Toulon : A Gorgeous Sightseeing Destination Popular as the Port City

Toulon : A Gorgeous Sightseeing Destination Popular as the Port City

Toulon is located in southern France's Mediterranean, and it is known as the port city. It is home to beautiful sandy beaches and naval base harbor where ships, warships, and submarines docks. It is a well-established fishing city that adds to its booming economy. It offers a collection of tourist attractions that range from the museum, parks, and mountains. In this article find the top ten places that you need to visit in Toulon.

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Toulon : A Gorgeous Sightseeing Destination Popular as the Port City

1. Military Port of Toulon

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The Military port of Toulon is the economic hub of the Toulon and an exciting tourist attraction site. It is usually busy with the activities related to the fishing, yachting and big ship docking. Tourists enjoy taking leisure walks and outdoor activities. See the warships and submarines as they dock and take on. Also, the visitors have the opportunity to see and have fun on the sandy beaches on the adjacent island such s the golden island. Stroll through the beautiful scenery as you ride on the boats. There are a number of the sporting activities that the visitors can engage such motorboat riding.

2. Mont Faron

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This Mont Faron is the best-known landmark in Toulon that one can get there by foot or car or ride in the cable car. Visitors go for hiking as they enjoy viewing the beautiful sceneries of the Toulon city that can be seen on the lower side of the mountain. It has astonishing views when one travels by the cable car. Tourists are recommended to visit in the morning to enjoy the stunning coastline of the Mediterranean waters. Also, one can visit the slopes of the near places that is a lovely place to take photos. The tours are organized on a daily basis to explore the different sites.

3. Musée Mémorial du Débarquement (Allied Landings Museum)

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The most spectacular place to visit located near the Mount Faron where tourist enjoys magnificent panoramic while in the museum. Tourist gets to enjoy the collection of items that a displayed in this museum such as the artifacts, weapons used during the 2nd world war and documents related to the history of the allied forces since 1944. Use the telescope to get the best views of the town that is on the roof of this museum. Enjoy the flowery outside that makes the environment around beautiful and welcoming. It is open throughout the year.

4. Opéra de Toulon

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The spect Opéra de Toulon is a spectacular and beautifully designed architectural building in Toulon. It was built in 1862 with the aim to help the artist to come up with decorations. It is featured as one of the most extensive and popular opera house in France. See the elegant designs inside the house made of gold and displaying a collection of paintings, beautiful chandeliers and bronzed. The exemplary configurations inside shows details concerning the cultural and heritage of the Toulon. Catch your favorite and breath-taking performance such as the music concert, theatre, ballet and other dances.

5. Toulon Cathedral

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Also known as the Sainte-Marie-Majeure is a unique and a modern church that was built in the 11th century. It is a beautiful tower that is worth visiting that consist of the special bell made of iron. It is attractive especially due to the Gothic interior. Inside it features lovely carvings showing the milestone of church and Christianity. Enjoy the best performance from the church choir as they do video shooting and music preparations. The ceiling of the church allows the shining light to get in the church through the colored stained-glass windows making the inside spectacular and gorgeous

6. Stade Mayol

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The Stade Mayol is a tourist sightseeing stadium that holds comprehensive sporting activities. Currently, the fields are used for rugby matches, and it holds a capacity of 18,200 peoples. The stadium allows a good view of the Toulon harbor. Catch the best performance that is always going in this state of the art facility. See the music performance from the top and famous musicians as they sing their heart out. The facility hosts other popular events at different times of the year, therefore, be sure to check your favorite. The kid’s activities are always on Sunday (family day) where kids enjoy events such as rides and games.

7. Fort Balaguier

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The Fort Balaguier was built in the year 1636 and covers a diameter of 1,950 meters. It is recognized as the historical monument that attracts many tourists and local people. The fort is a spectacular tourist attraction museum that holds collections of the Mediterranean ocean and the historical items of the city. It also contains the models of the boats and ships that shows the key business in the fort. Tourist also enjoys strolling in the gardens as they discover a magnificent harbor of the Toulon. Enjoy the views of the areas around this place that have astonishing landscape views.

8. Anse Mejean

The Anse Mejean is a place that covers a small area that neighbors Cap Brun. It is enclosed in a beautiful coastline. It offers excellent tourist activities such as walks along the gorgeous beaches, taking a hike along the side rock and facing the big blue lake. In this destination has everything for everyone if you are swimmer get your dream swimming spot, lovers can stroll along as they watch the fisherman and enjoy the panoramic views. Its easily accessible and allows the visitors to get in different place and also you can use guard tours.

9. Hotel des Arts

The Hotel des Arts have a lot to offer as tourist attraction site in Toulon. It comprises 13 tourist room and 38 residentials for those tourists who would like to stay longer. Move from one to the next as they showcase the different collections of the works developed by artists from different parts world. See the attractive galleries of the arts and painting from the top artists. Enjoy the natural ambiance when you walk around the hotel outside environs that is surrounded by green and tall unique species of trees. See the picture engraved on the walls depicting the true pride of the Toulon people.

10. Asian Art Museum of Toulon

The Asian Art Museum of Toulon is located in the Mourillon district in Toulon. It is well designed and is open throughout the year showcasing the best collections from different places in the world. Tourists have an opportunity to discover the collection of paintings showing the lifestyle of Buddha, sculpture and Japanese cast iron kettles. Also, find thousands of pictures engrave on the walls showing the different cultural and heritage backgrounds. Participate in facilitated tours to learn more about this art museum. The museum remains open throughout including holidays. It accommodates all ages with activities that fit all the age groups.

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The Toulon city is a remarkable place to enjoy, relax and discover spectacular attractions from the lake. Enjoy many other collections of attractions that remain open through the year such as parks, historical sites, museums and the towns with diverse cultural sites. It is ranked s one of the tourist favorite destination that has natural unique site for holiday vacation and tours.