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Dubbo (Australia)

Dubbo (Australia)

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City CodeDBO
Popular Airlines-
Flight Time16~17 hours

The flight time to Dubbo (Australia) is approximately 16~17 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Dubbo (Australia).

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Dubbo is a small inland city on the eastern coast of Australia. Dubbo is a main hub for roads and railways between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, so much of its economy is related to transportation between these main urban centers in Australia.

Voice of Travelers to Dubbo

Our Family Trip to Dubbo Zoo

As the children get older, it gets harder to find ways to keep them entertained on our family vacations. This year we really surprised them when we bought tickets for the endangered species zoo in Dubbo. Our tickets were with Eastern Airline, who provide excellent short-hop flight tickets from Brisbane to Dubbo. After a short and fun flight we landed in Dubbo, and the kids could not wait to get to the zoo. The family pack tickets for the zoo are very inexpensive, which makes it a great family holiday option. Inside the Dubbo zoo the kids got to see giraffes and rhinoceroses, among many other animals. Our tickets for the Dubbo zoo was money well spent.

Dubbo Is the Hidden Gem on Australia's Eastern Seaboard

Very few people outside of Australia have even heard of Dubbo, but it is actually a little gem of relaxation that is not far from many of the main cities in Australia. Dubbo is perfect for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, and there are regularly cheap tickets to Dubbo from a few cities in Australia. For our last trip to Dubbo we bought our tickets from JETGO who regularly have cheap tickets to Dubbo from Canberra. The flight was short and the service was good as it always is. Once in Dubbo we like to visit all the old sites from when the town was founded in the 19th Century. There are so many old places to see in Dubbo and the tour tickets are very reasonably priced.

My Friend's Wedding in Dubbo

One of my best buds from university was getting married in Dubbo, and he invited me to the wedding. I was able to find some cheap last minute tickets in first class with FlyPelican from Sydney. Since it was only a short flight the first class tickets did not cost very much, and I had a great time on the flight. The first class tickets came with a free lunch and wine, which made the trip to Dubbo very pleasant. The wedding in Dubbo was great, and the city of Dubbo itself was a lot more fun than I expected. Dubbo is a very safe and quiet little city, which makes it a perfect destination for buying tickets just to relax for a while.

Dubbo Travel FAQs

Q. What are the flight tickets to Dubbo like?

A. The tickets for Dubbo are only available for small regional flights from a small number of nearby cities in Australia. Dubbo is a small city that is close to many larger cities, so there are not many tickets available for flights to the city.

Q. What are some of the attractions in Dubbo?

A. The main attraction in Dubbo is the large zoo for endangered species, containing many rare and exotic animals that can only be seen on safari. Many people from around the world buy tickets to Dubbo so that they can visit this famous zoo. The tickets to the zoo are very inexpensive, and there are a number of cheap ticket deals for families and groups.

Q. Is there hunting around Dubbo?

A. Yes, Dubbo has many hunting ranges in its surrounding region. Many travel to Dubbo on tickets from Australia and beyond to hunt wild pigs mostly. The hunting tour tickets are a good bargain compared to many similar options in the country.

Dubbo - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Dubbo City Regional Airport •Canberra Airport •Brisbane Airport •Essendon Airport •Sydney Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Dubbo

Dubbo is not on any major international air ticket routes. To travel to Dubbo on an international ticket, you must first buy a ticket for a main airport hub in Australia, and then buy a ticket on a regional carrier to Dubbo. Only a few cities in Australia offer tickets for Dubbo, so even people traveling within Australia will likely need to buy a ticket to one of these hub cities first. The main tourist attraction in Dubbo is its endangered species zoo, which attracts tourists buying tickets for Dubbo from every corner of the world.