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Darwin (Australia)

Darwin (Australia)

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City CodeDRW
Popular Airlines
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Qantas Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
Flight Time18~27 hours

The flight time to Darwin (Australia) is approximately 18~27 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Darwin (Australia).

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Darwin is a small Australian city located on the north central tip of the continent. Darwin is bound by the Timor Sea to its north, and is the natural port for vessels coming from nearby Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Darwin is the economic and political capital of the sparsely populated northern territories of Australia. Darwin has a tropical climate, with a long rainy season and dry winters. Darwin is a tourist center as a result of the many natural parks in the region that draw a large amount of visitors from across the world.

Voice of Travelers to Darwin

My Darwin Trekking Adventure

I have bought tickets going to natural locations all over the world for trekking adventures. Many fellow trekkers on my travels have told me how good the hiking and nature is around Darwin, so Darwin has been on my list of destinations to buy a ticket there for a long time. After spending a few months planning my trip and organizing my work for when I was away, I was finally prepared for my Darwin trekking trip. My transfer ticket into Darwin was with Jetstar Asia Airways out of Singapore. I had never even heard of this airline before, so I was a little nervous about buying a ticket from them, but the flight ended up going smoothly and the service was of a high standard, especially because they offer discount ticket prices for trips inside of Asia and Oceania

Darwin Is a Great Place for a Honeymoon

I knew very little about Darwin when my wife suggested that we buy tickets there for our honeymoon. Darwin is a small city in a very sparsely populated part of Australia, so I did not think that there was much to do there that would make our tickets worthwhile. I was very wrong. We found some reasonably priced tickets with Jetstar Air Asia out of Singapore, who offered a quick and comfortable flight with a great lunch. When we arrived in Darwin, my wife bought us tickets for nature tours in the region surrounding Darwin, which is some of the most beautiful in the world.

Choosing Darwin for a Cheap Getaway

My mates and I have been talking about getting away from our jobs and families for a while, but we just never managed to find the time and the money for tickets. Then one day I noticed a cheap ticket sale to Darwin with Philippine Airlines. I bought enough tickets for the whole group, and told everyone that we were taking a weekend in Darwin whether they liked it or not. We all packed into the plane with our tickets for Darwin, and had a really fun flight over. The airline staff were great, making sure that we had enough drinks and food to keep us entertained. Darwin is full of great bars and restaurants, so we had a really fun time just eating and drinking all weekend. It was definitely worth the ticket price to Darwin.

Darwin Travel FAQs

Q. What is the weather like in Darwin?

A. Unlike most of the rest of the continent, Darwin has a tropical climate, just like the South East Asian countries to its north. This means a long period of rainfall and very dry winters. There are also a lot of major storms that blow into Darwin from the sea.

Q. What is there to do in Darwin?

A. While Darwin has a very robust tourism industry, with restaurants, hotels and cultural and entertainment locations, the main draw for tickets to Darwin is the natural parks that surround the city. There are all kinds of bus and hiking tours that you can buy tickets for that are suitable for trekkers of all ages and levels of experience.

Q. When are there cheap tickets to Darwin?

A. The height of the Darwin tourist season is in the spring and autumn, so that is when the tickets to Darwin are the most expensive. If you are looking to buy cheap tickets for Darwin, then it is recommended that you buy the tickets for the winter season, when it is cheaper and dry, instead of the rainy season summer.

Darwin - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Darwin International Airport •Singapore Changi Airport •Ninoy Aquino International Airport •Melbourne Airport •Sydney Airport •Brisbane Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Darwin

Darwin is a small city by international standards, so it is not a destination for many international air tickets. The only international tickets for Darwin are from the Philippines and Singapore, both in nearby South-East Asia. Tickets from other international destinations need to pass through a major Australian city before completing the final leg of their journey to Darwin.