Indianapolis:A City Teeming with Life, in the Heart of America

Indianapolis, Indiana, is large and very impressive. The city is located just south of Lake Michigan and on the shore of the White River. The climate is moderate with both hot summers and cold winters. The city itself is rich in history and culture. This creates many opportunities for sightseeing. Though most of the visitors are from the local area, Indianapolis nonetheless receives a substantial amount of tourists from other states or abroad. What this article aims to do is to convince potential tourists to give Indianapolis a chance and go sightseeing.

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Indianapolis:A City Teeming with Life, in the Heart of America:table of contents

1. Indianapolis Zoo

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Located within the White River State Park, the Indianapolis Zoo is one of the unique and beautiful locations. After its opening on 18 April 1964, the zoo has grown in popularity. One of the key features of the Indianapolis Zoo is the ability to swim with dolphins. The experience is safe and guaranteed to satisfy your curiosity. Many other types of animals are also found here. You can also get pieces of art made by the animals themselves. But the attractions are not the only great thing about the Indianapolis Zoo. Prices are also great, and there are different discounts for visitors.

2. White River State Park

Officially created in 1979, the park receives millions of visitors each year. It is a great destination for tourists who want to explore the town or simply relax. Some of the available attractions are the canals, where you can take a boat ride; the Lawn, where different concerts are being held all the time; or Victory Field with its baseball games. Without a doubt, the White River State Park is one of Indianapolis’ treasures, and it is perfect for tourists who want to go sightseeing.

3. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

One other major attraction in Indianapolis is The Children’s Museum. Established way back in 1925, it now receives a lot of attention but mostly from families with children. The museum consists of six different exhibits. The Dinosphere has many fossils, statues, and offers meetings with scientists. The lower floor has two main themes: ancient Egypt and China. The other four floors have decorations and objects about American history, European history, and there is even a large library. If you ever go sightseeing in Indianapolis with your family, the Children’s Museum is highly recommended for you.

4. Indiana State Museum

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Also located inside the White River Park, this museum offers many galleries. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Indianapolis and the history of the Native Americans, then this is the perfect place to do so. Some of the exhibits focus on the native’s heritage, the state of the world long before humans inhabited it and even on modern-day technologies. Another popular theme is science. The museum is perfect for both people who want to explore and learn, and for those who want to go sightseeing and relax.

5. Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is unique as it is a living history museum. What this means is that visitors can interact with the exhibits. It is a great attraction when it comes to sightseeing because of all the different attractions it offers. One of them is a long journey about the American Civil War. Visitors have access to a field hospital, a battlefield encampment, telegraph station and much more. History comes back to life in Indianapolis, and the most interesting thing is that many of these activities happen indoors.

6. The Indianapolis White River Gardens

Though they are part of the Indianapolis Zoo, the gardens are one of the places a tourist must visit. Their beauty is astonishing. The availability of so many different types of plants makes the gardens a perfect place for sightseeing. The establishment has three different parts. The Family Nature Center is rich with wildlife. The Hilbert Conservatory is lush and full of tropical plants. Last but not least is the magnificent DeHaan Tiergarten. Depending on the season, the Tiergarten changes its colours. Many Indianapolis locals visit them regularly.

7. NCAA Hall of Champions Indianapolis

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The National College Athletic Association Hall of Champions in Indianapolis is a large building dedicated to sports. The facility has many exhibits. Their goal is to explain how different sports work and help young athletes make their dreams come true. However, events that are not related to sports can also be held there. It is possible for someone to host corporate seminaries and even weddings. Whether you are there for the sightseeing or want to watch and learn about a given sport, the hall of champions can help you out.

8. Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art is fairly new, being established in 2001. But in no way does it lack interesting and engaging exhibits. The name speaks for itself. This museum is dedicated entirely to contemporary art. Some of the exhibitions in the museum are about the chemical elements, gaming culture, time and space, color meditations, love, global space, different adventures and many more. This is without a doubt one of Indianapolis’ jewels, and it is highly recommended for tourists who want to go sightseeing.

9. Indianapolis Catacombs

The well-preserved Indianapolis Catacombs are one of the best places for visitors who want to go sightseeing. They were built in the late nineteenth century. But no matter what happens, the Indianapolis Catacombs are still a complete mystery up to this day. In recent years, the catacombs have attracted interest from visitors. And for good reason; the entire attraction is completely underground, very long and full of tunnels and hidden passages. It is without a doubt that the Catacombs are unique. They are one of the key locations within Indianapolis. There are also many plans for future development.

10. Indiana State Capitol

The State Capitol in Indianapolis is a large building, in the centre of the city. Here, Supreme Court and Governor’s office are being held. The architecture is glorious and unique even for Indianapolis. Though it took ten full years for its original construction, the State Capitol had undergone many reconstruction cycles over the years. Some of the more fascinating locations are the Statue of Justice, Interior Hallway, and the main hall. To everyone who wants to visit Indianapolis, this building is an architectural masterpiece.

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Indianapolis is a beautiful city and has many more sightseeing destinations than the ones mentioned above. Every year, the amount of visitors grows and with it the number of attractions. As one of USA’s main destinations for sports tourism and large conventions, Indianapolis offers excellent opportunities for anyone interested in those activities. Of course, if you just want to take a walk and enjoy the scenery, the city has much to offer.