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Avalon (Victoria)

Avalon (Victoria)

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City CodeAVV
Popular Airlines
  • Jetstar Japan
  • Qantas Airways
  • Jetstar Airways
Flight Time15~24 hours

The flight time to Avalon (Victoria) is approximately 15~24 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Avalon (Victoria).

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Avalon is a small town situated in the state of Victoria, in Australia. It is known for the Avalon Airport which is one of the main airports of the Melbourne city area. Avalon is also an industrial area where concrete railway sleepers are produced.

Voice of Travelers to Avalon

Visiting Melbourne with flight to Avalon Airport

I visited Melbourne last year for a short holiday. When looking for a reasonable plane ticket, I found one with Qantas Airlines with arrival to Avalon Airport. First, I thought Avalon must be far away from my destination because the ticket did not mention Melbourne at all. Yet when I looked in the map, I saw that there is a shuttle between Avalon Airport and Melbourne, therefore I purchased the ticket. My flight to Avalon Airport was a pleasant one with great service that Qantas airlines provided onboard. On the ticket, it said the flight will take 3 hours, yet it was only 2 hours and 15 minutes in reality. The return ticket was issued for five days later, and I spent the last evening at the Avalon Airport waiting for my flight back.

Visiting From Adelaide to Brisbane through Avalon

I needed to fly from Adelaide to Brisbane for a business reasons, but this was a last-moment decision and no direct flights for the date were available. I always purchase my ticket at a ticket agent downtown Adelaide, and the ticket agent suggested an alternative route through Avalon Airport near Melbourne. I never heard of Avalon Airport before but I purchased this ticket anyway. The ticket was quite cheap. I decided to leave the airport in Avalon because my layover was fairly long in Avalon. Included in my airfare ticket was a ticket for shuttle from Avalon Airport to Melbourne, so I visited Melbourne where I had lunch before flying on from Avalon to Brisbane. My ticket agent then succeeded at booking my return ticket directly to Adelaide so I didn't have to stop at Avalon again. The airlines did a great job at their service on board.

Avalon Travel FAQs

Q. How far is Avalon Airport from Melbourne?

A. Avalon Airport is located in Avalon settlement, about fifty kilometers from Melbourne. Melbourne can easily be reached with shuttle. The ticket for the shuttle can be either purchased at the Avalon Airport, or aboard some of the flights to Avalon. Ask your ticket agent for details while purchasing the airfare ticket.

Q. Is there anything to see in Avalon? I have four hours of layover at Avalon Airport and I don't want to stay at the airport.

A. Unfortunately, Avalon is an industrial area, so there is nothing to see around Avalon Airport. If you want to leave the Avalon Airport though, you can travel to Geelong which is a city about 15 kilometers away from Avalon. The ticket for public transportation from and to Avalon Airport can be purchased right when you land in Avalon.

Q. How far is Adelaide from Melbourne? Are there flight which land at Avalon Airport?

A. Avalon Airport operates flights to Adelaide and Sydney primarily. It is possible to use Avalon Airport when flying to Adelaide from Melbourne. A flight ticket can be purchase with several different airlines in this case.

Avalon - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Avalon Airport ・Adelaide Airport ・Sydney Airport ・Hobart International Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Avalon

Avalon Airport serves the area of Melbourne and is one of its busiest airports. Avalon Airport is base for the airline Jetstar Airways which operate flights around Australia. There are flights from Avalon Airport to Hobart in Tasmania, as well as to Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Gold Coast.