Tours : A Remarkable Sightseeing Site that Is Famous as the Gateway to Loire Valley Region

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Tours : A Remarkable Sightseeing Site that Is Famous as the Gateway to Loire Valley Region

Tours is popularly known as the university town that is situated at the center of France’s Cher and Loire rivers. This university town is the most intriguing place to visit and explore the fantastic tourist attraction that ranges from the mind-blowing cathedral, historical sites, gorgeous gardens, museum and hiding places. Tourists in tours have an opportunity to discover the Loire Valley that is popular with many beautiful attractions one can see.

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Tours : A Remarkable Sightseeing Site that Is Famous as the Gateway to Loire Valley Region

1. St. Gatien Cathedral

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The most iconic building to ever be built in Tours that took a long time to be completed. This distinctive building represents the construction in the early periods such as the middle age showing the most spectacular Gothic evolution. Visitors get an incredible look on the at this building that combines artistic and the original 13th century stained glass windows enclosing the ambulatory chapels. Inside the church, a tourist gets to interact with the most celebrated choir in France as they perform and shot videos in this wonderful place. See the best and unique photos engraved on the walls of the church showing the historical milestones of the church.

2. Château de Chambord

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Château de Chambord royal is a royal residence founded in 1547 by King Henry II that has attractive feminine touch. It features gorgeous gardens that are anchored and situated next to the bridge exposing a great scenic view. See the complete gallery that shows the paintings and tapestries when you come for a sightseeing tour. This exceptional property is comprised of the well-made walking path, designed swimming pools, and variety of attractive flowers. The sceneries are breathtaking and with high points that overlook the down place full of different colors displayed by the natural ecosystem. It is easily accessible by train or through the Montparnasse station.

3. Tours Botanical Garden

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The Jardin Botanique De Tours cover an area of five hectares owned by the municipal. It is free to explore and visit any time throughout the year. Its development was initiated by the Jean-Anthyme Margueron and is famous as the oldest garden in the tours city. Tourist has a lot to do in this garden which includes a collection of two thousand medicinal and exotic plants that are well arranged in technological greenhouses. See the Orangery animals park to interact with the endangered animals. Visit each section of the garden to have a look at the different plants as you learn about the historical origin of each.

4. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours

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The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours is ranked one of the tourist stop destination situated near the bishop’s former palace just near the cathedral St.Gatien that was recognized as the historical monument in 1983. This museum has a reasonably extensive collection of paintings that have been preserved since 1910. As one walks into the museum, you are welcome by an attractive stuffed elephant inside the museum. Visitors get to interact with over 12,000 works of which 1000 are dedicated for the show to the public. At the ground floor, there is particular room for the Tours art featured since 15th and 16th century. The photos engraved on the walls speak volumes about culture, religion and economic development of Tours and France.

5. Musée du Compagnonnage

A comprehensive museum in Tours that display extraordinary collections that describe the journeymen of the Tour men. It was founded in 1968, and it builds the relationship of craftsmanship in search and development of moral rights. When visitors come for a sightseeing tour they see the best displays of metal works, wood and stone works. The exhibition is mesmerizing with thousands of items to interact such as archival, documents, tools and attributes that dates back to early ages. It is family friendly with period animations for kids and visits in the different rooms.

6. Hôtel Goüin

The Hôtel Goüin is open to the public and is a unique tourist attraction for free entry and remind open Wednesday to Sunday. The building holds state of the art design and covers various floors all showcasing different attractions such as artistic works that include more than 30 different models. You can see the jewels exhibitions displayed at the different time of the year. Takes a tour inside to find the different foundations showing their best items such as historical and cultural artifacts. The gallery of permanent paintings is a must see in this place. It consists of the attractive and shining glass works developed since 2004.

7. Jardin des Prébendes d’Oé

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The Jardin des Prébendes d’Oé is the most remarkable place to visit due to it rich in the natural ecosystem. It is the most extensive garden in the downtown of the Tours. Visitors get to enjoy the walking through the well-designed pathways as the take a moment to see the different species of flower including rose. This green famously known as the “English garden” is the point to see the beautiful scenic views that have outstanding landscape. One can walk, hike, explore or even do some bike riding. The gardens are occupied with winning artworks of the key personalities who are well celebrated in the history of Tours.

8. Gadawi Park

Gadawi Park is popular due to its wired tree adventures that make exploring exciting and enjoyable. It is accessible by all ages at any time of the year. Refresh your passion for adventure when you explore this place located near the lakeside. Enjoy some activities such hanging lines, bike riding, walking and hiking deep in the park. It is home to thousands of birds making a paradise for bird watchers. Enjoy taking photos in gorgeous scenic views that overlooks in the lakeside. Feel what nature offers by exploring the park to discover a rare variety of trees.

9. Basilique Saint Martin

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The Basilique Saint Martin is an outstanding Catholic church that is named in the memory of the St. Martin of Tours. This church was build in the early 1924 and is a remarkable state of the art facility. The outside of the building is attractive and unbelievable in the design. Inside you get to see the beautiful golden and shining carvings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ on the cross. The ceiling is dome-shaped and walls engraved with pictures showing the milestones of the church history. Enjoy the performance from the top bands as they showcase their musical prowess.

10. Museum of Natural History of Tours

The Museum of Natural History of Tours is designed and organized into four levels that showcase the best tourist attractions. The ground floor is occupied by the small insects (ants) showing the different colonies in the European and exotic colonies. Enjoy the great moments in the first and second-floors as you learn about many vivarium that lives here such as the fish and amphibians. The last floor contains a collection of the various books form the natural science, magazines and archival materials. The museum is open throughout the year and is free to enter and explore the different sections.

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Tours is a remarkable tourist destination known for its historical sites and impressive structures that date back to the 14th century. Tourist gets mesmerized by the unique sightseeing site that offers opportunities for exploring many places such as parks, museum and botanical gardens. This destination is featured in many documentaries as a top tourist attraction due to easy it's variety of attractions and accessibility.