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Albury (Australia)

Albury (Australia)

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City CodeABX
Popular Airlines
  • Virgin Australia
Flight Time16~23 hours
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The flight time to Albury (Australia) is approximately 16~23 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Albury (Australia).

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The city of Albury which is one of the cities in Australia is located in the Riverina region of New South Wales. Albury covers an area of 305.9 kilometer square and the city has a population of 51,076 people. Albury city is served by a good road system such as the national Hume highway which passes through the area among others. Albury was a municipality since 1859 until 1946 when Albury was declared a city. Albury is an administrative center in the region and has a number of industries mainly in manufacturing and tourism. Albury tourist attraction sites include the historic goldfield towns, forests and mountains lakes and other features.

Voice of Travelers to Albury

Tour to Albury

Albury was part of our places to visit with my husband. After a year of marriage we decided it was finally time to take a vacation just the two of us. We got our visas to Queensland where Albury is. The next step was to make hotel reservations and getting the air ticket. I searched the web for affordable accommodation rates and air ticket discounts. We were lucky it was not a peak season so we got an air ticket at almost half the price of the normal ticket. Virgin Australia airlines had the ticket discounts so we got the return ticket from them. They had commendable services on the way to Albury which included free delicious food. The town was rather quiet when we arrived. The hotel we stayed in while in Albury was really beautiful being a five star. I would say we had a second honeymoon with my husband in Albury.

Vacation to Albury

Our family vacation to Albury was incredible. We had so much fun I would buy a ticket back in a heartbeat. The airline where we got our return ticket was Jetstar airlines. They had amazing service in the plane, the ten hours in the plane to Albury went too fast. My wife being a miser got use voucher codes that got us a great ticket discount from the ticket agency we used. All I remember are the great cocktails and our kids playing in the hotel's kids zone. Everyone loved their stay in Albury we didn't move around the town much but the time we spent was worthwhile.

Albury Travelers' Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Albury?

A. Albury has various attractions that one can visit. The sites include the Albury Library Museum, Botanic Gardens established in 1877, Rutherglen Victoria which which is the oldest wine producing region in Australia, Mungabareena which is a cultural reserve for the Aboriginal clans, Waterworks and the Hume Dam which is a major dam across the Murray river (the longest river in Australia).

Q.What is the best season to visit in Albury?

A. Summer season in Albury is during the months of December, January and February. Winter season in Albury is during the months of June, July and August with at times temperatures going as low as 0 degrees celsius. Therefore, the best season to get a ticket when heading to Albury is during the summer season. The other months that one can get a ticket are March, April and May. Albury has a peak season consistent throughout the year due to the many universities and large industry.

Q. Where can one purchase an air ticket?

A. One can purchase an air ticket from the airlines' websites and online travel agencies websites.  Compare the ticket prices to get the best deal and also salvage ticket coupons and discount codes.

Albury - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Albury Airport ・Melbourne Airport   ・Heathrow Airport ・Sydney Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Albury

Albury Airport serves the region and is located to the northeast part of the city. A ticket can be secured easily at the airport or through the agents. There are many airlines that use Albury Airport which include ,Virgin Australia Airlines, JETGO Australia Airlines, Regional Express Airlines and QantasLink Airlines. For travelers a ticket can be obtained in any of these airlines and they can also give travel schedules to ensure the correct ticket is obtained. When one buys a ticket it is important to verify the travel details on the ticket to avoid disappointment later.