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City CodeSYD
Popular Airlines
  • All Nippon Airways
  • Qantas Airways
  • Jetstar Japan
Flight Time15~22 hours

The flight time to Sydney is approximately 15~22 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Sydney.

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Voice of Travelers to Sydney

My 25th Wedding Anniversary in Sydney

I have always been a lover of classical music, so I was overjoyed when my husband suggested that we by tickets for Sydney for our 25th wedding anniversary so that we could go to a concert at the world famous Sydney Opera House. We spent the extra money to buy first class tickets from Toronto to Sydney on an Air Canada flight because we knew the flight would be long and we wanted to be as comfortable as possible. I had never flown on first class tickets before, so it was a very pleasant experience for me. We took in a lot of the sights, but the front row tickets for the Sydney Opera House was the real treat.

Sydney Is Beautiful

Many people from China are starting to buy tickets for Sydney as a popular vacation getaway. Sydney is very close to China geographically, so the air tickets are not very expensive. Our young family decided that Sydney would be the perfect destination for our family summer vacation. We were able to find some cheap tickets for the whole family with Beijing Capital Airlines. The attentive staff made sure that the whole family was comfortable, which is nice because it can be hard to fly with young children. There are so many natural and man-made sites in Sydney that are so beautiful. The children really enjoyed all the natural wilderness parks that are just outside Sydney, while my wife and I just liked to stroll along the harbor, watch the ships and visit the shops.

Visiting Schools in Sydney

Australia has some of the best universities in all of Asia, so I was please when my parents bought me a plane ticket to travel to Sydney to check out the university there. The ticket was directly from my home city of Seoul on Korean Airlines. I had flown on tickets with Korean Airlines before, and the service and staff were excellent as usual. I never have any trouble when I fly on tickets with Korean Airlines. When I arrived in Sydney, I spent the weekend looking at housing options and the university itself.

Sydney Travel FAQs

Q. What Is the Shortest Flight From the United States to Sydney?

A. Many people are put off by the long flights for tickets to Sydney from the United States. The easiest way to minimize the flight time for your Sydney tickets is to use a West Coast hub, such as Los Angeles or San Francisco, for the last leg of your journey to Sydney. Even then it is still at least a 12 hour flight to Sydney for a ticket from the West Coast of the United States

Q. What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Sydney?

A. Sydney is considered an attractive tourist destination to buy tickets for all year round, and there is no dedicated tourist season. However, the summers in Sydney can be very hot and the winters in Sydney can be very cold, so it is recommended that spring and autumn are the best season for buying your tickets for a Sydney vacation.

Q. How Safe Is Sydney for Travelers

A. Sydney has some of the lowest crime rates for any city in the world. Sydney is a very safe and friendly city for travelers, and most strangers are happy to help travelers with answers or directions. However, Sydney does have some dangerous areas at night, so it is recommended that you ask a local guide before traveling at night. Always keep your tickets in a safe place, so that you do not lose your tickets. Many hotels offer safe storage for small valuables like tickets, so you can safely store your tickets there before visiting the sites.

Sydney - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport •Toronto Pearson International Airport •Beijing Capital International Airport •Indira Gandhi International Airport •Wellington International Airport •Kuala Lumpur International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Sydney

Sydney is a central destination for air tickets from all over the world. Most of the air tickets to Sydney are from eastern Asia or North America, but many air tickets from other continents also have Sydney as a direct destination. Air tickets to Sydney from Europe, Africa, South America and western Asia will most often go through a central hub airport on that continent before traveling on to Sydney as the final destination.