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City CodeLST
Popular Airlines
  • Qantas Airways
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Singapore Airlines
Flight Time17~18 hours

The flight time to Launceston is approximately 17~18 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Launceston.

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The city of Launceston is situated in the north of Tasmania, an island state of Australia. Based on a 2015 estimate, the population of Launceston has reached to more than 86,000 making it the second largest city in Tasmania, and the 12th most populated non-capital city in Australia. Inhabited in the 19th century by Europeans, Launceston is one of the oldest cities in the country. The climate of Launceston is categorized as temperate climate with four seasons. Launceston is known for being the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectric energy.

Voice of Travelers to Launceston

A motorcycle enthusiast's haven at Launceston

I am Robyn from Melbourne. Being an automobile enthusiast, I always had planned to get a plane ticket to Launceston to view its automobile museum. When I had the opportunity, I grabbed the chance to avail of a ticket to Launceston. I flew to the city by Jetstar Airways. During my flight, I was accommodated well by the kind and approachable staff. It was great. When I have arrived at Launceston, I quickly navigated my way through the city until I saw the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. I purchased a ticket to be able to enter the museum. There is a wide selection of cars and motorcycles throughout history. Furthermore, the exhibits were rare. I personally like the 1937 SS100 Jaguar. My visit to the museum was worth it. Every penny spent on my ticket going to Launceston was also worth it.

Adventure time in Launceston

My name is Ruthie from Burnie. I has a ten-year old son who I wanted to treat for an out of town trip for his birthday. I secretly bought a plane ticket to Launceston as his birthday gift. When I gave the tickets during his birthday, he was surprised yet he was excited as well. I booked a ticket via Sharp Airlines. During our scheduled flight, my son was nervous because it was his first time flying on a plane. Thanks to the kind plane staff, my son felt relaxed until we landed in Launceston. We explored Launceston, visiting attractions such as old buildings and museums. But what my son truly enjoyed was the Hollybank Treetops Adventure. I paid for a certain fee to be given ticket to try zip lines and other adventurous activities. Our guides were also incredible as well. It was a fun trip to Launceston. We will surely book a ticket back.

Launceston Travel FAQs

Q. How do I book a ticket to Launceston?

A. You may be able to get a ticket to Launceston in a lot of ways. Basically, you have to inquire for an available ticket for a direct flight from the airlines located in cities such as Brisbane and Sydney. Otherwise, you have to inquire from your nearby airline on how to avail of a ticket for a connecting flight to Launceston. You may also seek assistance from travel agencies on the process of booking a ticket to Launceston. It is further advised to check for cheap ticket prices online.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Launceston?

A. Citizens from Australia would only need a plane ticket to be able to travel to Launceston. However, if you are a citizen of New Zealand, you may also book a ticket directly to Launceston provided you apply for a visa once you have arrived at Launceston. If you are neither a resident of Australia and New Zealand, you have to secure an Australian visa, a valid passport, and a plane ticket to be able to enter Launceston. Obtaining a visa may be done by complying with requirements from Australian consulates and embassies found in your country of residence.

Q. What are good places to visit in Launceston?

A. If you are deciding on an itinerary before booking a ticket to Launceston, it is essential to consider the following attractions. You may visit the City Park in Launceston where a lot of tourist attractions such as City Park Radio Museum and the Jubilee Fountain are present. Furthermore, for a small fee, you may purchase an entrance ticket to be able to explore Hollybank Treetops Adventure, and the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. For arts lovers, you may visit Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery without buying an admission ticket.

Launceston - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Launceston Airport ・Melbourne Airport (Melbourne, Australia) ・Sydney Airport (Sydney, Australia) ・Brisbane Airport (Brisbane, Australia) ・Devonport Airport (Devonport, Australia) etc.

Flight Routes to Launceston

It is rather important to distinguish the routes to and from Launceston in order to guide you in booking a plane ticket to the city. For those from Melbourne, you may book a ticket to Launceston from airlines such as Virgin Australia, and QantasLink. Jeststar Airways allows booking of a ticket to Launceston from Sydney and Brisbane, among others. Sharp Airlines, on the other hand, lets you book a ticket to Launceston from Devonport and Burnie.