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City CodePER
Popular Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Singapore Airlines
Flight Time20~26 hours

The flight time to Perth is approximately 20~26 hours. Find out more about the history, economy, climate and transportation options before you visit Perth.

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Perth is a city located in Central Scotland. Perth is situated at the banks of River Tay. Perth is the historic county of Perthshire. perth is the largest city of Western Australia. Perth is the administrative center of Perth and Kinross. Perth occupies an area of 6,419 squared kilometers. Perth city rates number four as the most populous city in Australia. As per the year 2016 Perth city's population was around 2,022,044 inhabitants. Perth was established in the year 182. Perth was founded by James Stirling.

Voice of Travelers to Perth

Family tour to Perth

There is nothing as beautiful and fulfilling as travelling and exploring a new city. Four months ago we decided as a family to acquire a ticket for Perth. Each One of us got a return ticket. The ticket was via Australian airlines. We packed and got the ticket ready for the airport for our travel to Perth. While in Perth we visited many tourist attraction sites and indulged in many activities such as Kings Park, Botanic Garden, Swan River and the Bell Tower. We had a lot of fun in Perth while in the Cottesloe Beach where we tried out a lot of food from the various vendors. Our weeks stay at Adina Apartment Hotel in Perth was short and worth it.

Our honeymoon in Perth

During the month of September my husband decided to treat me with a visit to Perth. It was right after our wedding and I did not know where our honeymoon would be. The surprise I got was immense. He had already arranged everything all that was left was to pick my bags, passport and ticket. Before ravelling we confirmed our ticket was valid. The ticket was by Singapore airlines and we enjoyed their quality services. We stayed in one of the best hotels in Perth and that was Hyatt Regency Perth. It was perfect for us. We had only three days to enjoy the honeymoon. The first day was spent touring Perth and the tourist attractions. The second and third day were spent relaxing in the hotel. The Perth Art Center was the best of the sites I visited in Perth.

Perth Travel FAQs

Q. What is the best season for a trip to Perth?

A.Weather is most important to consider when travelling to Perth. August and September are the best months to visit Perth. Get your air ticket during this time so that you can enjoy your stay in Perth. The weather in Perth s mild and the skies are clear within this time. Get your air ticket within the right season.

Q. What are the tourist attractions in Perth?

A. Perth has several tourist attractions for tourists. The major attraction sites in Perth include Fremantle Prison, Perth zoo, Kings Park, Swan valley, Perth Hills and many more. Perth also has many shopping options where one can choose from such as gift shops, malls and electric markets. Once you acquire a ticket ensure you plan on the attraction sites to visit.

Q. What are the major hotels in Perth?

A. There are several hotels within Perth. Obtain a ticket for Perth and you are going to have a lifetime experience in those hotels. The major ones are as follows: The Terrace Hotel Perth, Haven on the Park, Crown Metropol Perth, Duxton Hotel Perth e.t.c. These hotels vary in price and quality, select the preferred ones once you acquire your air ticket.

Perth - Direct Flights to Major Airports

Airports handling direct flights to Perth Airport ・Singapore Changi Airport ・Dubai International Airport ・Sydney Airport etc.

Flight Routes to Perth

Perth Airport is an international and domestic airport that serves Perth which is the largest and capital city of Western Australia. There are many airlines that fly to Perth such as Qantas, Emirates, Virgin airlines and Singapore airlines. Before you travel you should search for an airline that offers comfortable seats, pleasant and efficient attendants and good food. There are many ways of acquiring a ticket for Perth.