Evansville:Largest Populated City and Is the Medical, Commercial and Cultural Hub of Southwestern Indiana

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Evansville:Largest Populated City and Is the Medical, Commercial and Cultural Hub of Southwestern Indiana

Evansville is a city located in Indiana along Ohio River. Despite not being so common for tourists, Evansville offers a handful of sightseeing activities as the State Historic Site which was home to prehistoric Native Americans. Some of the interactive exhibits featured in Evansville are outlined below.

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Evansville:Largest Populated City and Is the Medical, Commercial and Cultural Hub of Southwestern Indiana

1. Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden is a small zoo in Evansville. The landscape of the zoo is beautiful with lots of exhibits to see. Tokens are required for one to cross the tramp and access the animals. One thing to look forward to while sightseeing is Amazonia especially during winter. There is a beautiful display of orchids as well as a carousel for kids to ride on. The highlight of it all is getting to feed the giraffes. There is also a small gift shop worth visiting. Food from outside is not allowed in the zoo.

2. Children's Museum of Evansville

Children's Museum of Evansville is located in downtown Evansville. This beautiful museum was once a public library housed in a historic Art deco building. The main mission of the museum was to enlighten the curiosity of children’s minds through the dynamic activities and programs. Children get to explore through play. Popular favorite activities include playing laser harp, wet deck among other activities. These sightseeing activities are best enjoyed by tourists with families below 6 years. The place is open through the week but remains closed on Monday.

3. USS LST-325

USS LST-325 is the last fully operational worldwide 2 landing ship tank in the United States.
This is one of the 200 that participated in the Normandy landings. Tours on the ship are usually guided because the ship is fully operational and run on the hour with the last tour being at 3:00 pm. The tour covers the history of the United States in world war 2. Yearly volunteer restorations usually take place on the ship ensuring the ship maintains shape. From the painting to welding it is usually great to see people from different professions coming together for a great course.

4. Reitz Home Museum

Reitz Home Museum is definitely a "must-see" sightseeing sight in Evansville. The tour around the house is started with a short video about the place. The house has some amazing decor in places such as its black walnut doors and the marvelous finish on the fireplace. Some of the rooms have been restored to original conditions but some still remain in their original state. A tour guide is available to help you get in-depth details about the house. It is truly a gem worth visiting while sightseeing in Evansville as it offers first-hand feel of 19th-century living.

5. Angel Mounds

Angel Mounds is not only a park but also a wonderful step back into the history of the United States. This Evansville museum is well designed giving a planned description of the time periods of the people from the Archaic to the Mississippians that lived there. The place will give you an idea about the Native Americans and how coped. Aside from the beautiful artifacts, the grounds of the museum are well maintained and people can stroll around the paths to enjoy the beautiful scenery. People also get a chance to walk around the mounds.

6. Tropicana Evansville Casino

Tropicana Evansville Casino is an inland casino located within Tropicana Evansville hotel in Evansville. The casino by itself boasts an amazing modern look and an ideal sightseeing location for travelers testing their luck. It features lots of slot games and table games giving patrons a way to make some good money. There is a deli available that serves some nice food, especially around lunch hour. Despite the smokey casino rooms, the general place is clean. There is also a complimentary soft drink machine for players which is a plus for the venue.

7. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is not only the first indoor trampoline park in Evansville but in the world as well. The main concept was to merge both fun and fitness. There is a pit filled with thousands of foam cubes where one can experience the various weightless bouncing, flipping, and landing coupled with adrenaline. For the sky lovers and thrill seekers who believe that jumping is freedom, the place is indeed heaven. The good thing about the place is that it is kid friendly and gives them a more interactive and fun way to work out. Entrance to the trampoline park costs about $15.

8. Dream Car Museum

Dream Car Museum is the ideal place in Evansville to see the car of your dreams. This amazing car collection is courtesy of Bennett Motors. There are over 50 cars and trucks on display. This collection covers exotics, muscle cars, race cars, movie and TV cars, memorabilia, classics, and other interesting collections. An additional bonus for the venue is that sightseeing is free of charge and open to the general public. However, donations are welcomed and there are various merchandise you may purchase for souvenirs. The staff at dream car museum is very friendly and knowledgeable.

9. Burdette Park

Burdette Park is a beautiful park within Evansville. This place is popular for sightseeing
The beautiful trail system especially during fall. This beautiful trail is ideal for both hiking, cycling. The park also features the best pool in town with a large children’s area. Entrance to the pool area is however charged at $8 for adults and $5 for children. There are also areas where you can rent for events, chalets and shelter houses. There is also a fishing area and a mini golfing area for kids.

10. Escape Evansville

Escape Evansville is an interesting way to have fun in Evansville. This location is the ideal place for groups looking to have fun together and if you do not fancy being paired with strangers, you may have to bear the cost of purchasing the full 8 tickets. The rule of the place is to work together in solving puzzles, finding clues and cracking codes in order to escape. All of you will be locked in one room and should be done under one hour in order to win the challenge.

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Despite Evansville being a sizable metropolis, it has the friendliness of a small town. Tourists choosing to travel to Evansville not only get to enjoy unique sightseeing places but also get to indulge in worthwhile activities. There are an array of activities catering for all ages from the kids to the seniors making it an ideal family destination.