well-crafted landscapes make up the serene monument which serves as a reminder of the devastating history which occurred in the Marshall Islands.

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While a small nation, the Marshall Islands is still an excellent place for sightseeing. It is home to several attractions which are of cultural and historical significance. Being a group of islands, the Marshall Islands also has several natural attractions which are worth sightseeing. You are assured of a decent time when visiting the Marshall Islands.




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