Wausau:The Beautiful Jewel of Wisconsin

Wausau:The Beautiful Jewel of Wisconsin

Wausau is a city that is situated in the northern central portion of the state of Wisconsin. When sightseeing in the city of Wausau, tourists and locals alike could witness beautiful and exciting attractions and destinations. On this article, we are going to talk about ten of the best destinations in Wausau which are worth sightseeing.

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Wausau:The Beautiful Jewel of Wisconsin

1. Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum

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The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum is an art gallery in Wausau which is best known for its "Birds in Art" exhibition which is displayed in the museum annually. Such exhibition showcases different representations of birds which have been done in a modern and artistic manner. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum could be found in an English Tudor style house. Art enthusiasts and eager sightseeing tourists will find this attraction magical.

2. Granite Peak Ski Area

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The Granite Peak Ski Area is a local ski area in the Rib Mountain State Park, south of Wausau, Wisconsin. It consists of 74 runs and six terrain parks. Moreover, it has a vertical drop of 213 meters. Because of this, the Granite Peak Ski Area has been dubbed as the third tallest ski area in the Midwest after Mount Bohemia in Michigan and Lutsen Mountain in Minnesota. The ski area is one of the best sightseeing winter destinations in Wausau.

3. Yawkey House Museum

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The Yawkey House Museum is a historic destination in Wausau which is worth sightseeing. Such house served as the home of Cyrus Yawkey, a prominent citizen of Wausau. When sightseeing around the house, tourists could see the living room, the foyer, and the office where Cyrus Yawkey used to live in. There are also authentic pieces of furniture which have been stationed around the house. Sightseeing around the house will allow tourists to discover the history of Wausau.

4. Robert W. Monk Public Gardens

The next sightseeing destination is one of the places in Wausau which would allow tourists to relax and unwind. The Robert W. Monk Public Gardens is a public garden in Wausau where tourists could walk and visit while marveling at the beauty of the plants. There are also interactive art installations which tourists and locals could observe. Wandering and sightseeing around the garden will allow one to enjoy the beauty of nature.

5. Nine Mile Forest

The Nine Mile Forest is an excellent place in Wausau for those who are into intermediate mountain biking. It is also a premier sightseeing spot in Wausau for those who like to hike and cross country ski. Whether you are a beginner or you are already advanced, the trails on such forest will surely accommodate you. When you are in Wausau, you should visit the Nine Mile Forest.

6. Isle of Ferns Park

The Isle of Ferns Park is a little jewel located just off of downtown Wausau. This is a beautiful and serene park with gentle trails through the woods and along the river. Such park is also a great place for a great walk or stroll. Moreover, the park is also a good avenue to experience nature. When you are sightseeing around Wausau, be sure to check out Isle of Ferns Park.

7. Sylvan Tubing Hill

The Sylvan Tubing Hill is another fun sightseeing winter destination in Wausau. Families and friends are able to link their tubes together and together, go down the hills. There are several runs which you could choose and enjoy. If you want to get warm after a fun and exciting trip down the hill, you could visit the cozy lodge which provides snacks and an avenue to warm yourself up. This sightseeing destination is highly recommended for teens, kids, and adults.

8. Willow Springs Garden

The Willow Springs Garden is a beautiful sightseeing destination in Wausau. It was created as a way to benefit the community and preserve local history. It consists of two buildings which are usual settings for family gatherings and educational festivals. Many weddings and celebrations are often done in this garden. Its name Willow Springs was derived from the farm name which was given to it by its previous owners.

9. The Center for the Visual Arts

The Center for the Visual Arts is an art gallery in Wausau which aims to engage people in the visual arts. The gallery holds free exhibits of visual arts in its three professional gallery spaces. Moreover, such destination offers art classes for children and adults alike. For those who are interested to buy original artist work, you could also do so. The Center for the Visual Arts is an excellent sightseeing destination in Wausau to witness different masterpieces of local artists.

10. Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art

The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art is another art museum in Wausau which exhibits contemporary art designs and pieces by various artists. The museum was established to help inspire generations of the residents of Wausau to appreciate and understand the art of our time. The museum showcases different exhibits such as the suitcase collection, the art of David Shevlino and Samantha French, and others. The Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art also holds workshops about the different forms of contemporary art.

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The city of Wausau has many sightseeing destinations which you could go to when you are visiting the city. It is worth noting that the ten aforementioned destinations are just some of the many spots in Wausau to visit. Nevertheless, you should consider placing these attractions on your list the next time you want to visit Wausau.