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City CodeADL
Popular Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Jetstar Airways
Flight Time17~24 hours

The flight time to Adelaide is approximately 17~24 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Adelaide.

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Adelaide is a city of almost two million inhabitants located in the southern Australia. Adelaide is known mostly for its festivals and cultural happenings. Adelaide is also a touristic city with plenty of beach activities and great wine. Adelaide was names after the queen consort to William IV., Adelaide Saxe-Meiningen.

Voice of Travelers to Adelaide

Airfare ticket to Adelaide

I needed to go to Adelaide for a funeral. I booked a ticket last minute with Qantas airlines. The ticket was reasonably priced even if I purchased it a day before my flight. The ticket agent offered me the service of fast transfer from Adelaide airport to the city, so I took it. Qantas delivered great service and when I needed to change the ticket date for returning back from Adelaide, my ticket agent did not take any extras. I recommend Qantas airlines for reasonable ticket price even if booked late if you travel to Adelaide.

Visiting Adelaide for a festival

I visited Adelaide last year for a festival. I was invited to perform at Adelaide Guitar Festival, so all my costs were covered by Adelaide city hall. Thanks to this invitation, I flew with Emirate Airlines for free as my ticket was booked for the first class from Dubai to Adelaide. The ticket, I imagine, must have been quite expensive. I did not buy the ticket though, it was pre-arranged for me. The service aboard Emirate Airlines was just great. Adelaide is a fantastic city and in the free time I purchased a boat ticket for a ride in on the waves of the ocean. I would love to attend the Adelaide Guitar Festival next year as well, even if this time I am not invited and I have to pay for my plane ticket to Adelaide myself.

Adelaide Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season to visit Adelaide?

A. To fly from Sydney to Adelaide, you can purchase a ticket for a direct flight which reaches Adelaide in couple of hours. This ticket tends to be more expensive then when you purchase a ticket with layover in Melbourne, for example. Traveling on such airfare ticket makes the journey to Adelaide longer, yet cheaper.

Q. How can I reach Adelaide from Sydney? Where can I get a flight ticket?

A. Staying in Sandy overnight when each ticket of your two flights is booked with a different airline and thus there is a long layover, is a good idea. Sandy is a very pleasant place, ideal for afternoon walks and some rest between the flights. You can buy a bus ticket to Sandy from the Luton Airport and get to Sandy very easily.

Q. How far is Adelaide airport from the city of Adelaide?

A. If your airfare ticket is issued for Adelaide, you will most likely land at Adelaide airport which is very conveniently locate near Adelaide city center. You can reach downtown Adelaide either with metro, double decker bus or taxi. The ticket for both metro and bus can be purchased after landing at Adelaide airport.

Adelaide - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Adelaide Airport ・Dubai International Airport ・Aucklad International Airport ・Hong Kong International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Adelaide

As one of the major cities in Australia, Adelaide has has an international airport, called Adelaide Airport. There are number of flight to Adelaide Airport operated by various international carriers to cities within Australia as well as abroad. There are regular flight to China, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai. When flying to Adelaide Airport, you might need to be a holder of a return ticket. Onward ticket might be accepted as well.